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-Chapter 3-

One month had passed by steadily: Sky progressed through her classes easily and efficiently. She studied hard and her grades matched her efforts. She'd decided to go into the Science Division, narrowing down what she decided she wanted to be: a biochemist and biologist.

In biology she learned about all of the species known to the Federation throughout the years. Many of which she'd already memorized their cultures, phycology, and anatomy. Biochemistry was a little more entertaining for her, because she'd never really studied chemistry in the first place.

Sky was walking towards her second class in the morning when she bumped into a brick wall. She stumbled to the ground on her rear, her books and papers flying everywhere. She looked up and was about to make a sharp remark when she saw who it was.

"Oh, hello Professor Spock. I didn't see you there," she hastily climbed to her feet and started picking up her papers. Spock kneeled to help her and she glanced up at him confusedly.

"My first class is fifteen minutes from now," he stated, voicing her thoughts.

Sky nodded and she continued picking up her things when Spock fingered the pages to her thesis of the differences and similarities of Vulcans and Romulans. He scanned the first page and looked up at her. "You are very thorough with your report, Ms. Lorion," he said with ever-so-slight admiration in his voice.

Sky blushed slightly and ducked her head. "Uh, th-thank you; it's really a compliment coming from you, Professor. You being half-Vulcan and a successful commander in Starfleet," she stuttered.

"I am only acknowledging your illustrious ability to thoroughly research and write such a report as this," he amended moving to his feet. Sky followed and held her books close as she awkwardly stared down at the cover to the one on the top.

"Would you prefer me carry your books to your next class?"

Sky looked up at him, a soft pink blush still staining her cheeks. "Oh, uh, you don't have to do that: I can manage," she replied, a bit surprised that he was even offering her the help.

"I insist, the fault was mine for crossing my path with yours," he persisted politely.

Sky finally nodded submissively. "Okay. My next class is with Professor Watson, xenolinguistics," she continued down the hall, Spock following her with long strides.

"May I ask a personal inquiry?" Spock asked, continuing the conversation.

"Sure," she replied. What would Spock want to know of her?

"One month ago in the tavern, in which you fought the three Starfleet cadets; how did you manage to defeat them so easily?"

"They were Starfleet cadets? Man, I bet they weren't security," Sky started with a laugh. "Well, I'm a black belt in Karate, and my brother taught me CQC when I was five, so I guess instinct just kinda took over." She chuckled as she remembered the men's expressions as she whipped their butts.

Spock nodded to the new information. "And who is your brother?" he queried, mostly out of his newfound curiosity for the young cadet.

"Ryan Alexander Lorion, living in Colorado with his girlfriend Amy Lorion," Sky listed off like it was nothing.

They finally reached Sky's destination and she took her books from Spock. "Thank you for the help, Professor; I appreciate it," she said with a small smile.

As she turned to enter the room Spock spoke out. "I never received your own name, Cadet. May I inquire as to what it is?"

She turned her head to face him again and smiled wider, her blue-gray eyes twinkling. "It's Sky: Sky Lorion." She gave him a subtle wink before the door shut quietly.

Spock tilted his head slightly and raised an eyebrow somewhat. "Sky…Lorion. Fascinating."

And with that statement said, he left.

Sky mentally cursed as her pencil tip broke with a quiet snap. She muttered as she clicked the mechanical eraser, thus pushing more lead out of the hollow tip. She continued to write what the professor said furiously. Letters formed words and words formed sentences, filling up the pages of her notebook as he spoke.

The other students in the large room were either yawning, sleeping, or listening scarcely. But not Sky: she was listening as if her life depended on it (in a way it did, considering that this was going to be her career for the rest of her days).

After assignments were given Sky picked her books up once again and exited the room wordlessly. That was her last class for the day and she was finally free once she finished studying. She walked out of the lobby and smiled when she saw April waiting impatiently for her.

"Did you have a nice day?" Sky asked innocently, continuing walking once April caught up with her.

April snorted and crossed her arms as the sun was slowly starting to get covered up with misty clouds. "Well, for one thing some idiot decided to start a fight in the cafeteria at lunch while you were in your 'mind palace'," she said sarcastically.

"Hey, I like that show!" Sky protested at the use of the term. "And plus, if I knew how to do that then I'd already have one, so bug off."

"And then one of the professors had to come and break it up, making all of clean up the cafeteria so we were late for class," April continued as if Sky didn't interrupt her.

Sky tilted her head slightly. "Which professor?" she inquired curiously.

"It was that Vulcan dude; I forgot his name already..."



"His name is Spock."

An awkward silence ensued as they paused for a hover-taxi to take them home. Sky bit her lip before sighing. April smirked at her reaction and elbowed her gently after they sat down inside the hover-taxi. "Why are you smirking?" Sky asked suspiciously, narrowing her eyes.

April smirked wider and looked out her window pretending to hum a tune. Sky narrowed her eyes further and she raised an eyebrow.



"Get those thoughts out of your head now."

"But I wasn't-"