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"I've got you."

Her words were whispered softly, and Sasuke could hear them easily, but he was more focused on the soothing touch of her hands. A healer's hands, he supposed, but that was to be expected from a medic of her caliber.

There was a hole in him, he knew. He could feel it; the edges burning like fire on his skin, and the blood spilling from the open wound was refusing to clot.

But she was there; she always had a habit of being there when he needed her the most. But he had never let her truly bethere; he had pushed her away. Every time he fell to his lowest, she had to be there as a reminder of what he could have had.

And she did everything for him, but he gave her nothing in return.

Nothing but pain.

"You're going to be okay," the pink haired girl assured him, as her hands layered themselves with chakra and covered the bleeding section of his torso. She shook her head to keep her overgrown bangs from falling across her eyes and endangering her healing process. "I'm going to help you."
Help him?

She'd already tried to help him, he knew. She'd tried to kill him. To save him while there was still something to save.

And in return he'd nearly driven his blade through her heart.

"Ironic," he rasped out, his throat burning as the loss of fluids began to catch up with him. Immediately, he was cut off by a cough that racked his system and increased the fire burning on his chest.

Her eyes went wide, and placed a firm hand on his stomach to stop him from wiggling in pain.

"Try to keep still," Sakura told him, a more professional edge crossing her tone, and he briefly realised that this wound was probably nothing compared to what she had already seen. "I'm going to heal you, but if you cause the wound to spread or open it once I've sealed it, then I'm going to lose chakra."

He didn't respond, but he didn't think that she wanted him to. Instead, he tipped his head back and gazed into the sky as her soothing hands- like ice to the fire on his chest- began to return him to health.

Really, it was almost pathetic how much she had done for him, and how poorly he'd repaid her.

She offered him health and love.

He'd offered her death.

A sudden pain made him gasp for breath, and his head was light as the world began to spin. She watched him, and hurriedly called out for backup from the any of the other medics nearby, but had to differ one of her hands soothing the burning fire on his chest to stop the agony spreading through his failing heart.

Everything was just too real.

The wetness that fell onto his cheeks should have made him feel shame, but instinctively, he knew that it was not just from his physical pain that the tears were being shed. He'd hurt so many people on the quest for a vengeance that he ended up delivering to the wrong person. He'd abandoned his friends, broke the bonds that had begun to heal him, and had hurt the people that loved him.

He'd hurt her.

"Will you forgiveā€¦me?" He asked through broken breaths, as the pain radiated heavily through his upper body.

She blinked in surprise as she heard him, and through the constant fire radiating through him, there was one single touch.

One of her soothing hands against his cheek.

"There is nothing to forgive," Sakura replied softly, and even when the other medics arrived to help with his wounds, it was her touch that he remembered.

It was her words that had soothed him the most.

Written from Tumblr Prompt: Sakura saved Sasuke after he gets stabbed by Madara and takes him to safety to heal him. Due to the intense pain of his failing heart, a couple of tears slip out of his eyes and Sakura is shocked when he asks for forgiveness.

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