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When beautiful, temperamental Rose Hathaway kidnaps a Knight due to a dire situation, she thinks her bad days are all gone. Little does she know she has kidnapped the handsome Earl of Stephensgate. Dimitri Belikov is surprised to be in the hands of such a spirited beauty, but little does he know what the future has in store for them. Soon the both of them realise something they want from the other,more than freedom, more than relief. Something akin to...love?


Rose stared up into his eyes.
She could feel it, she had been feeling it for quite some time now...
And she knew he felt it too.

She looked into those dark, dark orbs, feeling herself getting lost in them.

How had this happened?

Just a few hours before now, she swore she had held hate for him in her heart.
He had maddened her with his touch, bringing to her mind forbidden desire.
He had infuriated her with his words, opening up a place in her soul she had not dared to open.
He had toyed with her heart, and yet she let him hold it in his grasp.

He wanted her, body and soul.
As she wanted him.

But she was afraid, afraid that just one kiss...

And she wouldn't be able to resist anymore.

Her heart would be his.

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