Southland: The Land of the South

By Jayovac

Benjamin Sherman was in a hi speed chase. Him sirens go red and blue all over the street and the speed is dangerously close to death. "You have to stop the chase!" Ben Cooper am shout at this because it is still rookie. "We have to call off the chase" Ben ackknoledge but he punched his fist into the steering wheeled as he was angry. He was angered by the lack of chase. "You can't win them all," Jon Cooper reassurelingly. But Ben didn't feel that way.

Back at the police station, the chef of police wanted to see Ben Shermann.

"You wanted to see me sir?"

"Yes I did" and Ben sat down on the chair with his legs on the floor. "I knoe it hard being an officer out there today but someone has do it" he said and put arm on shouldered. "I have a very dangerous speshul assignment" the polise chief look out the window to lost angelesed outside the bilding. The view is so beautiful it am like a painting at a museum. "it id so important that I can only put you and Jon cooper on the case to do it because I know you're the very best "and ben knew it true because he had gotten a award :-). There wasa trubble in the middle west and only the best officers were being called on to help. "I was a young officer once" the police chef started

So Ben Sherman and Jon Cooper geared up and flew to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The helichopter landed and they jumped out with parachoots and landed sneakily in the night desert like Navy Seals doin a mission. There they have to infiltrate a secret facility. But surprise! The facility is actually not just a facility but also a factory where they make small robots.

Ben Sherman held the gun titliy in his hand "Jon Cooper are you ready rookie"

"You bet your ass I am"

And they kicked the door in and started blasting all over.

The terrorists fell to the ground after every shot. They tried to shoot back at Ben and Jon but they did not have enough skill to correctly shoot. One bullet came close but Ben just laffed. "Haha that was a good one" Jon say toward him and gave him a high five.

Soon they were at the boss level and entered his office. The boss was in his chair.

"I am officer ben Sherman with LAPD and you are under arrest pur your hands in the aires."

The boss cackled and turns around and IT WAS WALTER WHITE FROM BREAKING BAD.

"OH MY GOSH" Ben said. "You have to be wanted by the FBI" Jon Cooper explanned. "You are all over the noose and now we are going to have to take you in."

"No," Walther said. "I am the one who knocks" and he threw an explosion at them.

At the funeral, Ben and Jon received the commendations for their brave heroics. But Walter White was a finally taken to custody but died in prison because his cancered.

The End