Wilstead High School

At 7:45, Jett walked proudly into Wilstead High School. He waved hello to a couple of his friends as he walked through the hallways. At his locker stood a couple of freshmen trying to get his attention. Most likely, they wanted to ask him to the school dance that was coming up. As always, he threw his usual grin their way, but he kept on walking right past them. Usually, he would stop to flirt a little, but this morning, he had to get to the office to get some forms signed saying he could miss school for a couple of days while he went to LA to shoot some special scenes of Silverstone.

Jett hurried to the front office; he didn't want to be late. When he arrived at the double glass doors, he almost ran into them. For inside the office, there was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen standing at the secretary's desk. She turned around and began to walk towards the door that Jett was standing at. Immediately, he turned on the charm and opened the door for her. "Hi," he said as he flashed her a grin. The girl returned a nervous smile, mumbled something that sounded to Jett like thanks, and quickly walked away. Jett watched her as she turned down the hallway, intrigued. Within moments though, Jett snapped back into reality. He walked into the office and got his forms signed.

By the time he had everything done and was sitting in his first period classroom, he had almost forgotten about the girl. Sure, she had been pretty, but Jett saw beautiful girls everyday, and it was easy for him to get her out of his head. Besides, he had Kayla. Kayla West. Kayla Lynn West. They had recently confessed that they liked each other, and ever since, they had been a couple.

In the middle of Mrs. Browning's lecture on cells, the classroom door opened. The students looked up from their notes. A girl walked in whom they had never seen before. She seemed awfully small to be in their class; she couldn't have been any taller than 5'1". Her hair was a couple of inches longer than her shoulders. She had rich brown eyes, the build of a ballerina, and was dressed very sophisticatedly. Everyone in the class was fascinated by her, especially Jett. He had seen her before. This girl was the same girl he had seen in the office!

The teacher had the new girl stand in front of the room and introduce herself to the rest of the class. "OK.um. hi. My name is Audrey. Audrianne, actually. That's my first name. Audrianne. But, you can call me whatever you want. I'll answer to Audrey or Anne or Audrianne or even to 'hey, you' on occasion." She paused. "I, umm-uh. I just moved to Wilstead. From New York. We had to come here because of my dad's job. They moved him here from New York. Oh, right. I already said that. Uhh. Hobbies. Hobbies. Well, I like modeling. I used to model a lot back home. But I don't know if I will anymore. And, I guess that's it." With that, Mrs. Browning had Audrianne sit in an empty seat near the back of the room while she finished giving her lecture.

Kayla couldn't help but notice the new girl. Even worse, she couldn't help but notice every male in the room notice the new girl. As soon as she had entered the room, all the guys stopped doodling and sleeping and paid extremely close attention to her ramble on about herself. One thing Kayla knew for sure, this new girl sure sucked at public speaking. However, she also knew that every single guy in that classroom wanted to ask this Audrianne chick to the dance, and she really didn't see what the big deal was. So what if she was little and cute and beautiful and a former model from New York? At least Jett wouldn't make over her. Jett was her boyfriend. And no matter what, she and Jett would go to the dance together. Although, he hadn't formally asked her yet, she knew that it was just understood. Wasn't it?

After class, Audrianne quickly packed up her books and strolled out the door. She needed to figure out exactly where room 226B was for her second period history class. "Audrianne! Wait up!" she heard a male voice behind her. Audrey turned around to see the most handsome boy ever running up behind her. He was tall, and built, and had great eyes. She wondered why he was talking to her.

"Hi," said the good-looking boy as he grinned down at her. He had a nice smile.

"Oh, um. Hi," said Audrey as she gave a little timid smile.

"I'm Jett Jackson. Welcome to Wilstead." He stuck out his hand and offered it to her. Close by, Kayla was watching the whole incident.

"You can just call me Audrey," said Audrey nervously as she stuck out his hand to meet his. "This school year is going to be a very interesting one," Audrey thought to herself. "A very interesting one, indeed."