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Chapter 1

All of My Classmates Are Girls

My name is Ichika Orimura and I am now fifteen and a first year high school student at the IS Academy. This academy is well known and has students from around the world that attend. As for me I am the only guy in the whole entire school all the rest of the students are females. Now as a normal guy my age that should be like being in paradise right, well I soon found out how wrong that idea could be, it was on my first day that I learned the truth of it.

I was in my seat, class had not started yet and I was already sweating. My seat was in the front row, smack dab in the center. If that didn't label me as different the stares that I could feel on me from all the girls certainly did. I felt my left hand opening and closing, a bad habit I had that happened when I was nervous. "This is …" I gulped hard, trying to calm down, but with my throat dry it didn't help, "This is way way harder than I expected" I said quietly. If the girls had lasers instead of eyes I would have been less than ashes well before now.

The teacher walked in at that point and went to the front desk, "Congratulations for making it to this school I'm your first year sub homeroom teacher, Miss Maya Yamada"

I was still cringing from the stares directed at me and the sub homeroom teacher was obviously nervous as well as the slight stammering implied. "Starting today you are all now students of the IS Academy As you know this is a boarding school students are together during and after school hours, so I hope you get along and help each other, making the next three years enjoyable."

That statement alone spelled out much of my problem. First boarding at the school where I'm the one and only guy, now don't me wrong I see a huge plus of having girls around, I'm not gay after all, but in these numbers it is going to get to be more than a little much. Second all the students here are teenagers with raging hormones, with me being the only guy that forces me to be the 'alpha male' whether I wish to be or not. Then multiply that be three years this just says trouble with an extreme capital T.

Miss Yamada continued still in a nervous manner, "Now, … Moving on to self-introductions um, let's go by numerical order on the class roll."

I was trying to get words to come out of my mouth however with no success just gasps. I looked over to my left in hopes that my childhood friend would help me out of this mess mentally saying, 'Houki'. Yet Houki Shinonono my said childhood friend gave me the cold shoulder by turning the other way. My mood went from bad to worse because of that, 'Is that how you act towards your childhood friend you haven't seen for six years, maybe she hates me.'

"Hello, Ichika Orimura."

The sound of Miss Yamada's voice snapped me back to my sense and I responded without thinking, "Uh here" I called.

Miss Yamada was right in front of my desk and leaning over it. Miss Yamada, speaking as the teen of the male sex, left nothing to the imagination, her chest was kind of hard to miss, "I do apologize for being so loud just then, but we started with the A's and now gotten all the way to the O's, so would you mind introducing yourself now pretty please."

"You really don't need to be so apologetic." I replied I got to my feet, "Gah, Ichika Orimura, nice to meet you all."

I instantly felt the stares of the girl intensify on me I looked left and right; all the girls looked like they had some sort of gleam in their eyes. It was felt horrid I couldn't tell if they were going to mug me or kill me or both. I am fairly confident in my appearance, but I felt more nervous than ever. I looked to Houki again, who as before turned away and offered no help. I could not help but inwardly think, 'Oh No, if I don't say something else they're going to think I'm really depressing. Okay Ichika you got this, just play it cool.' I took a deep breath and gulped again and all the girls paid even closer attention to me, "That's all." *Bam* the girl hit either their desks or the floor, "Was that bad?" I asked without thinks. It was then my brain caught up with me, 'Did I really just say "That's all" then ask if that was bad, that was so stupid. Good going Ichika you just proved to all the girls in your class that you are the biggest world class idiot that has ever lived.'

The next thing I knew a fist made contact with my head and it was painful. I put my arms over my head an unfortunate reflex I had developed due to my older sister hitting me a lot or as she put it 'knocking some sense into me' though her action always seem to have the opposite effect. I look up to see who had hit me only to see the previously mentioned older sibling above me and all I can get out of my mouth was, "Gah, SIS".

That earned me another painful punch to the head and this one was harder than the first one. I could only hold my head in a vain attempt to stop my brain from what felt like someone playing racket ball with my brain. "You will call me Miss Orimura at school" was Chifuyu reply to me.

"Oh you're back, does that mean that the meeting is over already," Asked Miss Yamada.

"That's right Miss Yamada, I'm sorry about having to make you welcome my class for me."

I just stared at Chifuyu while I got to thinking, 'What is Chifuyu doing here anyway, my real older sister who only comes home once or twice a month and no one has any idea what she does for a living.'

Chifuyu spun to face the class, "Alright class, I'm your homeroom teacher Miss Chifuyu Orimura, it's my job to train you well enough to stand on your feet in one year."

The girls in the class, which was pretty much almost all excluding me, Houki and one other girl who had long blonde hair with curls at the ends and blue eyes, screamed in I would guess excitement. That being because they didn't know what Chifuyu could be like if you got her mad. All I could say on that from one personal experience was if you were the one who caused Chifuyu to be mad hell would be a tropical paradise vacation in comparison.

"Oh its lady Chifuyu, that's really lady Chifuyu" said one girl.

"The one who inspired me to come to this school from Kita Kyushu! I'd die for you!" said another.

Chifuyu just sighed, "It's amazing how many nut jobs come to this school every year. Do they put all the loonies in my class on purpose?"

The girls on hearing this just screamed some more.

"Lady Chifuyu, scold us more! Cuss us out!"

"Train us so we don't misbehave."

I shook my head, 'these girl don't know what kind of a person they are idolizing, not to say Chifuyu is not nice but, when she snap (Shiver).' Then I thought about my current predicament and then it hit me and sunk in, "My Big sister is my homeroom teacher!"

Chifuyu turned to face me, flexing her hand together a very bad sign which caused me to flinch, "So have the instruction regarding addressing your instructor not taken yet?"

I began to sweat again at this, "Well, Chifuyu I was just … "

I didn't finish as Chifuyu forced my head down to my desk, 'OWWW' I couldn't help, but mental scream.

"That's Miss Orimura right?" said Chifuyu in the threatening tone she used when she was getting a point across.

I did what I always did when she used that tone, "Yes, Miss Orimura …" I grunted out, 'I just agreed with her so she would leave me be.'

The girls gasped at that, "What? You mean that Orimura is lady Chifuyu's younger brother?" asked one.

"I wonder if that has something to do with the fact that he is the only male in the world who can control an IS." said another.

"That's enough." called Chifuyu her way of getting order.

Everyone went quiet at that, "Your syllabus for the next six months begins with memorizing all data concerning the IS. After that practical training, where you'll have two weeks to master the basic maneuvers. So, have you got that? Even if you don't say yes ma'am."

The girls answer her of course by saying, "Yes Ma'am."

I let out a sigh, 'My sister, Chifuyu Orimura, was in the first generation of IS pilots who represented Japan. Then out of the blue she retired and just disappeared, and now she has become a teacher? I feel so stupid for ever worrying about her.'

Miss Yamada then went on and stared the lesson, "Now as I'm sure you all of you are aware IS actually stands for Infinite Stratos. It's a multi-form suit originally developed in Japan. When it was first conceived ten years ago it was originally designed to be used in outer space. However, those ideas are currently on hold. Due to the Alaska Treaty the IS is also prohibited from being used by the military. Therefore it's used solely for competitions and sporting events, and our IS Academy is the only educational institution in the world established with the objective of training IS pilots. Students from all around the world come to this school where young people from a multitude of different countries get to live, work and study side by side everyday as they hone and perfect their piloting skills. So, starting today let's all study hard over the next three years."

"Yes Ma'am."

'She didn't mention that only females can operate an IS, except for one male in the whole world who is able to do it, that's me and I have no idea why.' I mental added to myself, 'Is this some kind of punishment for something.'


That is it for this part I hope you like this it is an idea that came to me as I watched Infinite Stratos and I think it is funny in a different way. My take on what if Ichika was not a dense idiot. Review please and constructive criticisms please.