Chapter 1

"I can't go back." She whispered, a small tear running down her pale cold cheek. They had all learned about her power tonight; her secret was out. They revered her as a monster, a witch, and an evil sorceress. She would never be able to forget the look on Anna's faceā€¦

She made her way up the snow covered mountain, only looking over her shoulder ever so often to see the kingdom becoming smaller and smaller. There was no place for her there now; she knew it, even though it hurt. She would never be able to see her sister again.

The wind was fierce and whipped her cape about her wildly slowing down her ascent up the mountain, so with one gloved hand she unclasped it and watched it whirl away in to the night. She felt no chill, as the cold inside her was all she had ever known. She paused for a moment, the kingdom now almost completely lost to the night, and looked at her gloved hands.

"Conceal, don't feel." She said staring at the gloves she had worn nearly her whole life. With one steady hand she slipped the left glove off. She looked at her pale bare hand and a slight smile spread across her pale pink lips. With the now naked hand she tugged at the fingers of the right glove until it too was off, then she dropped them both in the snow.

She touched the crown atop her hea. She could not wear this is she planned to escape. She plucked it from her head and held it in her hands for a moment, looking down at it. Anna should have been Queen; she would have made a great Queen. A small tear ran down her cheek as she dropped the crown in the snow and continued onward.

The tree line became thick, just before the top of the mountain and she would have to take a trek through the woods to find a clearing to camp. She was not afraid of the night. She could defend herself; she had already proven that once tonight. As she made her way through the woods just ahead she could see what seemed to be a frozen pond through the trees.

As she approached it, her dress sweeping silently over the snow, she could hear what sounded like something scrapping across across the ice. She paused, and peered around a large tree just at the bank of the pond. Her pale eyes narrowed on a dark figure that appeared to be skating on the ice.

The figure had snow-white hair, and seemed to be holding some sort of staff. She made no sound, not knowing whether this person was friend or foe, but only watched him. He was hardly dressed for the cold, in only a pair of brown breeches, light shirt, and a small cape. She wondered how he could bare to stand on the frozen pond bare footed?

As she leaned forward to get a closer look the branch she was holding on to snapped and she slipped from her hiding spot and on to the ice. The man suddenly stopped; looked up at her. He made no sound or motion.

In the moonlight he would be able to see her better. Her skin was pale as the moon, but seemed to shimmer in it's light. Her hair was as fair as corn silk, and tied loosely in a braid. She took a few tentative steps towards him and looked up, revealing her most breathtaking feature; her eyes.

They were desperately blue, like the frozen ground around them. They sparkled no matter which way she looked, and icy blue as they were, they some how had a warmth to them that made people who looked in to them feel like they were standing by the warmest fire.

"Who are you?" she asked the man, her voice smooth and strong. At the sound of her words he looked around behind him, as if there was someone else, and then back at her. His actions confused her and she said once again, "I said, who are you?" He seemed to be puzzled, and took a few steps closer to her, so that they were only a few feet apart.

She could see that he, like her, was fair of skin, his hair white, and his eyes a cold blue that made her shiver although she felt no cold. "You can see me?" he asked her in amazement. She furrowed her brow at his question, "Of course I can see you, you are right in front of me." She said confused. He seemed shocked at her answer and with a slight stammer he said, "I am Jack." placing a hand upon his chest in greeting. "Jack Frost." He added with a light bow.

He was a very odd man, perhaps he was not used to meeting people. She watched him carefully as he smiled up at her; a look of bewilderment still emanating on his face. He had a very dazzling smile and she could feel slight warmth in her cheeks. As he rose from his bow he continued, "And who do I have the pleasure of addressing?" he asked lifting an inquisitive brow.

She had never heard of a Jack Frost, but as she had been shut up in here room for the better part of a decade this did not surprise her. "I am Elsa." She said, with a slight hope that he would not know who she was. "Your majesty!" he said with a bit of surprise as he bowed again, lower this time.

She looked around wildly, as if there was anyone out here to see his gesture. "Please, please, you do not have to address me so formally." She said waving her hands dismissively. "You are a long way for the kingdom your-" he started to address her but then stopped. "Simply taking a stroll." She said with a small smile. He frowned a bit, "So far from town, all by yourself?" he prodded her with questions.

"You ask a lot of your queen?" she said a little harsher than she had intended. "My apologies." He said putting up his hands in surrender. "Would you like an escort back to town?" he said offering his arm to her. She only starred at him for a moment and then shook her head. "Uh no, I think I will walk a little farther." She said attempting to walk past him, but he moved in front of her. "Then please my lady, let me walk with you." They were dangerously close now.

His smile made her shiver again, what was this strange feeling? "That is not necessary." She said shaking her head as she moved past him. He began to follow her, with impressive quickness. "Won't you be lonely out here all on your own?" he asked her still keeping up with her. "No, I believe I will be just fine, thank you Jack, it's been a pleasure." She said as she continued to walk not indulging him.

This did not detour him and she skated up next to her once again. "Please, I insist. You shouldn't be out here alone." He said as he trailed her. She let out a sigh as she turned her head to him, "I can take care of myself thank you." She said turning back towards the way she was walking.

She did not know this strange man, or how he was able to withstand the cold but she was not sure she could trust him, or herself. It was better for her to be alone at this time. Perhaps he was even more dangerous than she was. She would not take the chance.

"Your majesty!" he called as she was getting ahead of him. Irritated at his persistence she snapped. "I said no!" she cried, and as she spun around she swatted her hand in a definitive gesture and jagged icicles shot up all around her, just as they had in the ballroom. His eyes widened in surprise as he stumbled back away from the spikes.

She put a hand over her mouth as she gasped. She truly had no control over it. "I'm so sorry." She whispered. He stood there, motionless, looking up from the barrier of ice spikes to her. She dropped her hand and said, "Please, just stay away from me." Before she turned and disappeared in to the forest.