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*Time Skip – 3 Weeks*
(Severus' P.O.V)

Harry had just said goodbye to the Lovegood girl and was slowly making his way home, leaning heavily on his stick.
"Are you ready to go now Son?" the young boy nodded and walked to his room.

Since the blood ritual he had grown a few inches and stood just below my chin. His hair had become tamer and softer. His eyes had darkened a few shades, but looked even more like emeralds. His skin, once olive, now had paled. Besides looks, he had gained a few other things that linked him to his father. He could now shadow walk, shadow walking was highly effective in getting around without being seen. Very few houses have the ability, but the Prince's and now Snapes (due to the marriage) do. There is only one other house known to have this ability, The Blacks. And now that my son is all three, as am I, we are the only ones to carry an active gene.

Harry, since the war has changed. Gone are the carefree eyes, lines had begun to appear on his face. He himself was still haunted by dreams, dreams he saw by his open eyes. More than
once I been awoken by the sound of my child screaming. His body was broken, broken beyond repair. He shall never be the child I tormented, never be the child I taught for battle. After several weeks of persuasion I got him to take down the glamour's he wore every day since he had arrived. What I saw I never expected. He had a scar that ran right across his right eye, to this day it was still red. It marred what was otherwise a beautiful face. Other things, such as piercings he had also got came into view without the glamours. He had both of his ears pierced three times, and also a small tattoo on the back of his neck of a snake. All in all he was handsome, yet broken. With his black hair and white skin he was the image of a Snape, yet his sideways leaning on his stick was not. Nor was the way he hid his face behind his hair. It was always pulled in front of him, the constant twitching of his leg, the way he sometimes froze, or his eyes misted over as he remembered. That, all of that was of a broken person.

"Dad, the train is here." I smiled over at my son, and took the bags on to the platform. We had decided to catch a wizards train to Forks as I had a problem with heights.

After we boarded the train I went to go find food for the two of us, Harry had yet to eat today. That was another thing that I suppose was from his past. Harry would often only eat an apple in a whole day or just one meal. It unnerved me, but I knew we had a long way to go yet. Hopefully Carlisle can help…Though I doubt he has had to cope with anything on this magnitude, but at least I could give him a family.

Harry sat staring out of the window when I arrived. He looked pale, paler than when I left.
"Harry?" He didn't respond, "Harry?!" I began to get anxious as he sat there eyes unblinking. "Son?" The boy turned and faced me, his eyes gradually coming into focus.
"Dad?" I smiled and took him into my arms.
"It's ok, I'm here, everything is going to be ok." His tiny shoulders shook as he cried into my neck. His tears soaked through my robes and then down to my shirt in no time. "I'm here for you my son."
"Promise…?" His voice shook with uncertainty. I took his face into my hands and looked him in the eye.
"I promise you, with every breath, every millimeter of life within my body I will always be here for you. Through the good and the bad I will be with you every step of the way. You are my son by name and by blood, I will never leave you." A small smile broke across his face.
"Thank you."
"No, thank you Harry, without you we would never of been here today." Gently so not to startle the boy I kissed his forehead.

The rest of the journey was a quiet affair. Every now and then he would look over and give me a small smile, and I would smile in return. Once the train had stopped I gathered our bags and shrunk them once more into my pocket. Harry got up carefully both hands on his cane.
"Dad…Do you think they'll like me?" The uncertainty in his face made me want to hold him forever.
"Yes son they will, you are my family." He smiled and took the lead walking each step carefully. One foot in front of the other. Every now and then one leg would falter and he would just pull it along. It's a disaster that he was injured, and horrific he couldn't be cured. Once we were in the cool air of the tiny town of Folks, I could see him relax slightly.
"S' too bad," he murmured under his breath. I let a small grin spread across my face.
"Welcome Harry, to what will be our new home." I walked alongside him as we made our way to the 'pick up' point.

(No one P.O.V)

As the two walked, they didn't notice a shadow figure following them. Or maybe they did, but they didn't let the shadow know. It had been following them since they had got off the train. Carefully it stalked them, sticking to the shadowed areas and the forestaround them. Never making a sound. But of course everything makes a sound, as the person rushed through the air it made a sound. To Harry a very loud sound. He knew, he always knew.
"Is it much further? My legs about to go."
"No not much further, about ten steps." He boy nodded solemnly and they turned off down a very small track. Sure enough there were three people waiting for them.

"Sev…" The whisper carried in the wind. A sudden flurry of movement and a resounding crack. One body hit another. Harry slowly turned to see his father being crushed against a blonde's chest. As he watched them, his heart began to ache. His father wouldn't be just his anymore. He cast his eyes down and turned away so he was looking in the forest, looking right at the shadow. Theshadow peered back and slowly stepped out revealing another one. Harry took some hobbling steps back, turning away from all the others and walked to the edge of the track once more, his leg protesting. It was too much.

The older man looked around and saw that the boy his love had arrived with was gone.
"Sev? Where's the boy? And who is he?" Severus realised he probably should of told his partner.
"He's my son, Carlisle. I'll explain the story tonight in his presence, it is not right to talk about him behind his back." Carlisle nodded and continued to look for the young boy.
"Still, where is he?" Severus jumped up and looked around, "shit! Hang on." The black haired man ran to the end of the track where his son was on the floor.

"Hello father, I was thinking I could make my way back to England." Severus paled.
"H-harry you can't! You're not well! Don't do this!" He felt the shadows creep around, they were all watching.
"I am weak father, I can't live here, they don't know me, I highly doubt they'll like me when they find out I'm a murderer. I have killed more than I can count. F-father…" his voice broke, "…I'm not going to heal am I? I will always be a cripple?" Severus kneeled down on the ground and gathered his son up in his arms.
"Oh Harry, I love you, I always will. You are NOT a murderer, you were in a war, what else can you expect, you had things put on you from the moment you defeated the dark lord at the age of one. You had an abusive family; at school things were never easy. Don't say you are not strong you are the strongest person I know. And you might not heal, but I will work every day till I find something to help you, I will not rest. Ever…" The elder man tightened his arms on Harry and lifted him off the floor. The shadows saw how thin the boy was from the indents in his clothes. They were shocked he was so small.

(Carlisle P.O.V)

How could someone be so small and yet also be alive? Oh…But that's it…he's not really he's living in a shadow world. He is slowly dying, yet Severus is holding him back, his love is holding him back.