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Chapter 1:

Harry Potter, saviour-of-the-light, the-boy-who-lived, the-golden-boy stood before Lord Voldemort. Both had dropped their wands and the battle around them had stopped. Charging forward the battle resumed around them, Harry pulled a knife from his waistband and jammed it into Voldemort's heart. No one was watching the pair as spells were being thrown at enemies around them, no one properly saw it happening.

The Dark Lord's knees buckled and he fell until he was in front of the boy, he looked up and a small smile was on his face.
"Well done…" He whispered, before he fell completely to the floor. The light cheered, they had won. Pain seared through the Death Eater's arms as their mark vanished leaving a faint scar. Aurors began to round up the rest of the living from the dark side.

The boy watched as things changed, no one came over to him. The faces of the dead all seemed to turn to him. No one even looked at him and said 'thank you'. He stood where he had killed another man, blood still staining his hands. Still no one came, even when he began to sway and fall. No one was with him, only one was watching and when he saw the boy falling he couldn't hold back any longer.
"HARRY!" The deep voice rang through the battle field. Some people turned as they saw a man running towards their falling saviour. More turned and watched their saviour fall, tears filled the eyes of some. Was he going to die now?
The other human caught the boy at the last moment. He held him to his chest murmuring comforting words and praises in the small boys ear as his grasp on the real world went.

Severus Tobias Snape, spy of the Light, betrayer of the Dark, lifted the boy from the ground. Careful of where he trod he began to make his way inside. People parted a pathway once they saw who he carried. Many had blank looks on their faces, others had sorrow. The faces of the students he taught less than a day ago looked like they had aged beyond their years. Well…those that were left of them. The boy who saved them was dying, and they stood and did nothing. Was that all he was worth to them?

The elder man, Severus, had come to see the boy as a son of sorts in the past months of training, but he'd loathed to voice it out loud. When he reached the gates, Poppy Pomfrey the healer was waiting for them.
"Is he…?" The question was clear.
"No, not yet anyway." Moving fast they both got him to a bed and began the healing process. Making a quick scan to check everything first, the two were alarmed.

There were a list of past injurys that neither of them knew about. Broken ribs, snapped legs, punctured tendons and muscles, organs being squashed, blood clots from blood being unable to circulate, lacerations to his back, thighs, chest and neck. The list was endless. It seemed the boys past was far different than anyone had dared believe. It did explain the boy's hatred of being touched, something he had discovered when the two were training.


"Well done Harry, you are progressing well." The boy turned and gave a small smile as he wiped his arms down.
"Thank you Sir." The elder of the two walked over and the boy visibly tensed.
"Well done…" He placed a hand upon the smallers shoulder, he jumped nine feet in the air and moved away, as far as he could physically get.
When the elder looked around he saw that the boy was shaking and eyeing him nervously.
"Harry?" The boy smiled again, only this time the smile didn't reach his eyes.
"Wasn't expecting it, that's all…and…my muscles hurt…" He grinned sheepishly.

*End of flashback*

When Severus came back to the present, he noticed that he was sitting on a chair beside Harry's bed, and poppy was gone. Harry though, was still out.
"Hello Harry…It's me Severus. I…I thought I could talk to you…They say even when you're out you can hear…So here it goes. Most people would die to see this…" He chuckled. "You did great out their Harry, really great, the light won, most are still mourning the loss of their loved ones at the moment. But when you wake up Harry, I will not let you take all their deaths on your shoulders. Damn, I know you would do it Harry, you foolish Gryffindor. I am here for you when you wake up Harry, no matter what. I'm sorry to say this but…some…some of the Weasleys have died…and…and so did Granger. I am so sorry for your loss Harry…So so sorry. We can make a pyre if you like…It's an honourable thing to do for them, and a great way to help you let go. I know letting go seems a long way away yet, but…I will be there every step of the way… Harry, the knife, I know it was yours I took it away from you when we first began training, but why? Why do you still harm yourself? I thought we talked about that? You are a good person Harry, so good." Severus looked down and didn't see tears glistening in the other's eyes. "I wanted to ask you before the battle, but it all started and I lost sight of you, but Harry…I…I want to adopt you…I'll ask again when you're aw-", his words were cut off by a squeezing on his hand, he looked up.

He met the shining green eyes, full of happiness and love.
"Sev'rus…" The boy's voice was scratchy and broken as he spoke the others name. "Yes Sev'rus…dad." The words the elder man thought would never be uttered past the boys lips before either had anything more to say.

*Six months later*

Severus was pacing his office as he waited for the official to turn up.
"Dad don't worry, Remus would never deny me a family, calm the fuck down!" A mop of black hair from behind the door frame said.
"Oh hush you." Severus childishly stuck his tongue out. "It's something else as well. Something I need to tell you," This caught the others attention and he came around from the door cane in hand and sat in front of the desk.
"Tell me." It was said so bluntly and emotionlessly that Severus couldn't help flinching.
"Well…Harry you see, I'm gay…" Harry began to laugh, and laugh, and laugh. "What's so funny?" He got no response. "Tell me you imbecile!"
"Oh dad, I already knew! Herm and me figured it out in 4th year!" Severus smiled and carried on watching his son. Son, such a dream come true.
"…And a partner…" This stopped the boys hysterical laughter.
"What! Why didn't you tell me!" The elder man paled. "We should be out finding him! Did he fight in the war? Is he magic? Human?" Severus deflated, relieved.
"He didn't fight, and he's in a place called Forks. We are going to find him son, me and you." Just then there was a tapping on the door, and the official strode in.

"Hello, I am Marcus Gildraff. I am here to see one Severus Tobias Snape and one Harry James Potter." Sitting down all three began to fill inthe adoption forms. Afetr checking for no spells or compulsion charms, as well as potions the man laid their options infornt of them. "Now Sir's, you have two options, you can have a blood adoption or a name adoption. A blood adoption is where the child gains the parents name, looks, blood, and becomes the heir if there isn't one already. They become family, and nothing can undo it. The names of the noble houses of Snape, Prince, Black, Potter, Gryffindor, Peverell and Slytherin will be united between the two of you, and shall pass on to any children created by you and your partners. A name adoption is where you gain one another's name and that is about it, they will not becomethe heir. Now sir's, which one you be choosin'?" They both looked at each other and agreed with no words passed.
"A blood adoption please." The man nodded and brought out a goblet with red wine in it.
"Now then Sir's, if you please, I need to take some blood from both of you. You two must be touching at all times. Don't let go no matter what!" The small man began the ritual between the two.
"Sono qui oggi per legare Severus Tobias Piton e Harry James Potter come padre e figlio. L'unione di sette grandi e nobili case sarà fatto nel sangue. Può i due benedetti in questo nuovo capitolo insieme e la vita e l'amore tenere forte e vero. Così sia sia così" (I am here today to bind Severus Tobias Snape and Harry James Potter as father and son. The joining of seven great and noble houses shall be done in blood. May the two be blessed in this new chapter together, and life and love hold strong and true. So mote it be.)
There was a golden and green hue that surrounded the two as they drank from the goblet. Once it was gone they looked at each other, and both had small smiles on their face. A cough interrupted them.

"Gentlemen, you are now father and son, and both hold the last names of Snape-Prince-Black-Potter-Peverell-Gryffindor-Slytherin, Bless you both." With that the official walked out and was gone from the two's life.

"Hey dad…" Harry smiled as he said it.