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Doth bleed did those demons,
Defenseless, left dented,

Blood blacker than the hue
Of their skin, blistered blue,

Slain and let lain
Lay the corpses lackluster

Awaiting the warriors with
Weary woe mustered.

The road was yet reached,
Its rear left unlooked,

The fog of their breaths breached
Through, breaking with doors

Clad with cobwebs of capers,
Encamped at the hinges

Then stranded by strangers,
Left adrift as white strings.

The demons, the Draugr,
Twice dead, now had driven

Out Death and denounced
These adventures, uprisen

Once more from the meager
Trance made known as "death"

Wielding their weapons,
Each worn through and riven,

Their souls shed no sorrow
At the fog-sound of breaths

First through the fir trees,
And first through the cave

Ran the Orphan Lord, roaring,
His rage gone berserk

And fires had followed!
The fur-clad steel troopers

Had swept through with swords,
Bloodied oaths to be sworn.

The monsters, out-mettled,
Had met their last ends

Their barrows, still buried,
Now barren and bare

Whizzed through the hall
Spelled witchcraft and wizardry

A 'Mancer of Mannequins,
Who middled in death

A Dunmer from Dune,
In the deserts of Elsweyr

An elf of an ilk
Too rigid for elsewhere

Known through the narrows 6
As keen in death's knowledge

In Robes of Raven-
Black, robbed from his peers

A commander of corpses
From a most corrupt college

So wise a wizard
Sat Azarik the Ash-Blood
The preacher of souls, death, and life all entwined

Draining the Draugr
Of their peacesleep in the mud
He rose them once more to fight all unaligned

This foolish of foolhardy,
Trapped in the cave,
Had waited for subjects of a younger sum,

For perhaps bands of bandits
Could be turned and tamed;
Destruction spells ready at mind and at thumb

The icespells shot idled
Straight through ancient aisles

The men had made nothing
Of frostbite that maim't

For their fires, then stronger
Than mere fiddling icespells,

They sought out the sorcerer
Outsourced by their strength

There then they slayed him with blades and fierce brazen
And Orphan Lord Wulfheart did not hope for haven
As pulsing and pulling his craving for entrance,
The raising and ruling of Death just an instance