I just wanted to buy some clothes! Jaune Arc thought, frantically, as his lips melded with Blake's. His feverish thinking soon died in the pleasure that were the ninja's lips. They moved in time with his. It was euphoric, and Jaune, despite some weak protesting on his part, became concerned with only her. A kiss could do that to the young knight.

The door to the changing room was locked, and nobody could peer under to see them like this.

If I don't stop myself, I might do something I'll regret... or love.

Jaune thought with a haze of pleasure surrounding his mind.

His hands, free from any social constraint, went from Blake's hips and up her sides. He touched bare skin, and both Jaune and Blake's cheeks lit up in a blush. Mostly from embarrassment, but somewhat from the pure ecstasy that arose from the situation.

Jaune tried to moan, many times, but the soft and inviting lips of Blake Belladonna continued to shut him up.

"Quiet dear...there are people outside..." Blake purred as she kissed him again.

I would, but you kissing me isn't exactly helping.

He thought that, but his mind quickly descended into the cloud of bliss from which it surfaced. Every protest he had died in his throat, which Blake's tongue occupied. Remarkably, the entire scene was hot, and heavy. It was certainly something that Jaune wasn't expecting to happen to him. He was rather dense as a kid, and that density followed him into his teenage life.

"Mm...you're rather bold..." Blake murmured into his ear, before she took her tongue and licked it.

Jaune quivered. Blake took absolute delight in how he reacted.

When Jaune came back to his senses, he found that his grip had found a comfortable resting place on Blake's buttocks. If he wasn't blushing before, he could felt it now.

"B-Blake! I-I'm really sorry!" Jaune murmured hurriedly, and under his breath.

Blake let out a soft laugh before tugging on his bottom lip. "It's alright...I don't mind."

Last time something like this happened, I was trapped. The only things that have changed are the place, and there's only one girl blocking my escape now... I wouldn't mind this so much if it weren't in public.

The blonde knight's face felt hot. He was convinced that it burned with the intensity of three suns. In his wildest dreams, he never imagined that he would even be allowed to do something of this magnitude. How he was even still thinking was beyond him.

She slowed down her romantic, and perhaps a little lustful, kissing, taking a few seconds to catch her breath. Jaune was grateful for the opportunity to collect his thoughts. His lungs, short on breath from how everything had progressed, slowly filled with air again. Make no mistake, his face was still as red as a tomato, but his lecherous thoughts hadn't taken over his mind. Not entirely. An occasional image or two slipped by, but that was about the extent of it. If only he could show his younger self what was happening to him now.

This would be a major confidence booster.

"I think you should try on those clothes, Jaune." Blake muttered softly into his ear. Her ultimate goal at this moment was to tease him. It was working.

Her palms slowly made their way to the top of his shirt buttons.

"Ah...I should. I'm glad you're helping me." Jaune grumbled, trying his best to regain any cognitive function.

2 plus 2 equals...nope, my mind is still fried.

Blake managed a small giggle, and popped the top button off, revealing more of Jaune's chiseled chest. Taking her index finger, she traced the collarbone, reveling in the smooth and sinewy muscle that lay beneath her touch. It was warm and inviting, and a little tempting for the huntress in training. Her years of training at the White Fang and other methods had allowed her to control her emotions, and her desires. For hours at a time, she would sit still, with her eyes closed, and not move an inch. Waterfalls were nothing, although her more cat-like instincts didn't like water.

"My pleasure. It's a great honor to help you with such a delicate matter." Blake whispered, letting her mouth find sanctuary on Jaune's chest. Jaune let out another suppressed moan.

"Sir, is everything alright?" The girl who had helped Jaune find the changing rooms called.

Jaune froze in fear. "Y-yeah! Everything's fine!"

She said, incredulous, "You sure?"

Jaune nodded vigorously, "Yes! Don't come in here! I'm in the middle of getting undressed!"

"Oh...well let me know if you need anything."

"S-sure thing!"

Jaune could hear the footsteps fade away, and he let out a sigh of relief. His heart had slowed down considerably.

"I'll let you change in peace." Blake murmured with a tiny, satisfied grin. She gave him one last kiss before she sauntered out the door. This kiss was just as electrifying as the others.

As Blake was about to close the door, she turned around to see Jaune was still disoriented. She smirked.

"How do I look?" Jaune inquired. This snapped blake from her trance, and her golden eyes studied Jaune. His shoulders adorned the shoulder straps that were popular with the army, however, his lacked any military insignia. The shirt was an electrifying blue, much like his eyes. His sleeves were rolled up in a similar fashion to his previous outfit. His cargo pants were a simple white color, held with his regular belt. Blake felt that he looked superb.

"You wear that outfit well." Blake said, with a small lilt in her voice that was almost a purr. She put her bookmark in her newly claimed novel and motioned for him to sit down next to her.

Jaune smiled bashfully, murmuring, "Thanks. How's the book so far? Is it everything you hoped it would be and more?" He took his seat next to the gorgeous bookworm.

She started gushing immediately, "Yep. Den has this sort of way of making his characters believable, and the romance he writes is a bit lacking in some places, but overall, he's a good writer. If I ever get the chance to meet him, I'd love to talk to him. If nothing else, I would like to offer some constructive criticism."

Jaune chuckled and said, "If he ever comes to Vale, we'll see him together."

"I'm holding you to that, Mr. Arc." Blake said, smiling.

"Yes Ma'am. Now, I'm going to change back and try on some more stuff. It should take me about thirty minutes, tops."
As Jaune sauntered off, Blake was about to crack her book open again, until she was interrupted by her scroll vibrating. The indication of someone calling her.

"Hello?" Blake answered.

"Blake? This is Ruby. Are you guys in the city?"

"Yeah. We're in the shopping district. Jaune's buying some clothes, and he'll be here for another 30 minutes. Once he's done, we'll just wait for you." Blake told them. In truth, she didn't want them to know that he was trying on different clothes. It might spark some jealousy among them. Blake had her fun with Jaune...for the moment.

"We should be there in 45 minutes. Thanks for letting us know." Ruby said, relieved that she had been right all along. Blake didn't lie to them.

Ruby closed her scroll and put it back into her pocket. She, Weiss, Yang, and Pyrrha were all on the dust plane, awaiting to hear the reply.

Ruby smirked as she looked at her friends.

"Told you. She's even nice enough to wait for us."

Yang rolled her eyes, "Yeah, yeah. But I bet she had her hands all over him. Like 'oh Jaune. Right there'." Yang made mock noises of pleasure, earning heavily blushing faces from Pyrrha and the rest of her crew.

"Yang! We are in public!" Weiss scolded, trying to force her cheeks to resume their normal temperature.

How immature. She's making those kinds of noises, and on a plane!

Yang laughed, "Aw, lighten up. You were making some of those-"

She was cut off by Weiss again, "Stop! Please!"

"Yang, Weiss is right." Ruby agreed, her face turning a bashful pink.

"Fine. Buzzkills." Yang stuck out her tongue and resigned to looking out the window, waiting in anticipation. Ruby, Weiss, and Pyrrha all felt the same way.

The young reaper was a little annoyed by Jaune when he didn't pick up her flirting. She was almost pushed to the point where she would say, brusquely, and with force: kiss me! She had been trying her best to get him in a secluded area. She toyed with Crescent Rose, which is something she usually did when she was nervous or thinking intensely about something. The plan which she originally had thought of began to crumble as the plane ride moved at a sluggish pace. She wanted desperately for them to get along as friends, yet, she couldn't stop the erratic and slightly irregular heartbeat when she thought about the charming knight.

Pyrrha was almost in the same boat as Ruby, but she never intended to let Jaune stray too far to begin with. She wouldn't let him out of her sight. She knew when he first treated her like a real person that Jaune was the compassionate person that she had always heard of, but never saw in reality. Most people had only wanted to date her for status or for more...lewd reasons. She had them removed immediately. Now, she wanted to appropriate Jaune for herself. That was pretty much the mindset of every female on the plane. Weiss wanted a second date. She would 'borrow' Jaune for an hour or two. They did have the entire day to be in the same area, collectively.

Once the plane had reached the landing platform, it was only a 15 minute walk to Blake and Jaune's location.

"I'm just saying that it's only common sense to know that a Beowolf -" Weiss lectured, before she was interrupted by Yang.

"Boring! Anyway, there's a dance club not too far from here. It'd be fun if we all went there."

Ruby squealed in delight, "Yay!"

Weiss turned indignantly, obviously bitter about being interrupted. "If you expect me to go to a dance club, you are sadly mistaken. As the Schnee heiress, I have an image to uphold, and thus, I cannot be seen in such a setting. It's unbecoming of someone like me. Not to mention of all the sweaty bodies pushing against each other. It's just...unsanitary!"

"I think a dance club would be fun." Pyrrha chimed in, smiling. "How often is it that we actually get to let loose and have some enjoyable pastime? Rarely, since our studies and training take up so much of our time, plus personal issues. Why don't we just have today for ourselves? A club could be a good way to unwind." She also had a hidden agenda for them. She had heard that Jaune was a good dancer, so she wanted to witness his ability.

"See? Pyrrha's into it. No doubt Jaune will be too, since he's so good at dancing. The way his hips move...momma like." Yang said, growling in a perverse manner. Needless to say, Pyrrha had a tinge of jealousy about her, realizing that Yang had seen her leader dance before her.

"I can't have alcohol." Ruby stated as she led the small group towards the clothing store. "Furthermore, Yang, how do you even know about a club like that?"

"I would like to hear this story, too." Pyrrha voiced her curiosity.

Yang thought about it for a moment, still in pace with the others, before recounting her tale.

"I was looking for Blake. That's the club where I went to find information. The owner and I got into a bit of a...disagreement, but everything worked out in the end." Yang grinned, placing her hands behind her head in a relaxed manner.

"By disagreement, you mean scuffle, I'm sure. There aren't many disagreements that you have that end with you talking things out peacefully. You prefer to talk with your fists, as is your brutish nature." Weiss scorned, her eyes hardening with judgement.

"Whatever. The fact is that they give me a special discount now. I get in for free, and so do all of my friends. It's come in handy when you're short on lien but want to have a good time. Drinks are on the house too. It isn't too bad of a deal for just roughing up a few goons." Yang shrugged off Weiss' remark.

"They don't want to kill you on sight?" Pyrrha asked, incredulous. "I'd think that anyone who destroyed my place of business, beat up my men, and humiliated me would be my sworn enemy, and I'd do everything in my power to stop them from coming back."

"Nah. They learned that lesson the hard way. After the first fight, they never attempted to attack me again. They know who's the stronger fighter." Yang said egotistically, flexing her arm in a mock attempt to show off her strength.

"A free dance is a free dance," Ruby excitedly said, smiling with energy. "It should be fine then. After all, today is a special day...well...part of a special week. Let's just have fun."

Weiss was still against the idea, and so Yang said, "If Jaune want's to go dancing, would you want to go?"

Weiss grumbled, "I wouldn't...be entirely opposed to the idea..."

Yang gave off a giant grin and said, "So, we're in agreement."

They talked and continued their slow trot until Weiss had pointed out the very same clothing store that Blake had told them about. Not too far away was Blake, silently reading her book. Jaune wasn't in the general vicinity, for he was paying for all the clothes he had bought. He had racked up a hefty fine, since style doesn't come cheap. About 200 lien for all the pants and shirts. That was most of his savings, gone for today.

All of the huntresses went to Blake and sat at the table with her. Weiss was impressed that Blake had the integrity to share correct information with them concerning Jaune. Ruby was happy that she told the truth. Pyrrha was secretly scouting for the blonde knight himself.

"Hope we didn't keep you waiting too long." Ruby commented, sitting opposite Blake, and Weiss situated herself next to Ruby. Yang found her spot near her favorite Faunus, and Pyrrha sat off to the side.

"You didn't. Jaune's taking longer than expected to buy everything. He bought 10 shirts and pants in the course of your arrival, along with the other 10 items he's bought, such as ties and socks. He's around the corner, in case you were wondering." Bake said in a quiet tone, stopping on page 200 of her book.

"What would possess him to buy so many things? I like shopping as much as the next girl, but Jaune?" Pyrrha asked, tilting her head and leaning in, her interest piqued.

"He's buying those clothes for the express purpose of days like this," Blake explained in detail, setting her book down onto the smooth, granite table, with the sun's rays beaming down onto the crew, only to accentuate the superfluous day that had been graced to them. "Whenever we're at Beacon, we're just in those uniforms or our regular combat gear, as we are right now. He just wanted to show off his taste by spending money on clothes that look good on him, and to present himself the best way that he can to us. I'm sure of that." Memories of a mere half-hour ago, with them in the dressing room was more than enough to put a small smirk on Blake's feminine face, and her feline eyes sparkled. Nobody spotted it.

"How did the clothes look on him?" Weiss asked, wondering about what kind of clothes he would wear. She only saw him in his armor, and uniform, so picturing him in anything else could be described as ludicrous to the third party, of which, had not seen him in the clothes prior to the others.

"Jaune made them look exceptional. Collared shirts with ties, and matching dress pants...he knows how to dress well, when the occasion calls for it. I dare say that it would be a crime for him to not dress that way more often. His shirts fit him, and you can see the rippling muscle that's just begging to be released. The pants also show off his sinewy legs." Blake didn't deny anyone the fact that he did look good, and the way she described him only built up the others anticipation and expectation of the young knight. Weiss didn't doubt her, but she would have to see it to believe it.

Weiss had no trouble believing Blake, even after the melancholy conversation about Blake and the White Fang, she harbored no ill will; however, the more outlandish part of this venture would be Weiss trying to imagine the loveable idiot in those articles of clothing, and with Blake's articulate speech, she had no trouble envisioning the knight in such a way.

"Oh, hey ladies." Jaune turned the corner and saw all of them with their mouths slightly agape, at both the visual aid they had from Blake, and now their attention turned to Jaune with the clothes he had picked out earlier, with at least 3 bags on each arm, carrying his stuff.

"You didn't lie. Those muscles are almost ripping out of that shirt." Yang whispered to Blake, and giggled, ready to flirt like there was no tomorrow.

"..." Was the response of both Pyrrha and Ruby, however, the younger girl recovered much more quickly and was able to produce a single sentence.

"Wow, Jaune, you look great." Ruby had a hard time taking her eyes off of Jaune, as did everybody else, but Jaune was slowly becoming unnerved, as he wasn't comfortable being the center attention. Ruby's voice held a much sweeter tone, with an underlying hint of, what Jaune could assume was attraction. (Jaune may have been clueless, but being around them for a few months has helped cultivate his sixth sense, which has shoved its way through his dense skull every now and again. Now would be an appropriate time for it to help.)

Jaune shuffled nervously, and blushed bashfully, finding an interesting spot on the floor. He stuttered, 'T-thanks...Ruby...I'm happy that I get compliments from such cute girls." He hoped that the sentence didn't upset any of them, but when he finally lifted his eyes, he could sense a sort of...energy. An excited energy.

"Hey Jaune, we're going to go to a dance club later. Wanna join us?" Pyrrha asked their team leader, and Jaune smiled immensely.

"I love dancing." His smile turned into a frown quickly once he remembered he spent his money.

"Sorry, but I don't have any money left to pay for a ticket. Or I have very little left, so to speak."

Yang perked up and said, "Relax. I have it under control."

Before Jaune could ask, he was simply answered with: "It's better if you don't know. Trust us." The commenter would be Pyrrha, again.

Weiss grumbled, "Stupid dance club."

Now that the matter was settled, all they had to do was stroll towards the entrance. The only issue was that Jaune had nowhere to put his bags, and so, he defaulted to carrying them for the time being, until he could find a suitable vessel to place his belongings in. Yang told him about an item drop off after you enter the double doors into the club. "So, Jaune-y boy, you just put your belongings into the box, and you leave it there while you go and have fun."

Good idea. Jaune thought as he nodded his thanks to Yang.

"This is going to be fun. It's about three in the afternoon, and as far as I know, the club isn't that busy. Only about thirty people occupy the club at this time. So, we should have most of the dance floor, and drinks, to ourselves. For the most part." Yang effervesced, a colossal grin painting her face, and the good mood spread to the rest of the group. Jaune was only unnerved by the drinks.

"I hate to disappoint you Yang, but I don't drink alcohol."

"Ah, relax. You don't have to drink." Yang said, patting him on the back with unmatched strength. Jaune was pretty sure that he felt his spine move out of alignment.

"You're going to break him before we even get there!" Weiss exclaimed, pulling Jaune from Yang's grasp.

"I can't feel my spine." Jaune murmured meekly, trying to re-align it, until he remembered he could just heal himself with his aura.

"See!" Weiss glared at Yang.

"Sorry Jauney boy, I just don't know my own strength." Yang grinned sheepishly.

"Hang on. I can fix this." Jaune mumbled, placing his bags by his side, and channeling some of his aura to his back. Within seconds, his spine was back in its right place, but with a few loud pops to signal its forced re-alignment. It wasn't too painful for the Arc boy, but to everyone else, it sounded horrible. They all winced.

"Doesn't that hurt?" Pyrrha asked, concern betrayed in her tone.

"No, not really, since most of the pain was deflected by my aura." Jaune responded, testing his spine by leaning to either side and bending backwards. When he was fully satisfied with his vertebrae, he gathered his bags again.

"So...let's get to that club." Jaune smiled goofily.

"I'm sorry for hurting you." Yang said, quietly. She never had to apologize for hurting someone, physically, before. It was a new and rather awkward experience. The blonde brawler looked up at Jaune, biting her lip pensively.

The blonde knight wasn't mad at her. He made sure to convey that. He, in front of everyone, attempted to hug her, the bags being a small and annoying inconvenience. It was a light hug.

"It's okay. I know it was just an accident. You have nothing to worry about." He said in a small, soothing voice.

Jaune's just great like that. He can make anyone feel better. He can forgive anyone who hurts him, but he won't forgive anyone who messes with his friends. He's truly an amazing guy.

Pyrrha thought, although, they all shared a similar thought.

Blake: Jaune's true knighthood shines through...again.

Weiss: D-dolt...I kinda want him to hug me, too...

Ruby: Yang! No fair!

Yang: He's so nice, and caring. His muscles feel...amazing.

Yang, unbeknownst to Jaune, was starting to drool a little. That was when Pyrrha pulled Jaune off of her and said, "So...that dance club...should be near here." She refused to let go of Jaune's arm, and so Ruby did the same. (This has almost come full circle.) The redheaded spartan and reaper both locked eyes, fighting a mental battle. Jaune was caught in the middle of it.

"Uh...haha...guys? You're...kinda hurting me..." Jaune murmured weakly.

"Shut up Jaune!" They both said in unison. Jaune shrank into himself, sighing.

"Ruby! Pyrrha! Enough!" Yang exclaimed, her eyes losing their lilac hue and opting for the shade of red that everyone on campus feared.

"Baby sis, didn't you tell us that we were just going to spend the day as friends? And you stressed the friends part." Yang continued, pulling the two of them off.

Ruby has nearly had enough, but Pyrrha backed off.

"Easy for you to say! I didn't get much alone time with Jaune! While you all did! It's not fair! And to be frank, I did say that! You basically got to show him how much he meant to you all! I didn't..." Ruby was on the verge of tears, so she did what any emotional, fragile, and hormonal teenage girl would do: she ran away. She looked around to see the disappointed look of her friends, and even older sister, and so, Ruby used her semblance and bolted, leaving nothing but a petal of roses where she was before.

"Ruby!" Yang attempted to go after her, but she was stopped by Jaune. She was almost ready to break his jaw when he grabbed her, but when he saw the look of determination in his cobalt eyes, she calmed down a little and relaxed her fist.

"Let me find her. I have a feeling that she'll just run if she sees you."

"Jaune has a point. Anyway, we'll wait here." Blake nodded her consensus.

"Just let him go and find her. It'll be fine." Pyrrha also agreed, despite having strong feelings for Jaune.

"Poor girl..." Even Weiss was showing sympathy. That rarely happened.

And with that, Jaune ran off, leaving his bags with the rest of the females. He ran in the direction that he thought Ruby would go.

Ruby had an entire plate of cookies in front of her, but not even her favorite food could help improve her mood. She was staring at the mountain of sugar, near her favorite sweets shop: White Sugar. The owners had asked what was wrong, since she was their best customer and close friends with her, but Ruby told them she didn't feel like talking about it. At the moment, Ruby was wistful, and wishing that she hadn't said anything.

"I had a feeling you might be here." A masculine voice came from behind her, and she shivered, almost wanting to cry again. She pressed her head into her hands, and tried to stifle the childish sobs that she knew were coming. All in all, it only took him an hour to find her. She had her speed, so that's what gave her the advantage.

"...I've already sent a message to the others that I found you...so..." Jaune ended awkwardly, shifting uncomfortably. He was standing a few feet behind her, and his eyes were downcast.

"Why did you come looking for me?" Ruby asked bluntly, trying her hardest to stop the tears. You'd think that the man of her dreams, who was standing behind her, would make her happy. More ecstatic than eating a year's worth of cookies.

"You kinda stormed off...I couldn't leave you like that, and neither could everybody else." Jaune said, with more confidence than last time.

He became a little more bold and sat next to Ruby, allowing her to mull over her thoughts and feelings.

"Ruby..." Jaune started before he could finish.

"No! Don't you dare say it!" Ruby said, a little loud for a person of her caliber. Jaune was honestly surprised.

"For the past few months, I have had to live with the fact that all of my friends, and my sister, got to sleep with my crush, before I could have any say in the matter. We were competing, I know..." Ruby sobbed once, her body shivered with the held back whimper.

"But Yang had to go and try and claim you!" She continued bitterly, "I was planning on confessing to you that day, and Yang ruined that, because she's the bigger sister, and she gets all the special privileges. And then, everyone else started doing what Yang was doing, trying to win you over...it's not fair." Ruby attempted to stifle another sob, but found herself within Jaune's tight, and loving embrace.

"Ruby...I think you're right. It's not fair to you. Nobody, not even me, took into consideration about how you felt. I'm sorry, Ruby. I was too caught up in the moment. I tried to stop this from ruining anybody's friendship with each other, but then...that night happened, and then everyone got along great. I thought I was the luckiest man in the world, having all the cutest girls fawn over me. It was a stupid, macho idea that got implanted into my brain, and I'm sorry. I would trade that night in if it meant that you were still happy. I never wanted to hurt anyone." Jaune whispered quietly, holding Ruby's shivering body close to his own. A few muffled sobs soaked into his shirt, and it left Jaune heartbroken, seeing her like this.

This isn't what I wanted... Jaune thought pensively, as he gently caressed her, hair. It was soft, and definitely something Jaune would be able to get used to, but now was not the time to think about that.

Meanwhile, behind a tree a few yards away from where Jaune and Ruby were sitting, Yang and the rest of the female group were sitting in, listening.

Jaune's great... Yang thought to herself, smiling ruefully. The rest of them were having similar sentiments. Yang was about ready to reveal herself, when she thought better of it, and motioned for the rest of them to go back to where they were originally. They nodded silently, and headed back.

"Jaune...if you were faced with a choice...who would you pick?" Ruby queried quietly, in fact, so quietly, that Jaune had to strain to hear her.

"Hm? Oh...honestly...I don't think I'm mature enough to make that kind of decision. I can't...put one person over the others. Otherwise, I'm going to hurt their feelings as well. Not to say that I don't have feelings for all of you, but it's better that I keep those to myself for now."

Jaune felt the small girl tenderly push her way out of his arms, and she looked at him, hope in her silver, innocent eyes. Her lip quivered, and she was about ready to start crying again. She closed her eyes tightly.

That was when Ruby felt a pair of warm lips against her forehead, and Ruby opened one eye, cautiously. It was Jaune, who still had his arms wrapped around her.

"I hate seeing you so sad...and quite honestly, I wish for nothing more than for everyone to be happy...well, that and to figure out the answer to this question." Ruby giggled slightly at that response.

"I care about you...all of you really, but I don't know where my feelings are at. I don't want this to tear us apart." Jaune murmured, and he gingerly pressed his lips to Ruby's forehead, eliciting a small sigh of enjoyment from the redhead.

"We're all gonna end up like that...huh? Whenever one of us starts hanging out with Jaune too much, we're going to show our jealous side." Yang asked solemnly, sitting down on the bench where they had met with Jaune and Blake.

"I...dunno...I mean...we all clearly like him...but...we all want him to ourselves...and that selfish nature is what got us into this mess in the first place." Pyrrha mumbled, her arms crossed against her chest.

"Yeah...we all wanted Jaune for ourselves...so...and this competitive thing has gotten out of hand." Weiss said sadly.

"It has." The masculine voice they had all adored said.

All of the females turned to see Jaune, standing there with Ruby clinging to his arm. Her eyes were red, and bloodshot. She had been crying, after all. Jaune's face was solemn, and it no longer housed any joy nor resplendent vigor. He was ready to make a tough decision.

"I cannot choose any one of you." He said, softly, but the certainty in his voice left little room for argument. So, it was a choice, but not one any of the girls had been expecting.

"Perhaps, in time, I can be stronger in my conviction, and finally pick one of you. The macho guy in my head loved having all of you to me. However, the sensible side of me is saying that I need to grow up, and I don't want you hating each other over me. Let me just...I dunno...think on it for a while." He shrugged, and he gently tussled Ruby's hair, before she reluctantly let go of his arm.

With that being said, Jaune picked up his bags, and he left the shopping center, ready to think for the remainder of the spring break.

However, this doesn't mark the end of Jaune's adventure. There are still many paths to take.

Thanks to all of you who read and supported me, as this was my most accomplished work.

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