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"Normal Talking"


"Tailed Beast Talking"

*Scene Change*

Chapter 1

Naruto Uzumaki sits in his cell, thinking. That's all he can do nowadays, ever since he had been framed for an assassination attempt on the Raikage. He can't believe how easily everyone in Konoha had believed he was guilty.

*One month ago...*

Naruto was restrained in a special wooden cage created by Yamato. "I'm innocent! Why won't you all believe me?"

Tsunade stared at him. "Naruto, who else could it have been? Unless you know another person with blond, spiky hair; blue eyes; and whisker marks, there's no one else that could have done it."

"I don't know who it was, but it wasn't me! Besides, the people at Ichiraku Ramen and Shikamaru can back up my story! When could I have done it?"

"You could have either sent a shadow clone to do the deed, or you could have left one here. To ensure you can't do anything like this again, you will be sent to Hōzukijō, located in Kusagakure."

"Don't do this, Granny! It wasn't me!"

"Take him away."

The cage was carried away from the Hokage tower. As it was taken through the village, people started throwing rotten food and small rocks at Naruto. He noticed most of the Konoha 12 and was about to call out to them to talk sense into Tsunade, only to see that they were all looking at him in disgust, believing he was guilty. The sight broke Naruto's heart. What destroyed it completely, was when they joined the others in throwing stuff at him.

*Back in the present...*

The cell doors are opened, so that the prisoners can get meals and exercise. Naruto joins his fellow inmates in the courtyard. They nod at him as he passes by, since Naruto has earned respect among the other prisoners. One of the prisoners wanted to have a little "fun" with Naruto, but Naruto defeated the man, resulting in him having to be medically treated before being thrown into solitary confinement. Since it was his fourth offense, he was locked in there, permanently. Some prisoners swear they can hear the man scream as his sanity slips away from being alone.

Unknown to Naruto, Mui is watching him, along with a cloaked figure. "He's been quite the interesting prisoner."

The cloaked figure looks at him. "Has the process completed itself?"

"Yes. The unique version of the imprisonment seal I put on him has done its job. Enough of the Kyūbi's chakra has successfully been used to fully activate the new seal keeping the Box locked away."

"I assume you'll reveal the truth?"

"Yes, including the fact that the Raikage helped us. He wants that Box locked away as much as the rest of us. The people will know that Naruto Uzumaki never actually tried to assassinate the Raikage, that he was a part in something bigger. No one will know what exactly that was, of course."

The cloaked figure nods. "Very well." There is a pause. "And you'll fulfill the second part of the favor I called in?"

"Of course, Lady Uzukage. Naruto will be released to you, instead of Konoha."

The cloaked woman smiles. "Thank you, Mui. Naruto and I have been apart for far too long."

*Back with Naruto...*

Naruto has just finished his exercises, when the guards come up to him. "Naruto Uzumaki, you are to come with us."

"What for?"

"You have been cleared of the charges against you. You are being released."

Naruto glares at them. "This means I have to return to Konoha, doesn't it?"

To his surprise, the guard shakes his head. "Different arrangements have been made for you."

*In Mui's office...*

Naruto is led to Mui's office, where Mui is sitting with the Uzukage. "Okay, Mui, what is going on here?"

"You have been cleared of all charges. However, my associate here has called in a favor I owed her, so you will be released to her, instead of Konohagakure. May I introduce the Lady Uzukage. She runs Uzushiogakure, located in Uzu no Kuni."

Naruto turns his gaze to the Uzukage. "And why would you be interested in me?"

"It's because of who you are, and what you mean to me, Naruto."

"What are you talking about? Who are you?"

"I am the head of the Uzumaki clan. You, Naruto, are the only member of the clan who has not rejoined the family."

"There's a clan? Why haven't I've heard of you until now?"

"It's because Konoha took measures to erase all knowledge of Uzushio after its destruction."

"Wait, if it was destroyed, how can you be leader of it?"

"It's been rebuilt."

Naruto is still a little skeptical. "So, if you're the leader of the Uzumaki clan, then do you know who my parents are?"

"I'm not surprised they haven't told you. Considering that they went to all the trouble of cutting me off from you and attempting to assassinate me, they would also make sure you never found about your heritage."

"Please, tell me. Who are they?"

"Your father was Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage. Yes, he was the one who sealed the Kyūbi inside of you, but he had no other choice. You have his eyes and hair, which is why most people would assume you're not a true Uzumaki. Members of the Uzumaki clan are known for having red hair."

"And what about my mother?"

The Uzukage reaches up and pulls down her hood, revealing her long, red hair. "I am your mother, Naruto. My name is Kushina Uzumaki. Some people call me the Red Hot-Blooded Habanero."

Of all the things Naruto expected to learn, the Uzukage being his mother is not one of them. "What?"

"I am your mother, Naruto. You are my son."

"Then where were you my whole life? Why did you leave me?"

"It wasn't my choice! The Third Hokage took advantage of my weakened state to have me kicked out of the village! He wanted to turn you into a loyal weapon of Konoha."

"That's ridiculous! The Old Man is nothing like that!"

"Then why weren't you told about Minato and me? Why was the knowledge of the Uzumaki clan kept from you?"

Naruto couldn't answer the question, for there was no answer. As the Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi would've known that Naruto was the Fourth Hokage's son. He would've known about the Uzumaki clan. The realization that the Old Man had lied to him makes him scream in rage, before slamming his hand into the wall. "Damn it! First all my friends turn on me, and now I learn the Old Man was lying to me the whole time? Why? Why is all of this happening to me? What did I do to deserve any of it?"

Naruto is crying by this point. He is surprised when a pair of arms wrap around him, Kushina's arms. He wonders if this is what a mother's love feels like, and can't help but notice how warm it is. He feels himself relaxing into Kushina's embrace. "Mom?"

"It's okay, Naruto. I'm here for you. I'm never letting you go again."

Mui silently watches the reunion between mother and son. It brings a tear to his eye, as he thinks about his own son, who he had lost to the Box of Ultimate Bliss, an artifact located underneath the prison. That loss had made him determined to never let an incident like that ever happen again, which is why the Box is locked up with many different kinds of seals. However, those seals were old and starting to fall apart. Kushina arrived, offering a new, more powerful seal. However, it needed a lot of chakra to activate it, and she admitted it would take a Jinchūriki to pull it off. Mui wanted to ask the Raikage to have Killer Bee come, but Kushina was adamant that Naruto would be the one. When he asked her why, she told him about who Naruto was. How could he refuse?

Mui clears his throat. "As much as I hate to interrupt your moment here, I do need to remove the imprisonment seal on Naruto."

Kushina reluctantly lets go of Naruto. Mui places his hand on Naruto's chest. His hand glows for a few seconds, and then he lowers it. "The formula has been removed from you. You are a free man now, Naruto Uzumaki."

"If I may ask, who was the one who really attempted to kill the Raikage?"

Mui smiles. "Nobody. The point of framing you was to bring you here for a short time, under the pretense of being a prisoner. Your mother will explain further, but know that you have helped keep something very dangerous locked away. I apologize for going to all this trouble, but it was necessary."

Naruto nods. "It's okay. It allowed me to see what my so called 'friends' really thought of me. Trust me, the last thing I want to do now is to go back to that village." He frowns. "Well, I should say most of my friends. There were a couple of people who weren't there: Bushy Brow's team, Shikamaru, and Hinata."

Kushina raises an eyebrow. "Bushy Brow?"

"Sorry. I'm talking about Rock Lee. The other people who weren't there were Neji Hyūga, Tenten, Shikamaru Nara, and Hinata Hyūga."

"Do you want me to try to find out what they think of you?"

Naruto looks at her in surprise."How would you do that?"

"I have a spy. He runs the criminal world of Konoha. In fact, you know him quite well."

"I do?"

"Sure. You've eaten at his ramen stand plenty of times."

Naruto's jaw drops.

*In Konoha*

Tsunade is sitting in her office, when a messenger bird arrives. "A letter from Hōzukijō? What the heck could they be bothering me about?" She opens the letter and reads it, her eyes widening as she reads more. "Shizune!"

Shizune comes running in. "What is it, Lady Tsunade?"

"Have Kakashi and Yamato report to my office! We have a problem."

*Back at the prison*

"By now, Konoha should have received the notice that you're innocent, Naruto," says Mui. "You two should leave, before the Hokage arrives."

"Why the heck did you send one?" asks Naruto.

"We are legally obligated to send one to the village that you came from. However, you don't need to worry about them taking you back. They can't claim you, legally."

"What do you mean?"

Kushina smiles. "The Whirlpool Daimyō and I have already talked to the Fire Daimyō. He has agreed that I have a greater claim to you, than Konoha."


"Well, Konoha would try to claim you as one of their ninja. They can't do that, as Tsunade stripped you of your ninja status after you were arrested, reducing you back to a civilian. My claim over you is that you are my son. As you were never adopted by anyone, and are no longer legally considered an adult, thanks to your removed ninja status, I can make that claim."

"So they can't stop me from leaving with you?"

"That's right. Now, let's go, as I don't want to put up with Tsunade." She turns to Mui. "Thank you for your help, Mui."

"Of course." He looks at Naruto. "No offense, Naruto Uzumaki, but I hope I don't see you within these walls again."

Naruto smiles at Mui, before following his mother out of the prison and towards his new life.

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