I really enjoyed doing my little extra scenes for the Series Two episodes, so I thought I'd do a couple for Series Three too. As always, not necessarily something I would have enjoyed seeing in the episode - just places my mind has gone afterwards. Hope you enjoy. Pip xxx


Molly marched to the table where Sherlock was sulkily sitting with cup of fairly tasteless coffee in front of him. The job he'd asked of her had been easy, and it hadn't taken long as soon as she'd banished him from the lab for distracting her.

Sherlock glanced up as she sat down.

'I forgot to ask you,' she said, 'who else are you inviting?'

This earned a blank stare. 'What do you mean?'

'To John's stag. Who else will be there?'

'Nobody else will be there. Why would anyone else be there?'

'Because John has other friends.'

'No, he's made it pretty clear that I'm the only one he actually likes.'

'Did he?'

Sherlock shrugged. 'That's certainly the way I interpreted it.'

Molly nodded. 'I think Greg's expecting to be invited.'



'Oh. Him. No, John understands that there would either be other people, or there would be me. He was pretty clear in his decision. Now, to business; the figures.'

'Right.' Molly opened the folder in front of her, and drew out a piece of paper with her calculations on it. 'Now, obviously the amount consumed will depend on the alcohol type…'


'Good. Well, what will you be drinking?'

Sherlock frowned. 'He likes beer.'

'Any particular one?'

Another frown. 'No, I don't think so.'

Molly smiled a little to herself. Sherlock noticed.

'Does it matter? Obviously I'm aware of the percentage content of each.'

'Well that should be good enough then.'

Sherlock narrowed his eyes at her. 'Are you sure?'

'Oh yes. Only, maybe stay away from Stella.'


'Never mind. Now, the actual amounts. I'm assuming you want to order in pints or halves…'

'I don't see that that's necessary.'

There was another small smile. 'Fine. In that case, I estimate that John should be able to manage four hundred and forty three point seven millilitres in each of the pubs you've mentioned, and you, of course, will need to order significantly less.'


Molly smiled again at Sherlock's suitably outraged face.

'Your tolerance will be significantly lower.'

'But I'm taller.'


'My body mass is greater.'

'Yes, but you wanted the practical touch, didn't you? John drinks regularly, and you don't. He's built up a tolerance, and you haven't.'

Sherlock gave Molly a delightfully stern frown. 'I'm relatively certain I can hold my own against John Watson.'

'John Watson who has been both a medical student and a soldier. That John Watson, you mean?'

There was a slight hesitation in Sherlock's eye now.

'Of course I can,' he muttered.

'OK, well you can suit yourself, of course, but I'd strongly recommend that you remember to eat regularly for at least two days before hand, and don't take any medication in that time. If you do that, you might… might be able to slightly increase what I've suggested here.' She slid the paper across to Sherlock.

'Seriously!' he snapped. 'That's really all you think I can manage?'

She smiled sweetly. 'You asked for my opinion. But like I said before, you're a graduate chemist, and could probably work it out yourself.'

Sherlock grunted and looked again at the figures. 'Well, thank you,' he muttered. He stood and marched out of the canteen, glowering.

Molly chuckled to herself for a while, and then pulled out her mobile phone.


'Molly, hi! How are you?'

'I'm fine. Good. I just wanted to pre-warn you that Sherlock's intending to do John's stag alone.'

'Oh, no!'

'Completely alone. No guests.'

'Oh.' Greg sighed. 'Well, I suppose it is what it is.'

'I know where they'll be, if you wanted to crash.'

'No, no. I'll leave them to it, I think. I just hope that John gets a half way decent night. I can imagine him being bored witless while Sherlock drones on and on about tobacco ash or something.'

'Oh no. I'm pretty sure that that's not going to happen.'


'I could almost guarantee it.'