Disclaimer: The characters/show don't belong to me, in case there was any confusion. This will be a story of very short snapshots into the NCIS: LA universe, most will be passed on prompts I've received over on Tumblr. First prompt credit: hermionesmydawg

"So, what exactly am I supposed to do with this?" he asked.

"'This' is a baby, G, and you hold her until social services shows up." Sam said, laughing at the ever increasing level of discomfort at the infant in his arms and by the increasing volume of her cries, the discomfort was mutual.

"Can't you take her? You have kids." The senior agent whined at his partner when he heard the tell-tale click of a camera phone.

"Deeks! If you're free enough to take pictures, you're free enough to take the kid." Callen didn't even wait for an answer, just passed off the baby.

"I was just trying to document the moment. Classic Three-Men-And-A-Baby. I call the Tom Selleck character..."