Alright well here we are folks, yes it's update day for Jinchuriki to 3 but unfortunately I have not written up a chapter as with what I am about to say I thought it would be nothing short of an insult but please read this message till the end.

This story has been a wonderful experience to write and I have had a pleasure writing it for all of you who read it, and interacting with the people who have reviewed it answering questions, taking your suggestions and what not, but after a battle within myself I have decided that I can no longer continue to write this story (At this time), I have been debating this with myself for weeks, and have finally conceded that the best course of action I can take is to simply pass on the torch, I don't wish for your reading pleasure to become a boring traipse through mountains of text written by an un-interested party. I have been trying to work out within myself why I can't continue with this story an I simply cannot come up with a clear answer and rather than let the quality of this story slip any further I will simply give the story up to any interested party so should anyone wish to continue this story in my stead send me a message (Please not a review) I will send all the material I have on this story (including the plans I had for the future of this story) and for those not interested to continue but still wish to read I will hopefully post another chapter next week of people who have taken up the torch of this story. Once more I wish to apologise for stopping this story I may some time from now take up this story myself but I make no promises.

Blarg Blarg McBlarg

SNake out