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Ruby was trapped in the stuffy Team Leader room with Professor Ozpin. He droned on and on about boring stuff. Stuff like 'leaders will have extra homework along with regular homework', and 'leaders have special access to training rooms after hours for their teams'. Basically, stuff that had been mentioned in the past was now getting implemented. Don't get Ruby wrong, it was all important information, but to the teenager's mind, this was all getting put to the back of her brain. She wouldn't access this until it was relevant.

Right now, the young redhead's mind was focused on something, or more accurately: someone. This someone was better known as 'Vomit Boy'. Jaune Arc, residential 'Lady Killer.' The span of nicknames ranged for a while, and none were too flattering. She could see her friends, and sister, all looking for her, and ultimately giving up, and they would start the...fun, by themselves.

She pretended to pay attention, while actually zoning out, hoping that that would make the lecture go faster. It was a neat little trick she learned over the course of the semester. Of course, that just meant that the work she was assigned to do was way harder because of it, but when Professor Port was talking about his glory days, many people would want to be out of that classroom as quickly as possible.

Internally, she sighed and cursed her luck.

"Alright, Jauney boy. Time for some fun." Yang said, an evil glint in her eye and rubbing her hands together anxiously. Pyrrha nodded in agreement as she locked the door behind the four of them. The clicking sound made Jaune's blood run cold. It was going to happen. He was locked in a room with three of Beacon's most attractive females. He would be ecstatic, if he weren't friends with any of them, and their relationships weren't on the line.

He was nervous, to say the least. Jaune didn't want to lose them over something petty like this. Jaune didn't want to lose friends like these. People that actually liked him. People that helped him to become the man he was today.

"Before you do anything, hear me out!" Jaune pleaded as he was forcibly pushed against the wall. He could feel something burn within his stomach, and he wasn't sure if he liked it or not. The sensation bubbled within him, and he feared that it could be out of excitement. He could feel his trousers start to constrict at the thought of the three of them, but he quickly shook his head in order to free himself of these thoughts.

"Think about what you're doing! This could affect our friendships! Probably for the worst! Do you want that?!" He babbled on, trying to squirm away from the females.

Yang laughed softly, knowing that this was what she wanted to do. Pyrrha contemplated this for a second before her mind was set.

"Trust us, Jaune, we know what we want," Blake purred into Jaune's ear. The intimate closeness and how her purr sounded sent chills down his spine. He didn't see nor hear her sneak up on him.

There's the ninja. Jaune thought with wry humor. Blake had completely cut off any chance of escape that he had. At least he thought so for the next second and a half.

Don't ask Jaune what happened next; all he knew was that there was a sort of explosion that left everyone disoriented. He took the opportunity to try and get away as fast as possible.

He scrambled up from the floor, wood splintering from sheer force of the blast, and they whizzed past his head. He was thankful to whatever entity that allowed him this golden chance. Just as his foot was out the door, he felt his leg go numb immediately.

"Where do you think you're going?" A stunningly familiar voice asked. Weiss.

Jaune felt chills again, but this time for a different reason.

When he looked down to see his disabled appendage, he saw that it was encased in a block of ice. He knew that he wasn't going anywhere this moment.

"Took you long enough, Snow Angel." Yang chuckled, Weiss' sudden appearance didn't seem to phase her.

"Don't call me that." Weiss demanded, pointing her weapon angrily at Yang.

"And another thing: how dare you try and steal my date away from me!"

They argued like this for another few minutes. Blake held Weiss, and Pyrrha withheld Yang, as the two females tried to claw each other's throats out. This gave Jaune some time to think.
Oh come on! I need to think of a way to get out of this. They just don't know when to quit!

Jaune's body, which he had been fighting the entire time, started to hum in excitement at the prospect that was before him. However, Jaune's mind was still in overclock mode, trying to figure out any way that he could avoid this situation. He came up with nothing.

Once the two of them calmed down enough to the point where they didn't try to kill each other, they came to an agreement. They won't fight over him, and they'll all share him for tonight.

What Yang did next sent Jaune's mind reeling from shock- and how Jaune was still shocked at this point is rather surprising. She reached her hand between her ample bosom and pulled out a box of condoms. The brand was 'Hunter Guard', and the size was XL.

Jaune blushed heavily, as did Blake, Weiss and Pyrrha.

"Y-Yang, wh-where did you get that?" Jaune sputtered, trying with desperation to free his leg from the icy prison.

"Well, Beacon has a pharmacy, and they give these out to students who wanna practice safe sex." Yang breezed past that word, as if it wasn't a big deal. It wasn't the word that was the problem, it was how casual she was when she said it.

Jaune, his face still feeling like it was on fire, tried to talk, "Y-Yang!"

"Save that for later, Jaune." Yang said, her tone laced with a seducing melody. Each syllable uttered made his pants grow tighter, and he felt the embarrassment of earlier that day begin to creep up on him again.

"However," She continued, "Since Weiss here broke the door, we need to relocate. I suggest another training room. This time with a reinforced door." She winked at Jaune.

And so they relocated, and with Weiss on their team, it was easier to carry Jaune to their designated area, and avoiding the prefects had been a piece of cake.

When they got in and locked the door, they threw Jaune on the floor. Weiss had a blush as red as Ruby's cloak. Pyrrha had one that matched her hair, and Blake just didn't think about it. Yang eyed Jaune hungrily.

Nothing was heard of from the room, and the lights were off.

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