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"Ruby..." The brawler calmly stated with a dangerous edge to her voice. In response, Ruby clung to Jaune's arm even tighter than she was before, which Jaune didn't think was even possible. He swore that he was losing all feeling in his left hand.

Right now, Jaune was scared, but at the sound of Yang's knuckles cracking, he became terrified. He gulped down as much fear as he could, and worriedly glanced over at Ruby, who was still clutching his arm possessively.

"Uh...Ruby?" He squeaked out as Yang started to move forward. Her pace was slow and sure, like a predator coming up on their prey. Ruby refused to let go, her vice like grip strangling Jaune's blood supply. Her eyes had narrowed, focusing solely on her sister. Yang had likewise started to stare down her younger sister. Jaune had the sneaking suspicion that he was invisible to these girls.

Yang's hips moved hypnotically, and Jaune's eyes followed the swing arc as if he were watching a pocket-watch being swung in front of him. It was only when Yang asked if he liked what he saw did he cough and avert his eyes, his face flushing slightly. This did not go unnoticed by Ruby, and she pinched Jaune's arm. He exerted a grunt of pain, and shot a glare at Ruby, only to find that she was staring at him. Her gray orbs were filled with jealousy and avarice.

He was too focused on Ruby to notice that Yang was only inches away from his own body. Jaune needed to work on his situational awareness. Alas, it was too late for Jaune, for as he turned around, Yang had shoved her hand into the confines of his jeans, consciously seeking out the hem of his boxers.

Jaune, all the while, had tried to sputter out, "Y-Yang! Please! Nonononononononon-!" But, his monologue was cut short once she had managed to snake her hand into his underwear, finding what they were looking for.

Jaune's entire mind went blank, and his face, along with the rest of his body, had turned into the color of a ripened tomato. He could only stare at Yang, dumbfounded, and his face feeling like it would melt off onto the floor, and for the most part, he wished it would. It would save him from any further embarrassment. If anyone came walking through the door right now, Jaune would die.

"Yang!" Ruby whined, obviously distraught from her sister's careless approach. "Let go of Jaune!"

Yang gently squeezed Jaune's organ, obviously liking what she felt. She licked her lips, staring Jaune dead in the eyes. She offered him a seductive wink; this only caused the young blonde's mind to be sent into overload. Any coherent thoughts that were left in Jaune's mind flew out the window.

"Sharing is caring," Yang stated, smirking slightly as she continued to grope Jaune.

"Not in this case!" Ruby argued, now slightly pulling on Jaune, trying to get him away from her sister's grasp. This shift in position had accidentally caused Yang to rub Jaune's member. Even though it was unintentional, Yang couldn't help but smile from the reaction she had gotten from Jaune. He sighed softly, filled with ecstasy from the sudden movement. If Jaune was in overload before, his brain was most certainly fried in this case. He wasn't sure if he would be able to speak again.

Ruby glowed as brightly as her namesake, in both rage and embarrassment. "Yang!" Ruby was absolutely mortified that her sister would go to such lengths, especially in front of her. She wasn't exactly a little kid, and she had learned about this kind of stuff back in signal, but that didn't make it any less upsetting to see her sister do it explicitly in front of her, and to her crush!

The silent feud continued between the two sisters. The girl in red refused to let go of Jaune's arm, while the other refused to let go...of a place that was making Jaune very uncomfortable.

Jaune would be the last to admit it, but he was sort of enjoying this. The attention was more or less endearing, but he could do without all the grabbing. He had lost all feeling in his left arm a while ago, but he had long since forgotten; all the blood flowed...somewhere else, and Yang was getting the full brunt of it. He could tell from the way her eyes ran up and down his body told him that she was also getting some enjoyment out of it. His heart pounded against his chest, begging for release from the constriction.

Yang let go, much to Jaune's pleasure - and displeasure. Jaune finally regained some of his faculties. At the very least, he had the ability to form coherent thoughts; however, the ability to form sentences still escaped him. His mouth hung agape, and his whole body still had a lightish-red glow to it. Ruby still clung to Jaune's arm for dear life, and Yang slowly ran two fingers across his chest.

Ruby still looked defiant in all this, minus the blush that ran across her face. Jaune glanced down to catch the adorable sight. Her lips were pursed into a slight frown, trying all that she could to keep the blush from spreading across any further. Her cute, gray eyes were downcast, refusing to make eye contact with Yang or Jaune.

Jaune returned his attention to Yang-or tried to, before he felt a pair of strong, gloved hands take hold of his cheeks and brought his eyes back to Yang's lilac orbs. He was surprised, but more so, he was a little afraid of what the boisterous blonde would do next. The way she cupped his cheeks was sending warning bells off in his head. He didn't think that his heart could take any more torture, lest he end up in the infirmary due to cardiac arrest.

Her eyes were unreadable, and that scared Jaune more than anyone would think. He was wondering what her next move would be since she already felt him up-what more could she do to embarrass him?

That question was answered immediately. Yang brought her lips crashing onto Jaune's. His eyes went wide with surprise, and he let out a muffled cry, "Mmphf!" However, this only lasted for a few seconds before Ruby finally got the courage that she needed.

She pulled Jaune away from her sister's grasp, and grabbed his hood's collar. Before Jaune could ask what she was doing, Ruby slammed her lips onto Jaune's. This, again caused him to yell out in shock.

In the span of half a minute, Jaune had been kissed by two girls. This was the kind of thing that Jaune never expected to have happen to him. Jaune was almost certain that he would never get a kiss from anyone, well, anyone not from his family.

In his shocked state, Jaune couldn't hear the door behind them open; likewise for Ruby and Yang, as they were too engrossed with the blonde boy.

"Jaune, you in here?" The door swung open to reveal the red-headed spartan, Pyrrha Nikos.

At the sound of his name, Jaune's blood ran cold, and he inwardly groaned.

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