Big Brother is Listening to You

Chapter 1 – WWN's New Show

A/N: So this isn't canon, I won't pretend that it is in anyway. It's set in 2003, 5 years after the final battle and its canon up until that point pretty much but then AU from there onwards. I've rated it M for bad language and sexual themes mostly but there is a bit later that is quite a sensitive topic which is why it has that rating.

I hope you enjoy reading!

Harry Potter was an Auror, he was supposed to be out fighting and protecting the Wizarding World. Instead he was wandering around his house in his pyjamas with nothing to do, bored out of his mind. He sighed heavily as the front door to his flat opened and Hermione walked in with a brown bag in her hand.

'Why aren't you dressed yet?' she asked when she saw him, 'it's 3pm!'

'What's the point?' Harry asked, 'I've got nothing to do.'

Hermione shook her head disapprovingly, 'This isn't good for you.'

'I need to get back to work, I'm so bored Hermione,' Harry whined.

'You shouldn't have gotten yourself suspended then,' Hermione retorted, 'I brought you groceries.'

'I didn't get myself suspended,' Harry grumbled, 'I saved that kids life!'

'I know, but you also disobeyed direct orders Harry,' Hermione said, 'do you want a sandwich?'

'I suppose,' Harry said with a deep sigh.

'Stop moping around like the world has ended,' Hermione said sternly, 'it's only a 6 month suspension, think yourself lucky they're still paying you half-wage for it.'

'I don't care about the money,' Harry said as he got to his feet, 'I want something to do. I asked Andromeda if I could take Teddy in but she said it would confuse him.'

'She's right, you can't just look after your Godson when you're bored,' Hermione said, taking the bag to the kitchen with Harry at her heels, 'besides you only have 4 more months to go now.'

'Only?' Harry groaned.

'You've made it through 2 months, I'm sure you'll manage,' Hermione said handing Harry a sandwich on a plate she had just cleaned, 'why don't you go abroad? Travel for a bit?'

'I can't, they told me not to leave the country,' Harry said.

'Go on a date then,' Hermione suggested, 'try and find a girl, you're not very good at that.'

'I can find girls just fine,' Harry said as he bit into the sandwich, 'mmm, this is good Hermione.'

'Yeah, you're right,' Hermione said as she grabbed her bag, 'you find them fine, it's holding onto them that's the problem.'

'Exactly,' Harry said through a mouthful of food.

Hermione rolled her eyes, 'I have to get back to work,' she said, kissing him on the cheek, 'you better get dressed.'

'Why?' Harry asked.

'Dinner at mine tonight, remember?' Hermione said with a mixture of amusement and exasperation.

'Right, I hadn't forgotten,' Harry lied.

'Of course you hadn't,' Hermione said with a slight smile, 'see you tonight, at 8.'

'See you then,' Harry said in amusement as Hermione left the room, 'thanks for the sandwich!' he called after her.

'Bye Harry!'

Harry sighed as Hermione left, he sank back down onto his sofa in the London flat he had bought when he got into Auror training. Here he was, a successful Auror with the best friends in the world, but what else did he have to say for himself? Not much. He was 22 years old and the longest relationship he had been in had been 6 months with Ginny after the war. He sighed, normally he didn't have time to think about the depressing state of his love life which consisted of a bunch of dates with women he thought liked him for him but actually just wanted to sleep with him because he was Harry Potter. Work was busy and stressful, thank Merlin for that or he would feel this miserable every day of his bloody life.

Harry had forgotten about dinner at Hermione's that night and she knew that. It was a good excuse for him to get out of the house so he quite happily showered and dressed in a pair of jeans and a shirt. Hermione had dinners every so often, they normally consisted of her and Ron, Harry, Ginny, Neville and Hannah, and Luna.

He apparated to her flat in Oxford and knocked on the front door, Hermione had it good. She had gone to Muggle University here after the war and had graduated last year, she worked in the Ministry now and she earned a good living from it. She and Ron had been dating on and off for the past 5 years but they didn't live together, Ron had a London flat near the Ministry because he was also an Auror.

'Hey Harry!' Hermione said as she opened the door, 'nice to see you washed, and shaved.'

Harry rolled his eyes and kissed her on the cheek, 'I'm not a complete slob, you know,' he said, handing her a bottle of wine.

'Oh I know, you can be quite the gentleman when you want to be,' Hermione said, letting him in and shutting the door behind him.

Harry chuckled, following Hermione into the living room where Ron was engaged in conversation with Neville about Quidditch. He said a quick hello to them and sat down next to Hannah, Neville's pregnant wife.

'Wow, not long now, eh?' Harry said with a smile.

'2 months,' Hannah said happily, 'a thought which is both exciting and terrifying.'

Harry laughed, 'You and Nev will make great parents,' he assured the blonde.

She smiled and said, 'Oh I know that, I don't think Neville does though.'

'You know what he's like,' Harry chuckled, 'he worries about everything. Is it just us tonight then?'

'Ginny's coming too,' Hannah said, 'she's at training so she'll be here a little late. Luna can't make it though, she's on a date with Rolf Scamander.'

'Scamander…why do I recognise that name?'

'Because his Grandfather is Newt Scamander,' Hermione said, wandering through from the kitchen and sitting down, 'he wrote 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them', our Care of Magical Creatures Textbook.'

'Ah, of course,' Harry said with a nod.

'I'm surprised you remember that mate,' Ron said, 'I didn't pay much attention in that class.'

'Neither did I,' Harry said honestly, 'I guess it must have stuck somewhere though.'

'The book was interesting,' Neville said, 'Hagrid just made the classes a little…'

'Terrifying?' Ron finished, making the others chuckle.

Hermione glanced at the clock, 'Ginny should be here soon,' she said.

'I didn't think she trained on a Saturday night,' Harry said.

'Only when they have a big game coming up,' Ron said, 'and her game next week is a semi-final.'

'Fair enough,' Harry said, he and Ginny got on well after their short-lived relationship. He was still close to all of the Weasley's so it made things much less awkward.

At that point there was a knock on the door and Hermione answered it, reappearing in the living room with Ginny, she smiled and said hello to everyone, sitting down next to Harry on the sofa.

'How was training?' Harry asked her as Hermione got them a glass of wine each from the kitchen.

'Intense,' Ginny said, 'I can't wait to go home and have a bath.'

Harry chuckled, 'I feel like that after a big raid,' he said.

'Not that you've been doing much of them lately,' Ginny teased.

'Don't mention the suspension,' Ron warned, 'he gets pissy about it.'

Harry threw a pillow at his best friend, 'I do not!'

'See!' Ron said, 'such violence!'

Neville laughed, 'You should be enjoying it Harry, treating it as a long holiday.'

'Holiday? I'm bored out of my skull,' Harry said, 'the only companionship I've had is Hermione bringing me sandwiches for lunch.'

'That sounds like an innuendo,' Ginny said, getting glared at by Ron.

'No, she really does come to my flat to make me a sandwich and check I'm alive,' Harry said.

'Everyday,' Ron added, 'she used to spend her lunch breaks with me.'

'Clearly I'm more important mate,' Harry joked to chuckles from the others.

'So, how did you get suspended?' Ginny asked with a smirk.

'Well,' Ron said, 'there was this raid and Harry didn't do what he was told, the usual.'

Harry punched Ron in the arm, 'No, what happened was the Senior Auror on the raid was an asshole and he was so bloody stuck on following procedure that a 7 year old kid nearly died.'

'It was a hostage situation,' Ron said, 'we were supposed to bring in the kidnapper but procedure said we couldn't bring him in hurt.'

'Let me guess, Harry hurt him,' Ginny said, looking at Harry in amusement.

'Well if I hadn't then the Senior Auror was going to let the kid die, so yeah I stunned the kidnapper, but he was halfway through a killing curse on the little kid,' Harry said hotly.

'Kingsley said you were in the right,' Hermione remarked, 'but they had to be seen to be doing something, Harry's lucky he only got suspended. He could have been subject to a court hearing, then he might have lost his job and his Auror qualification for good.'

'You did do the right thing,' Ginny agreed, 'that poor boy.'

'He was only a couple years older than Teddy,' Harry said, 'it was a tough case.'

'Being a Godfather is making you soft,' Neville teased.

'Wait till you become a Father, being responsible for a little person does make you soft,' Harry said completely honestly.

Hannah smiled a little, and Neville just looked nervous.

'Oh, did you guys hear about the new project the Department of Magical Games and Sports are announcing tonight on WWN?' Ginny asked, sipping the wine Hermione had given her.

'No…what is it?' Ron asked.

'I don't know, it hasn't been announced yet,' Ginny said as Ron glared at her.

'I've heard talk of it at the Ministry,' Hermione admitted, 'but I don't know what it is yet either. What channel is it on Ginny?'

'WWN5,' Ginny said, 'at 9pm.'

Hermione glanced at the clock, it was around half past 8 now, 'well I've made some French onion soup if anyone is hungry, by the time we've finished eating, it will be time for it to start.'

'Hermione, I love your cooking,' Ron said, instantly on his feet and walking towards the dining room. Ginny rolled her eyes and followed him. They sat around Hermione's oak dining room table and talked about the little things in life, like work and what Hannah and Neville were going to call the baby. Hermione's cooking was fantastic as always and when they had finished eating and retreated to the sitting room it was bang on 9pm.

Hermione turned on the radio and tuned it into WWN5, they all fell silent as they listened to the popular radio presenter, Stephanie Cruise, make the big announcement.

'Exciting news from the Department of Magical Games and Sports! A new programme is being launched for the entertainment of our listening public! This new programme is called 'Listen-In' and will be granted its own channel. The programme features 10 people placed in a house together and cut off from the world, they will have to live this way for 2 months and each week one housemate will leave the house. All of the audio will be recorded 24 hours a day for the entertainment of you, at home! In addition, each week you can vote off a contestant and the person with the least votes will be eliminated.'

In the room the friends shared amused looks, it sounded like it could be a good programme.

'We could see rivalries and romances blossom in our mystery house, fights or kisses, you name it! We bet you'll get invested in the people inside and root for them to win, or leave the house! You can nominate anyone you like for the show, and anyone who gets more than 100 nominations will be in with a chance of becoming a housemate. Just floo in your nominations to…'

They stopped listening as she reeled off the address and said that the 20 most popular nominees would be chosen and then the public would vote and the 10 most popular nominees would become housemates.

'Sounds like an interesting concept,' Neville said.

'The final 10 housemates will enter this mystery house on the 1st of July, and the nominations will be announced on the 21st of June, that's next Saturday so make sure to get your nominations in fast!'

The radio started to go onto the national news so Hermione turned it down and said, 'Well it's certainly an interesting concept, you're right about that Neville.'

'It is,' Neville agreed, 'but who would want that level of publicity? I mean people would be able to hear everything you said, everyday, for two months.'

'Oh but it would be great fun, Nev,' Ron said.

'Imagine all the fun you could have, you never know who you could end up in there with after all,' Ginny said.

'Yeah Harry, imagine if you and Malfoy were both there, you might become best friends,' Hannah said optimistically.

Ron burst out laughing and even Neville smirked a little.

'Sorry to disappoint Hannah, but it's a show, it can't make miracles happen,' Ron said in amusement.

Harry rolled his eyes, 'Malfoy isn't that bad, he's just a bit of a prick.'

'I don't think any of us can argue with that,' Hermione said honestly, 'I work with the idiot.'

'I still can't believe they let Malfoy become a lawyer,' Ron remarked, 'the slimy git.'

'Yeah that in itself is a bloody miscarriage of justice,' Harry added.

Ginny shook her head, 'He's a good lawyer though, isn't he? I've read good things about him in the papers.'

'That's because he's screwing the woman who runs the prophet,' Ron said, 'he's a good lawyer, but his moral compass is slightly off.'

'Hes the reason people get away scot-free for crimes,' Hermione added, 'so yes he's good at his job, but I somehow doubt hes reformed.'

'Since when do you care anyway Ginny?' Ron asked with narrowed eyes, 'you're not dating him now, are you?'

'Shut up Ron, I'm not dating anyone,' Ginny snapped.

'Leave her alone Ron,' Hermione said, a warning tone in her voice. Ginny had just gone through a break-up with the guy she had been dating for 2 years.

Ron rolled his eyes, sufficiently told off. They fell back into the topic of small-talk, and the evening continued in a similar vein.


Hermione walked into her best friends flat, shutting the door behind her.

'One second, Hermione!' Harry called from the bedroom, 'right, well this was fun, see you around,' he said to the woman in his bedroom.

'See you Potter,' the dark haired woman said with a grin, she got into the fireplace, the floo whirred and she was gone. Harry grabbed his dressing gown and walked out into the hall.

'Hey,' he said casually.

Hermione raised an eyebrow at him, 'Who was that?' she asked.

'Uh, nobody,' Harry lied.

'Really Harry?' Hermione asked, partly amused but mostly exasperated.

'You told me to date!' Harry said, sitting down in an armchair in the sitting room.

'I said date, not sleep around,' Hermione pointed out, sitting down on the sofa.

'Well people don't want to date me, they want to sleep with me because I'm Harry bloody Potter.'

'Still bitter about that then,' Hermione mumbled.

'Yes, it is kind of annoying when I'm trying to find a girlfriend,' Harry said in annoyance, 'what are you doing here anyway?'

'Ron's on a stake-out tonight,' Hermione said sheepishly, 'and I wanted someone to listen to the nominations for that new WWN show with.'

Harry chuckled, 'Right,' he said, 'you know I don't have a radio, don't you?'

'I know, I brought mine,' Hermione said with a grin as she took it from her handbag, 'I brought food too.'

'Even better,' Harry joked as Hermione set the radio up, turned it on and tried to tune it in.

'So who was that in your bedroom?' Hermione asked curiously as she fiddled with the nobs on the radio.

'Tracey,' Harry said, 'I work with her, she's a junior juror.'

'Tracey Davis?' Hermione asked with a raised eyebrow, 'the Slytherin who dated Theodore Nott in 6th year?'

'How do you know these things, Hermione?' Harry asked as the radio began to emit something other than noise.

'I shared a dorm with Lavender and Parvati, remember?' Hermione said in amusement, turning the radio up, 'aha, just in time!'

'And here is the exciting moment where we reveal our 20 nominees! In no particular order they are…

'Daphne Greengrass, the famous wizarding model known for working on the controversial dragon hide robes commercial.'

'Daphne Greengrass? Who?' Harry asked.

Hermione rolled her eyes, 'Your bedmates best friend for a start Harry. We went to school with her for 6 years.'

'What house was she in?' Harry asked, wracking his brains.

'Slytherin,' Hermione replied.

'Well, that's why I don't remember her,' Harry said.

'You should still know who she is! She was in our classes for 6 years!' Hermione exclaimed, she couldn't believe how ignorant Harry was of the people they had gone to school with.

'Well let's face it, I did have bigger things to worry about at the time,' Harry remarked, 'you know like fighting Voldemort every year.'

Hermione smiled a little in agreement as they listened to the radio for the next nomination.

'Luna Lovegood, war heroine and editor of the Quibbler magazine. She is of course famous for her inventive conspiracy theories and her book 'Voldemort's use of Crumple-Horned Snorkacks in the Second Wizarding War'.'

Harry chuckled, 'Oh, wow, Luna in a house with 9 other people. She would scare them so much.'

Hermione was also chuckling, 'She would do it on purpose, just to creep people out.'

'I really hope she gets picked now,' Harry said.

'Me too,' Hermione admitted.

'Parvati Patil, famous wizarding designer and socialite known for her beautifully unique cloak designs.'

'Well if Parvati goes in we'll find out the whole wizarding worlds gossip,' Hermione remarked.

'I think she's probably too high-end for that,' Harry said, 'she won't want to give up her big parties and her expensive champagne.'

'Oh Parvati's a lovely person,' Hermione said, 'if you can ignore the gossiping, she's just been raised in a different world.'

'One where everything is handed to her on a silver platter,' Harry muttered.

Hermione smiled slightly, 'Oh Merlin Harry, look at us, we're like two old witches!'

'Hey, call me an old wizard at least,' Harry joked.

'Draco Malfoy, famous criminal defence lawyer and ex-death-eater. Famous for escaping punishment in the wizarding war and donating his estates and fortune to charity in the aftermath of it.'

'And therefore staying out of prison like the slimy snake he is.'

'Wow Harry,' Hermione remarked, 'still bitter?'

Harry shrugged, 'It's unexpected. I thought most people hated Malfoy, who would nominate him?'

'That's probably why they nominated him, so they could see him suffer being stuck in a house with people he'd have to socialise with, for two months,' Hermione said in amusement.

'Do you reckon he'd go for it?' Harry asked.

Hermione shrugged, 'I have no idea,' she said honestly, 'I never talk to him, but I suspect he would do anything to improve his image.'

'Being a convicted criminal does tend to be problematic when you're a lawyer,' Harry said, 'I never talk to him either, I always send Ron when our dealings involve him.'

'I know, he rants at me when you do it,' Hermione said in amusement.

'Ah, of course he does,' Harry chuckled.

'Zacharias Smith, famous Daily Prophet columnist. He is of course known for his controversial opinions on the welfare of magical creatures, the magical justice system and the St. Mungo's healthcare schemes.'

'Oh Merlin, that pricks nominated,' Harry remarked.

'He's an opinionated asshole,' Hermione agreed, 'he's totally against house elf freedom.'

'Well I'm sure he and Malfoy will be very happy together,' Harry said, making Hermione laugh out loud.

'Cho Chang, the well-known Tornadoes Seeker, famous for being the first female to break the record held for the most snitches caught in one season.'

Harry snorted, 'I'm sure Cho would love that, she'd probably use it to find another boyfriend.'

'Oh hush Harry,' Hermione said, 'she's probably never going to get over Cedric, most men don't like the thought of being second best to a ghost.'

'Yeah I know that feeling,' Harry said, 'it sucks.'

Hermione shot him a glare as they listened to the radio once more.

'Charlie Weasley, war hero and dragon tamer. Famous for passing new legislation on the welfare and treatment of dragons in the UK and more widely, in Europe.'

'Oh,' Harry said, 'That's surprising, I wonder why people nominated Charlie.'

'If you bothered to spend any time with him you'd know he's actually a very interesting person,' Hermione said.

'How do you know that?' Harry asked, bemused.

'I have been dating his brother for 5 years, in case that slipped your mind,' Hermione pointed out.

'Yeah, but Charlie only moved back here last year,' Harry said.

'Harry, where do I work?' Hermione asked slowly.

'The legal department…'

'What section?' Hermione asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

'Oh, right,' Harry said, 'of course, you set up the court cases concerning neglect against magical creatures, don't you?'

'Yes, and what does Charlie do?' Hermione said in amusement.

'He's a creatures rights activist,' Harry said with a nod.

'Harry, could you be any slower?' Hermione asked through her laughter.

'Yes, I could have been wrong,' Harry teased, 'and at least I don't have the emotional range of a teaspoon.'

'I've upgraded Ron to tablespoon now,' Hermione retaliated with a smirk.

'Cormac McLaggen, Keeper for the Chudley Cannons. Famous for being the first rookie to beat the record for the most consecutive goals saved in a season.'

'Ugh,' Hermione said, 'that prat.'

'You were the one who dated him,' Harry remarked.

'Against my better judgment,' Hermione said, 'you know I only did it to make Ron jealous.'

'I don't think Cormac knows that, judging from all the letters he sends you,' Harry teased.

Hermione rolled her eyes, 'He's an arrogant idiot, Ron can't stand the fact he's the Cannons Keeper.'

'I know, he tells me once a week,' Harry said in amusement.

'Harry Potter, the chosen one and war hero. Famous for vanquishing the dark lord Voldemort, and being the youngest ever person to become a fully-fledged Auror.'

Harry looked stunned and Hermione laughed, 'Oh come on, you must have seen this coming.'

'Why would people nominate me?' Harry asked.

'Uh, you are the most famous person in the wizarding world,' Hermione pointed out, 'people want to know everything about your personal life.'

'They already do,' Harry said, 'it's splashed on the pages of the Daily Prophet every day.'

'Yeah well that's because Malfoy's screwing the editor,' Hermione said matter-of-factly, 'and if anyone wanted to get on your nerves like that, it's him.'

'Don't remind me,' Harry grumbled, 'I won't do it, I've had enough of living my life in the spotlight.'

'It could be good for you,' Hermione said sneakily, 'you are bored out of your skull here, and you never know, you might meet someone.'

'Hermione, don't,' Harry said, and with a smirk Hermione shut up.

'Ron Weasley, sidekick to the chosen one and war hero. Famous for fighting alongside Harry Potter in the Second Wizarding War and for being the Auror partner of Harry Potter.'

Hermione whistled, 'Ron's gonna love that,' she said sarcastically, 'they basically said he's only famous because of you.'

'He is only famous because of me,' Harry said, 'in the nicest way, his own achievements are great, but people only know about them because hes friends with me. I'm not saying it's right, but it's true.'

'I know it is, just don't repeat it in front of Ron,' Hermione advised.

'Do you reckon he would go in?' Harry asked.

'Oh probably, he loves the idea, you know what he's like,' Hermione said in amusement.

'He loves attention is what you mean,' Harry said with a raised eyebrow.

'Yes, but again, don't tell him that,' Hermione said with a slight smile.

'Neville Longbottom, war hero who currently teaches Herbology at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Famous for fighting alongside Harry Potter in the Second Wizarding War and beheading the snake of dark lord Voldemort with the sword of Gryffindor.'

'Don't tell Ron that Neville got a better blurb than him,' Harry said with a chuckle, 'he'll be furious.'

'Well Neville did go all badass and behead a snake,' Hermione said, 'you gotta admit, that's pretty cool.'

'Yeah, but Neville won't go for that sort of thing,' Harry said, 'you know how he feels about living his life in the public eye.'

'And by that, you mean not at all?' Hermione remarked.

'Exactly, and Hannah's due soon anyway,' Harry added, Hermione nodded her agreement.

'Which will make Ron all the more pissed he got a better blurb than him,' Hermione sniggered.

'Oliver Wood, Keeper for Puddlemere United and England. Famous for being the youngest England player in a century, and for his loyalty to Harry Potter in the Second Wizarding War.'

'Ooh, Oliver,' Harry said, 'interesting, why are they connecting all these people to me though?'

'Because you're the most famous person in the wizarding world, we've been over this,' Hermione said, 'do you reckon Oliver would go for that?'

'I'm not sure, maybe. He probably wouldn't be able to give up work for two months mind you, two months without Quidditch…he'd be in withdrawal,' Harry said in amusement.

'And its summer, the big Quidditch season,' Hermione added, 'he's too valuable.'

'England will never let him go off for two months to do some show,' Harry said.

'Theodore Nott, famous lawyer known for his controversial selection of cases such as the defence of Zara Zabini on the mysterious death of her eighth husband.'

Hermione chuckled, 'Oh dear, Nott would love that. He eats up attention, he's such a womanizer.'

'You work with him, don't you?' Harry asked.

Hermione nodded, 'He tries to get me to sleep with him once a week, he's abhorrent.'

'You kind of like him, don't you?' Harry teased, 'you only use large words like that around people you like.'

'I'm dating Ron, remember?' Hermione said.

'Yeah, and when was the last time you two broke up?' Harry asked in amusement.

'A couple of months ago,' Hermione muttered under her breath.

'My point exactly,' Harry said in amusement, narrowing his eyes at Hermione's pink cheeks, 'you did, didn't you?'

She glared at him, 'Once, when Ron and I had broken up, but it was insignificant.'

'And you slag me off for not being able to hold down a girlfriend,' Harry said with a smirk.

'Gabrielle Delacour, famous for finishing school 2 years early and becoming the youngest ever recruit to the Department of Mysteries.'

'She won't be able to say much if she's picked,' Harry said, 'aren't they bound to not mention their work?'

Hermione nodded, 'Yes, but she'll be able to talk about her personal life. She's very young though.'

'She isn't that young, is she?' Harry asked, 'what is she, 19?'

'17,' Hermione said, 'she finished school at 15, she's really intelligent.'

'What, more intelligent than you?' Harry teased.

'Much more,' Hermione said seriously, 'I'll bet she knows some of the Ministry's darkest secrets.'

'Alicia Spinnet, former Holyhead Harpies Chaser and Daily Prophet columnist. Famous for surviving a broom crash at 100 miles an hour and for establishing the first column dedicated to female Quidditch players in the Daily Prophet.'

'Alicia… she's outgoing enough,' Harry said.

'Horrible, what happened to her in that match,' Hermione said, 'she had such a great career ahead of her.'

'I think she just felt lucky she survived,' Harry said, 'her column's really interesting.'

'I didn't realise you still talked to her,' Hermione said in surprise.

Harry shrugged, 'I…uh, see her around sometimes.'

'Right,' Hermione said in amusement, 'you slept with her, didn't you?'

'A couple of times,' Harry said, 'she had just broken up with her boyfriend and I happened to be in the bar for her to talk too…'

'You had feelings for her, didn't you?'

Harry nodded, 'Not that it matters, woman only use me for sex.'

Hermione gave him a sympathetic look, 'One day you'll meet somebody who just wants you for you Harry, I promise.'

'Hermione Granger, war heroine and the brains behind the 'golden trio'. Famous for being the mastermind behind Harry Potter in the second wizarding war and for helping reform the Ministry in the aftermath of it.'

'People nominated me?' Hermione asked in surprise.

'Come on, they nominated me, Ron, Neville and Luna, and I bet they'll nominate Ginny, why would they not nominate you?'

'I'm the boring one, aren't I?' Hermione said nonchalantly.

Harry raised an eyebrow at her, 'Only to people who don't you,' he said fondly.

Hermione rolled her eyes, 'I would never be able to do it, I have far too many work commitments.'

'Of course you do,' Harry said with a smile.

'What?' she asked self-consciously.

'Nothing,' Harry said honestly, 'don't ever change Hermione.'

'Lee Jordan, Quidditch commentator and columnist. Famous for his exuberant and often controversial Quidditch commentating, in particular his comment about the 'uptight Russians' at last year's world cup.'

Harry laughed, 'Merlin, that was funny, Lee's hilarious.'

'I'm surprised he still has a job,' Hermione said in amusement, 'some of the things he says…'

'Everyone secretly agrees with him, that's why he still has a job,' Harry said with a chuckle.

'Ginny Weasley, Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies and former girlfriend of the chosen one, Harry Potter. Famous for being the first rookie to score over 100 goals in a season.'

'Ginny is not going to like the fact her blurb involved being your ex-girlfriend,' Hermione said in amusement.

Harry rolled his eyes, 'I didn't write the damn thing, it's not my fault.'

'I think she'd love to do that sort of thing,' Hermione said, 'but she probably won't be able to commit to it because of her job.'

'That's a shame, she'd be funny in there,' Harry said, 'with her temper and all.'

'Yeah, I know what you mean,' Hermione said, 'I reckon she'd use her bat-bogey-hex at least once.'

'Susan Bones, experimental potions mistress. Famous for fighting in the Second Wizarding War and developing a potion that stops werewolves from transforming on the full moon.'

'Susan,' Harry said thoughtfully, 'she was in our year, right?'

'Yep,' Hermione said, 'she was a Hufflepuff, shared half of our classes…'

'I vaguely remember her,' Harry said, 'she was friends with Hannah, she had red hair.'

Hermione nodded, 'Well you remember more about her than you did about Daphne,' she said in amusement, 'Susan would love that kind of thing, she's really funny.'

'I don't remember much about her,' Harry admitted.

'She's just a bubbly, fun-loving person, people would love her,' Hermione said.

'Romilda Vane, wizarding glamour model. Famous for wearing only glasses and a Gryffindor tie in the Harry Potter themed shoot to celebrate 2 years since his victory over Voldemort in the Second Wizarding War.'

Hermione burst out laughing at the memory and Harry rolled his eyes, his cheeks turning red.

'She would definitely be desperate enough to go into something like that,' Hermione said, 'although I bet being a glamour model pays well.'

'I expect so, but I have no idea,' Harry said, still slightly embarrassed.

'Of course you wouldn't Harry,' Hermione said sarcastically, 'it's not like you've slept with any of them.'

Harry raised an eyebrow at her, 'Do I detect a hint of bitterness Hermione?'

'Why would I be bitter about that?' She asked, a little snappy.

'Because you've only slept with one person in your whole life?' Harry retorted.

'And how do you figure that, exactly?'

'Because you've dated Ron since you were 18,' Harry said simply.

Hermione raised an eyebrow at him, 'Ron and I have broken up 3 times Harry,' she said, 'do you think I just sat around doing nothing in that time?'

'Uh, to be honest, yeah,' Harry said, getting slapped around the head, 'probably deserved that,' he muttered.

Hermione smirked slightly, 'I have slept with other people, not that it's any of your business.'

Harry chuckled in amusement as the presenter continued to give the public further instructions, 'You have until next Saturday to vote, floo in your favourites and our 10 housemates will be selected and officially announced next Saturday at 9pm! That's all from me for now, have a great week!'

Harry yawned, 'Fantastic,' he mumbled.

Hermione got to her feet, taking her radio with her, 'if you get picked I'm going to make you go for it,' she said, 'I think it's the best thing for you right now.'

'We'll see about that,' Harry said as he walked her to the door, 'goodnight Hermione.'

'Goodnight Harry,' she said with a mischievous smile as she disappeared into the night.

TBC :)

A/N: So it's obvious, I got the idea from the show 'Big Brother' but with a wizarding twist. Sorry that Harry is slightly OOC, hes bitter and a wee bit of a womanizer in this fic but I hope he's not too badly OOC like people said he was in my other story 'Skeletons'. Hope you like the idea, review and tell me your thoughts!

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