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The Princess and the Dragon Slayer

Chapter 1

I was running, running and running for god knows how long. Running away in this stormy weather from people who are trying to catch me and bring me to justice. I dressed myself in high cut black boots, jeans, a t-shirt and not forgetting my scarf as well. Not a very good attire to run in this certain weather but luckily I found myself a cape that could at least cover if I were to go into hiding. Too bad it is now all drenched but luckily again, I am a dragon slayer so warmth was my number one speciality but in this realm, it was dangerous.

Why are people chasing after me? The kingdom in this country hates dragons. They believed dragons cause the almost extinction to the human population but thanks to us the humans were saved. Story has been passed down over generations and generations and I don't know who changed the story saying that we dragon slayers took down the dragons so that we can take down the humans and be rulers of the world. Well, all of that is not true.

So right now I don't know who spread the rumor that there were dragon slayers around the country. I was living in a small house in one of the villages by a farm, together with this nice elderly man who adopted me. I still remember the day on how he found me.

"Hey there little kid, what are you doing there?"

I was cowering myself in a well to make sure the kingdom guards didn't find me. Well, I was technically hiding in this old man's well. I looked up as I lowered my hands to the side.

"Are they gone?" Tears were brimming at the corner of my eyes.

"Who, the guards?" I nodded my head. "Yes, yes they are. Come on, get into the pail and I will bring you up." I do as I was told by the old man and he brought me up. Once I was up from the well, I jump out from the pail and landed on the ground beside him. He turned around to face me.

"So what's your name child?" He asked as he squatted down in front of me.

"Natsu." I said as I rubbed my eyes to get rid of the forming tears.

"Just Natsu?"

"I don't have a father or a mother." I kept rubbing as the tears started to fall this time.

"Well, well Natsu. Your name will be Natsu Dragneel from now on. My name is Igneel, nice to meet you my son." The old man put out his hand towards me with a big smile. Without a doubt, I took his hand but instead I plunged towards him for a hug as I cried.

That's how the old man became my foster father and I loved him so this is why I decided to leave because I didn't want to cause him any trouble and he respected my decision but I could see he was sad when I hugged him and left the house.

I stopped behind one of the tree as I tried to catch up my breath. I took a peek and saw that there was no sign of any guards so it was safe, for now. I was about to turn back and continue my journey of escape until I banged into someone and we both fell to the ground.


I rubbed my head and looked ahead of me to see who the culprit was and it was a girl. She happened to be looking for something. I looked to my right and saw an umbrella blew to the side still open. She must have been looking for this. I stood up to go and grabbed it before holding it out to her.

"Is this what you're looking for?" She turned back towards me and a wide smile spread across her face as she stood up.

"Oh yes, thank you!" She took the umbrella and shaded herself from the rain. I noticed she looked at me from head to toe before raising an eyebrow.

"So are you going to stand there or come in before you catch a cold?" She motioned for me to come in under her umbrella. I was about to move but I could hear the guards shouting. Without thinking, I grabbed her hand and I started running, dragging her along with me.

"Hey wait! Where are we going and why are we running?" I didn't answer her and kept on running. She noticed she was ignored so she followed my pace to run as well. We ran until we came to the end of a cliff. I let go of her hand to look down and all I could see was a stream of river.

"What now? It's a dead end!" The girl shouted. "Anyway who are we running from?!" I could see the guards' figures starting to appear and I had no choice but to grab her arm and bring ourselves to the edge of the cliff.

"We're going to jump."

"We what-" Before she could even finish her sentence, I jumped dragging her along with me. She was screaming as we fell to the pit ending ourselves in the river.


I swam back up to find her and saw she was already up. We quickly swam to the side to bring ourselves up to land. Once we got safely on land, she was kneeling down on the ground to catch her breath while I stood up to bring my hood down, finally letting my face reveal to the open.

"Are you crazy?!" She started shouting. "We could have died! What's wrong with you?"

"Sorry." I had to apologize. I was the one who dragged her along with me anyways. "I'll go now and you can go back." Before I could even continue walking, I felt a pain stinging to my ankle that I had to kneel down and hold it. I hear her footsteps coming towards me.

"Oh my god, are you okay?" She came to my front and knelt down. "Let me see." She took off my left boot. "Oh dear, it's a sprain." She then looked around trying to find something until her eyes lay upon my cape. "Can I tear a part of this?" She asked kindly. I nodded and she ripped a part of it after I gave the okay. She wrapped my ankle tightly before wiping her sweat away from her forehead.

"It's going to take time to heal but that will do for now. I suggest you come over to my place and my friends can take care of it." I couldn't help but to continue to stare into her eyes. I've never met anyone so nice and kind after knowing them a few minutes besides my foster father. I think it was getting awkward because she was the one to first break it.

"Okay pinky… Stop staring and let's get you up." She grabbed my left arm and swing over her shoulders. She supported me and we stood up together.

"So what's your name pinky?" She looked at me with the most sincere smile I've ever seen.

"For your information my hair is not pink but salmon."

"Seriously? It does look like pink to me." She giggled before continuing. "By the way, I'm Lucy. Lucy Heartfillia."

"I'm Natsu. Natsu Dragneel."

And that was the first thing we got to know about each other, our names.

"Oh by the way, did anyone tell you that you're really warm or are you having a fever now?" She stopped to touch my forehead.

Oh no. I cannot let her discover who I really am. Hopefully she doesn't know about dragon slayers characteristics.

"Well, because I'm naturally warm." I looked at her and gave her one of my goofy smiles.

She laughed it off as she used her free hand to hold her stomach.

"Nice try but it won't work on me."

"What won't work on me?" She looked at me like I was clueless.

"You're flirting with me right?" I immediately blushed and shook my available hand in front of her. "No, no Lucy you're getting it wrong."

"Oh really?" She raised an eyebrow at me and I nodded my head.

She laughed it off and waved her available hand at me. "Alright… if you say so… Come on, let's get going before it gets dark." She smiled at me and continued to walk.

I followed her lead and I couldn't help but to keep looking at her. Something about her makes my heart swell. It was not a bad feeling because usually things that swell like my ankle right now is bad but this, this was a nice feeling.

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