Title: No More Reservation
Prompt Name/Prompt List/Ficlet #: Infinite/Bi-Weekly/#5
Author: kagome313
Rating: K
Genre: Open
Universe: AU
Word Count: 125
Summary: Kagome finally makes a decision.
Warnings: None

Tears had a funny way of spilling, simply because of feelings; no matter how much I beg them to stay hidden.

Like today… as I stand before the man I was irrevocably in love with – the man who I knew returned those feelings with such an infinite intensity that scared me. The fright was so powerful, felt so tangible, I'd allowed myself to refrain from completely opening up to him to reveal my true feelings.

More tears spilled when I saw hurt shining in his amber gaze as he revealed just how much I was hurting him. I realized then that I was foolish in my fear and knew I had to change that.

"Come in," Opening the door wider, I took that final step.