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Tim Drake, upstanding student and having a bright future ahead of him.

Gotham Art Museum, mandatory tour.

Joker, always looking to bring a smile to 'all those crummy old portraits'.

Class of 2013, graduating in two months.

Sarah Tam, Tim's girlfriend, and partner for the tour.

Room of 18th century busts, one way in, one way out.

Joker, taking both hostage.

Robin, without a suit, and without a way to take down Joker or his two henchman without them knowing he did it.

Batman, too late to save Sarah.

Sarah, lying in a pool of her own blood, with Joker's gun still smoking.

Joker, beaten and arrested, released to Arkham Asylum as criminally insane.

Joker, two weeks later, escaped and on another killing spree.

Robin, fully armed and prepared this time, batarang in hand.

Batarang, sharp, designed to cut through ropes at distance.

Batarang, cutting through a jugular.

Robin, back at the cave.

Batman shouting in Robin's face, 'we don't kill'.

Robin, realizing Batman has never lost someone to the Joker.

Robin, thinking of all the innocents that have died because neither of them took action.

Batman, watching as Robin threw down the mask, and walked out of the cave.

News Channels, calling the death of Joker 'simply an accident', no one spoke out, no one was mad.

Extremists, praising the vigilantes for finally taking the action the government couldn't.

Robin, vanished from the scene, no one knows where the hero is.

Tim Drake, attending the memorial service of Sarah Tam.

Sarah's parents, assuring Tim they didn't blame him for Sarah's death. "There was nothing you could do", they said.

Tim, knowing there was something he could have done, sacrificing a girls life for a secret identity.

Ten years later.

Tim Drake, hotshot cop, quickly climbing the ladder. The face of the Gotham Police.

Tim Drake, calling for the need of updated weapons for the police.

Gotham City police, suddenly with far more 'resisted arrest and shot at scene' reports.

Gotham people, not one complaining.

Batman, unneeded, Scarecrow dead, Two-Face dead, Bane dead, Killer Croc dead.

Thirty years later.

Tim Drake, Commissioner of the Gotham Police Force.

Gotham legislator, passing the Vigilante Registration Act.

Vigilantes, welcome in Gotham so long as registered and acting together with the police.

Gotham Police, now with new training programs, better weapons, and better tactics.

Batman, a relic, publicly told to stand down, or be issued a warrant for his arrest.

Still messing around with writing styles, and I love messing with Batman.

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