"The kids said they don't know if we get children?"

"…Yes. It seems that they weren't in knowledge if we have children or anything. Perhaps the poor kid… died?"

"…We'll change the future so that doesn't happen. We're all working hard for that now. …So, Honeybuns… any idea what you wanna name our kid if we do have one?"

"That's easy. I'll name her Anna! All the girls in my family have been named Anna."

"…I seriously hope you're joking. …You're joking, right? Right?"

Weeks and weeks later, Gaius sighed as he'd been commanded by Robin to separate from Anna on the battlefield for this specific riot. A bunch of bandits had turned up along their camp perimeters, and Anna was assigned to another area. They had already announced their engagement to the rest of the Shepherds as soon as they could, and were met with many a congratulations.

Wedding will have to wait when this damn thing with Risen and Grima is all over.

The other Shepherds were planning on all getting married at the same time when they get back to Ylisse, and His Majesty Chrom has agreed to sponsor the mass-wedding event should they all make it out alive.

That would be great. I won't be spending a dime then. …But does this mean I have to invite all of Anna's sisters? Gods, everyone will have a hard time congratulating the bride because they wouldn't have any idea which one she is!

Distracted by his thoughts, it took him quite some time to realize there was a girl who had entered his field of vision, putting down a sack from her shoulder—and quite the sack.

Did she bring her entire house or something?

"Hey, Ginger," Gaius carefully approached the girl, calling out to her. "This isn't the place for a kid like you, there are bandits in the—wait! I think I smell cinnamon buns…"

"…Oh." The ginger-haired girl looked up at Gaius, looking putting a finger to her lip in contemplation, squinting her eyes at him. "Oh! Of course," she then said, digging into the pocket of her teddybear-print apron, coming out with a carefully wrapped cinnamon bun. "Cinnamon buns, it is. And, well, I'm actually trying to get away from these bandits who are after my stash." She looked over at the big sack she'd put down on the ground.

"What's in there? Your savings?" Gaius asked, curious.

"Yuuuup, a few dozen bullions, some rare collector bonbons, sweet wine, elaborate sugar miniatures, a bunch of teddy bear plushies—"

Gaius felt his mouth watering as she continued discussing the contents of her stash. Sweet wine? Chocolate miniatures? Truffles?! "That decides it, kid! Stay behind me and I'll protect your stash…and you of course."

The girl laughed a little. "Oh, but I'm not bad with a sword as well," she said, putting a hand to the Steel Sword hanging on her hip. "Why not you and me pair up, sir? They'll find violence is on sale today."

That line made Gaius raise his eyebrow sharply. He took a step back and looked carefully at the girl. She was young, long ginger hair pulled up into a high ponytail, with a clever air about her. She was wearing a ruffle apron over her clothing, with teddy-bear designs on it.

And then he looked at the sword on her hip. There was that ridiculous tiny teddy bear that Anna couldn't be without and often hugged to sleep.

…Dear gods, I'm looking at my daughter.

"What's your name, Ginger?" Gaius asked, curious. She hasn't assaulted him in hugs and called him "daddy" yet. Maybe this was all a misunderstanding, and this was some other random kid with an appalling affinity for sweets and teddy bears and bullions.

The girl took a lollipop from her apron pockets, and quickly unwrapped it and put it to her mouth. And then she answered:

"You can call me Anna."

The scream that came from Gaius after that can be heard throughout the entire battlefield.

"ANNA! YOU NAMED OUR DAUGHTER 'ANNA'?! Why can't you name her 'Annette' or 'Anita' or 'Anne'?! Seriously?! ANNA?!"

Red-haired Anna, a few dozen feet away, laughed a little after she dealt a deadly gash to a brigand. "What's his problem," Anna said, to herself. "All the girls in my family have been named Anna. Nothing can change that."

The End.

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