This is it. Kurama thought as he was pulled from Naruto and towards Madara whose foul blood gave him the creeps.

Realizing there was no hope, he took his last breath of free air.

Was that...? It was. He'd know that scent anywhere, considering the number of times he'd had to deal with it over the years before Naruto's birth.

Coming up with a plan that was worthy of Naruto on the fly, Kurama yelled "I don't care what you say, that Uzumaki girl is NOT a fat, ugly cow!"

The instant Madara became distracted by the accusation that had come out of nowhere which had been rewarded with a scream of unbridled feminine rage and fury, Kurama hunched in on himself and made himself as small as a nine-tailed fox that was several stories high could make itself and covered his head with his tails.

As everyone tried to puzzle through this latest development, Tobirama yelled "Incoming!" and dug himself a hole which he then promptly filled back up behind him, Hashirama ran for the hills, and Minato and Kakashi yelled something about a "Chocolate run" before Minato grabbed Kakashi and Hiraishined away with him and Orochimaru quietly slunk off when nobody was looking. Everyone turned to see what this new threat that had so frightened Konoha's three greatest Kages was as one and found themselves looking at a furious redhead in glasses who was angrily stomping towards Madara. Curious as to what would happen next and almost afraid of what would happen to them if they got in her way, the combined shinobi forces who had been moments from losing to one insanely poweful man cleared the path between Karin and Madara.

What followed next was exceedingly brutal and one-sided, and not in Madara's favor as most would've expected. By the end of it, Madara was a groaning bloody mess that was in pieces on the ground, having been expertly dismembered by a medic who had been trained by Orochimaru.

As he looked at the dying mess that had been Uchiha Madara, Kurama smirked. If there was one thing he'd learned over his more than fifty years of experience with them, it was that you never ever insulted an Uzumaki female while she was on her period.