What do you think about living plastic model?

Well, not like that.

We are made of plastic, mainly polystyrene, with a side dash of ABS to ensure soft movement. We are mass produced, molded into a runner to be cut off and assembled. We are molded in various color, sold and priced accordingly to the size and complexity of final product.

Our very concept and design are taken from this military science fiction anime franchise called Mobile Suit Gundam, as well as numerous sequel and Alternate Universe Spinoff.

The most attention always been given the humanoid vehicle called "Mobile Suit"



Early in the 21st century, a new breakthrough in technology gave us a new life, literally. Plavsky particle, this specific particle will form a holographic lattice given enough stimuli. Manipulated, Plavsky particle will also, for yet unexplainable reason, move us plastic model as if we're actual machines.

And even fight each other.

From that point onward, a new trend born and grew phenomenally.

Gundam Plastic Model Battle –usually simplified to Gunpla Battle, everyone put their plastic model at stake, and control it using plavsky-made virtual cockpit console.

Millions of gunpla enthusiasts… each have their own story.

This is just one of such story.

Gundam Build Fighters

-Colorful Rhapsody-


Bandai-Sunrise own Gundam

I buy mine from them

Chapter 1: Vanishing Record

Tamaki blinked and wiped his eyes.

It's that dream again.

Sometimes, Tamaki dreamt about something that actually happened, except twisted in a way it include Aoi's presence.

"What the hell"

Well, at least it doesn't involve erotic dream, Tamaki probably will be horrified and disgusted about it.

In front of him are multiple sets of weapon, courtesy of purchase three days ago. He has difficulty working with welding, but managed somehow, thanks to internet tutorial.

He decided he'll use the rifle-thing for replacement and store the rest inside the toolbox.

He heard "Tamaki, Sakurai-san came to visit~"

"Let her in"

Tamaki combed his messy hair back, if only not to obstruct his face much. He heard the knock on his door and opened it lazily.

"Good evening"

She's in a dress, though this time there's no sign of stuff being yanked apart. Light lavender dress with pink touch up sure complement her nicely, personality be damned.

"You know, visiting me when it's almost dark can cause problem" he said matter-of-factly "But since my parents say nothing about it, you're welcome"

"Worry not, I won't be long" she winked and pulled the same box she bought few days ago "Doing this at home is annoying, especially when your personal maid and caretaker constantly complain about it"

"Well, I don't have personal maid so I don't know" he joked "Feel free to use the table"

"Whoa, you assembled all of them" she muttered in amazement "Well done for a beginner, a few scratches nothing simple paint can't fix"

"Well, in the end I did destroy the original rifle" he dropped himself on the bed "Some of them also hilariously asymmetric due to careless welding"

"Ha, not all of them are snap-fit I see"

His mind wander again at random thoughts, for all intent and purposes ignoring the girl working on his desk, in fact, he's drown in images so much that his brain started to signal for help, telling him to sleep early. Also, his brain literally crashed the moment someone called his name made him forgot WHAT exactly he's thinking in his extended daydream.

"-zuma, are you still alive?"

His eyes meet that of Nanami's, green irises practically unknown to most Japanese, now he just realized when he paid attention.


"Your mother is calling for dinner" she said "I thought you fell into coma or something"

"Huh? My bad… I think I actually half-asleep there" he gasped, which is half true anyway. Jumping out of the bed quickly, he just realized that he's still in his school uniform.

He then realize just how messed up his behavior as of recently, how embarrassing.

"Must be boring for you to do it alone"

She tilted her head in response "What are you talking? Gunpla always been solitary hobby to begin with"

Welp, she got a point. That was kind of overtly self-conscious statement.

"Still, it was true that… when you meet other gundam enthusiast, you can share your story and excitement… what anime your favorite, what model you've made, even friendly debate… just like any other hobby, gunpla connects people"

Connects… people…

"Still, having someone to talk and discuss about it would be fun right?"

That girl, Nanami… behind that cheerful persona of her, lies someone who need attention, someone who can't interact properly with people.

Gunpla this, gunpla that. It's as if Gunpla is the only thing she can use to associate with people.

"Yeah, let's start with 'which series is better' and you will see bloodbath. I haven't seen anything worth of note to talk about, but many of my friends did… and boy, it was amusing but really not fun separating a literal ball of fanatics"

"You're just unlucky"

"-maki are you sleeping?" The door creaked courtesy of Mrs. Azuma, who, due to misunderstanding, had her expression turned from unhappy into a mischievous grin.

Tamaki really, really don't like that smile.

"Don't say a word"

"I'm not, please enjoy yourselves" the mother winked.

He felt like the air turned cold, what's his room, a refrigerator?

"Would you like to join?"

Tilting her head, the girl just blinked in confusion "Huh?"

"…" the boy can't help but rubbing his temple, it's a simple gesture of courtesy! How couldn't she didn't catch that "Dinner, here. Would you like to join us for a dinner?"

"Oh" she clapped her hands.

He can't help but smile in defeat.

"Thank you for the invitation, but it's dark already and people at home might be worried" she bowed politely at the adults sitting around the dining table.

"Ara-ara, what can we do then" Mrs. Azuma pouted "Go escort her, Tamaki"


He's a bit wary about walking around here with her, because rich people usually mean business. No, he's not even being paranoid, he's just being realistic. At least it's not like she's involved with Yakuza or something… right?

And lo behold a couple of men in black suit is waiting ten step away from the door.

Tamaki just made a blank face in response.

"What a coincidence, ojousama, we're waiting for you"

Rudely crossed her arms and stared at the man she chided, "Hey, our houses not even 100 meter apart, what the heck are you gathering for"

"It's an order from Ayame-san"

"….right, Ayame-neesan again…"

Hmm, what a strange usage of honorific. The man referred to her as –san, while Nanami refer to her as Nee-san… meaning this Ayame not a family member, but someone considered close by Nanami enough for her to use sisterly call.

Well, what is he doing? Not his business.

"I suppose I can go back-"

"I suppose I can tell your mother you failed such a simple task"

That…minx, is she purposefully act naïve all along? No, it's just her inner selfish side at work. He chuckled "What can I say, let's go"

Collective stare came from the 'bodyguards' are sharp enough to cut the boy's nerve figuratively, and yet, he shows neither fear nor any other reaction.

Just a blank, neutral gaze in retort.

Massive gate closed halfway as the girl get in, only one of the black-dressed man remains. And he know what happened next.

"You've got some nerve, being close to our precious ojousama"

"What can I say? I'm just being polite" Tamaki smiled, not even sarcastically "I apologize if treating her with courtesy sounds OFFENSIVE to you"


"I'm saying this for your own good… or your family; you might regret it when something unpleasant happen because of your negligence"

For the first time in his entire life, Tamaki's blood started to boil. Electrical impulse blared around his nerve, with his brain screaming about fight or flight instinct.

"However, if that happened, she might hurt even more" the man said "My oath is to keep her safe, not letting her fall again"

'Again'? What did he say…?

"Please excuse me" the man said, high pitched whine followed as the massive front gate began to close, leaving Tamaki in utter confusion.

Nanami walked into the mansion halfheartedly as her escort following her behind, sighed that the fun time already passed.

It's time for hell all over again.


Stood in front of her is a tall woman dressed in formal attire, glasses decorating her stern face as she greet Nanami.

"I know, I'm late for the dinner, Ayame-neesan"

"And that wasn't the best choice of action"

Nanami smiled bitterly "Yeah, and threatening our neighbor is, somehow"

"It's for your own good" Ayame sternly said "I've been entrusted by Master to keep you safe"

"Sure, where was he when mother left me for good? With Baker?"


"Don't" Nanami scowled "No need to whitewash anything, I will do his request as I see fit, and rightfully ask for limited freedom for compensation."

Nanami approached the older woman and smile innocently, yet her voice carried so much weight it crushed the willpower of every single person presently "If any of you DARE to threaten innocent people in the name of my safety, you will not like what I'll do"

Ayame bit her lips before bowing apologetically "My apologies, Nanami-sama!"

"You too, Kurama-niisan"

The man with glasses refused to change his expression, but still answer "Understood"

That's right…

The moment she stepped inside this accursed place, she's no longer Nanami Sakurai.

Inside this prison of a mansion, she became Nanami Mashita. The sole daughter of PPSE Chairman.


"WHAT?" the overweight boy whistled innocently "I thought you're already into gunpla, so why not?"

"I am NOT, not in a longshot"

"Oh c'mon, just because you get another girlfriend doesn't mean you can't hang out with us, right?" Tachibana mockingly elbowed the confused boy.

The rest of the boys are laughing.

"[Please, set your GP base]"

"Unfortunately, I'm still single if that's what you're asking" Tamaki said, placing the GP base on the provided slot.

"[Beginning Plavsky particle dispersal]"

"Oh? I swear there's a photo of you walking with a really cute girl in tow"

"She's just a neighbor, stop spreading rumor"

Seriously, what's with the obsession with Toy robots? He admit, not everyone is Tachibana-tier of gundam geek, but even the class rep Kyoji is into it, despite knowing jack and shit about gundam just like Tamaki himself.

"It's the thrill man" class-rep said "Just think of it as arcade game"


Whenever he's surrounded by Plavsky particles, Tamaki can only feel two things: eerie yet comfortable sensation, as if…

Maybe it's just a suggestion, adrenaline kicking in, or whatever. The conflicting feelings of unexplainable do want/ do not want urge always been there.

That said, he just noticed something.

"Class rep, your unit… kind of strange"

"Huh? Do you mean the shape or size?" the boy in question asked.

"Maybe both"

It's like… a pair of pod with extremely long gunbarrel extending from one side, and in the center of the front section, a tiny MS visibly popping out from chest and up. Most of the unit is white, but the mini-MS is especially colorful.

"While the most popular scale is high grade 1/144, there's also multiple kind of variations. For example, Kyoji-kun's GP03 Dendrobium Orchis is supposed to be a massive Mobile armor the size of small warship, but since it's represented in 1/550, it does look a little strange looking at the small gundam docked with it"

"The reason of why such kit is released is both for ergonomics and economic reason, the normal Dendrobium Stamen is almost 1 meter long and cost 28000 yen"

Tamaki know some models can be expensive but 28 thousand is just 'holy crap' level of insanity. Perhaps he underestimated the cost of gunpla collection? Not to mention the size, most sane people won't carry child-sized plastic model to fight in a tiny battle arena like this.

"Meanwhile, 1/400 Dendrobium Orchis is packed with another massive mobile armor Neue Ziel and cost 8500 yen, there's another even smaller than that, molded in 1:550 scale and cost 1500 yen… with is what unit I use right now. Though Tachibana need to extensive modify it for accuracy, the cheapest variant only have superficial weapon, no internal pod at all"

Hmm, that actually makes sense. Wait… Tachibana build that one too?

Well, some people are better as builder than they are as a fighter.

"Here we come"

"[First wave, 6x Zaku IIC]"

Easy peasy, Takumi dodged the first shot, vernier roared as he charged ahead with blade unleashed. Evading the predictable kill zone of the Zaku's machinegun, Takumi became so familiar with the AI that he basically can do precognition with their attacks.

It was like playing a 3-dimensional Danmaku game.

The Zaku responded by wielding its heat axe as well, however, not only AI support of Battle Machine is limited, but first wave is even more gimped. The green, mooneye grunts don't stand a chance.

Decapacitation followed by vertical cleave destroyed the virtual target. Behind him, another Zaku tried to ambush him.

It was a straightforward and fairly slow attack. Easy to deal with, Tamaki pulled his rifle and shoot it point blank.

The numerous explosions marked the destruction of the rest of enemy, courtesy of combined firepower between GP02 and GP03.

"[Second Wave, 28 x Oggo]"

It was like the space itself is filled with vaguely-crablike boxy units, each carrying either MS machinegun or a bazooka. Even at first glance, it's easy to see they're the bottom rung of design efficiency, and Takumi heard Zeon engineering are nuts.

"Oggo? Are they damn serious?" class rep balked.

Tachibana kicked the other pilot on his shin "There's 28 of them, don't be cocky"

"Heh, you're just afraid because your fat MS have problem with maneuvering" class rep joked "COME AT ME BRO!"

Dendrobium opened its pods' frontal covers, revealed multiple ordnances stored within. And then… all of them are launched out and spun like a twister, delivering a rain of smaller but still deadly explosive missiles. This took at least 30% of enemy unit, filling the void space with high speed wreckage everyone else had to evade or swipe away.

"The hell?" Tamaki gasped "What the hell?"

Tachibana use his bazooka and… something popping in, the Bazooka, instead of launching large warhead, it spread dozens of high speed metal pellets, easily smash the box-like mobile pod left and right thanks to its large killzone.

Is this the true power of custom and overengineering?

"Your turn, bro" Tachibana pointed.

Tamaki looks at him horrified.

In the first place, it's always been weird. Tachibana insist he had to get along with everyone, but mostly himself. Tamaki never know why it's always been about Gunpla.

Now he probably know, but unwilling to accept that he-


Tamaki snapped, only to realize that a bazooka warhead from one of the Oggo is on its way toward Zephyrantes, leaving him no time to defend or evade.

Until a really thin but focused beam destroyed it, saving the gunpla from major damage.

"Whose beam was that?" Tamaki's voice was cracked due to lack of proper breathing, buts still intelligible.

Both classmates replied with a shrug "Not me"

Another barrage of beam killed the rest of Oggo, so easy, so sure.

Floating down slowly is a slim, a rather small mobile suit with x-shaped insect like thruster. Its rifle, while lean, is disproportionally long, almost longer than the unit is tall.

"Vanishing Record!" Tamaki muttered in shock.

That means…


High pitched familiar voice is heard from the com, shortly before the face of the person in question shown on the monitor. The girl cheerfully waved her hand "Yahoo, sorry for barging into the sacred fraternity battle, but I really-really want to join"

Class rep raised his eyebrow "Tachibana… wasn't this girl…"

"Yep, that's the girl alright" Tachibana nodded in response.

The same girl caught in the photos, rumored to be Tamaki's new girlfriend.

"[Third Wave, 9x Aile Dagger]" the computer warned.

"Say, it's really okay for me to join?"

Cue a mobile suit already unleashing its edge toward the small gunpla without mercy-

Only for its chest to explode, courtesy of Zephyrantes' rifle.

"Nice shot"

"Computers don't dodge that often, fortunately" Tamaki sighed "Pay attention"

"Same to you!"

Side by side, Zephyrantes and Vanishing Record break through the entire group of Daggers, harmoniously done what is essentially a synchronous dance in the void, shrapnel filled space. Though Tamaki can see it's just Nanami slowing herself down to keep with his pace.

She can go faster, he was sure about it.

Beam trails unleashed around like a firestorm that sweep everything out of the sky, leaving next to none target for both Tachibana and Kyouji.

They look at each other and shrugged, before splitting to destroy enemies in the flank.

In the end, 10 rounds have been passed and cleared. There's no prize so to speak, but for 100 yen per person it's really a satisfying experience.

The four teenagers ended up in nearby gundam café, incidentally, it's apparently cosplay day for now, so all the waitress and waiters are wearing cosplay uniform, Nanami specifically noted they came from Gundam 00 fame (this flew over Tamaki's head of course).

"And then Gato went batshit, the fight between Neue Ziel and Dendrobium orchis is epic!" Tachibana noted in improbably fiery tone.

The girl chuckled heartily "Yeah, still, don't you think the way Gerbera ended was overkill?"

"Nah, not really. Also, remember shading. When talking about 0083, talk about shading"

"Well, they're unique compared to post ATL Gundam, but even Turn A had show some changes like-"

"Do you get what they said?" Tamaki whisper in confusion.

"Not really" Class rep shrugged "Like I said, I'm in for the battles"

And Tamaki was in because… they drag him in.

Gunpla connects people… that much even Tamaki admit was true.

"Say, that Zephyrantes was really well built… but I can see it barely show 70% of its full abilities"

The way Nanami leered at him made Tamaki uncomfortable "Well excuse me still using limiter on" Tamaki chided.

It's not that Tamaki unable to use full power, it's because to begin with it's not his unit, he don't want to strain it much despite the fat geek himself literally shoved the unit against his wishes.

"Interesting" Tachibana deliver a malicious grin that made both Tamaki and class rep shiver "How about we have a duel. My Zephyrantes and your Record Breaker, Sakurai-san?"

Delivering that equator-sized signature grin of her, Nanami cheered "Sure, why not?"

"The pilot would be Azuma"

Tamaki choked on his drink, caused class rep to pat his back in sympathy.

The boy with messy hair replied coldly "I won't agree on this"

"Oh c'mon, between us you're the better pilot, and Kyoji will refuse to use anything but Mobile Armor" the geek told him almost half-begging "Right? Right?!"

"Well that's true" class rep nodded sagely.

2 vs 1, Tamaki's defeat "….one round"

Class rep and Tachibana shared a high five, they seriously want to pull him into the bottomless abyss that is gundam fandom and not letting him out, don't they?

"I need a closet to scream my lungs out"

His friends just chuckled in response.

Tamaki didn't immediately go to closet; instead, he passed a couple of guest and stood aside one of the tables.

"If she knew you're here she's probably pissed" he muttered.

That's right; the man sitting alone in the restaurant is none other than the bodyguard that threaten him few days ago.

"Very perceptive of you" he said in neutral tone "But Ojousama isn't as dull as you think, she knew I'm here, and know she's being tailed"

"Well, good if that's the case" Tamaki shrugged and left for the male toilet.

Yes, she probably accustomed to being secretly protected like this, being a filthy rich girl with penchant of going out alone, there's so many chances of Murphy's creed went into action and things went downhill really fast.

Well, at least he's not as remotely hostile as he was before, Tamaki could relax.

"[Beginning, Plavsky particle dispersal]"

As columns and pillars of light rise, Nanami could only feel one thing


Azuma Tamaki, that's the boy's name. He claim he doesn't know much of gundam, and not interested.


"Field 3, Forest"

There's something in him that made her curious, despite his lack of drive outside, inside arena she could only saw one thing.

His conflicting eyes only radiate doubt and fear, no ambition, no willpower.

And yet, he could fight like someone really experienced, despite having limiter that more of a burden than it's worth. Nanami knew very few people that disinterested with gunpla, and yet very good at it. They all have purpose disregard whether it's fun or not, an ambition to unravel something with gunpla as their means to achieve it.

Tamaki didn't have any of that; he's just standing here, going with the flow and react whenever he had to.

"[Please, set your GP base]"



"If I win this you owe me a date"

"NO" Tamaki screamed in response, this girl really fucked up in the head he decided.

"What a sourpuss" both Tachibana and class rep commented bitterly "Lucky bastard don't know what's best for him"

"Well, nothing will stop me from constantly nagging about it on you"

Not like his mother will help him either…

"Holy shit, what is your problem?" Tamaki lost his cool and pushed the raker so hard his Zephyrantes took off at nearly horizontal position, almost crashing into the endless mass of pink that is field of Cherry blossom. Thankfully, limiters kicked in and activate his unit's brakes on time.

"Me? What about you?" Nanami fired her rifle several times, one shot completely evaded but the second shot… not quite. Thankfully only the shoulder armor is broken "What's holding you back?"

What's holding him back? How the hell he should know? It's not like he's like playing gunpla?

It's all about obligation…


Outside of battlefield, Tachibana and Kyoji watched the fight unblinking.

"Tachibana… the reason you force him to accept it"

"There's literally no reason for him to hang out with us in the first place" Tachibana said "But I… I can't just withstand it; he's putting a wall around him to keep people at certain distance, no urge, no ambition, nothing. Life of stagnancy is what I can see from him, going with the flow, never swim around"

"Yeah, I can hardly imagine him as a salaryman" class rep nodded "But seriously, why gunpla?"

"But the moment he saw our Gunpla… I can see it… his eyes changed, he found a conflict… he found turmoil inside him" the nerd muttered.

Nanami don't dominate the fight, she literally played with Tamaki like cat playing a mice, savoring every little torment and despair from it instead of giving quick and relatively painless death.

"Yeah, his hands always been unsteady at the start of fight… until adrenaline kicks in" class rep nodded.

"Whatever he has in mind, gunpla has something to do with it. I want to find out… what he thinks about gunpla. From there, we can see through that barrier around him, slowly become his true friends"

Tachibana wanted to know, and he was sure Nanami think the same.

"You know, even Azuma won't think that far" class rep laughed.

"Wake up, Azuma, oi!"

"I'll use emergency medical procedure on you"

"NO!" Tamaki screamed as he stood up at last, still feeling unhinged. "Huh? What happened?"

"Well, stuff. You look like different person back then" class rep told him, the much taller boy patted Tamaki "Are you honestly okay?"

"No… I just…. What about the battle?"

Tachibana show him the (now split apart) Zephyrantes, thankfully there's no major damage on it, Tamaki sighed in relief. "I lose, didn't I?"

"You did well, Azuma-kun" Nanami smiled at him like an angel… before turning it into her devil grin "And you owe me a date"

"Oh shit"

"Give up Azuma, she's dead set for your D" Tachibana noted almost nonchalantly, though he's whispering.

"The fuck are you talking about? Anyway what happened?"

"You fought like someone possessed, you release limiter, cue epic swordfight and then you collapse"

Ah right, vivid memories started to flow again, the pillars of light.


Superficial damages keep piling up as Vanishing Record keep kiting Zephyrantes with low powered shot, as if mockingly shot that it has no chance. However, despite his hesitation, Tamaki refused to give up.

What should I do?

Why I am doing this?

Answer me, Aoi!

The young boy once again manifests himself, smiling. "What do you want to do?"

"Why are you leaving me? Why did you give me your gunpla?"

"…why don't you get it, moron?" Aoi chuckled at him, now Tamaki swear that he's crazy "Come and find out"

Aoi walked forward, slowly but surely disappear again into.

And what's left there is nothing but field decorated with pink cloud, floating in the sky is barely scratched Vanishing Record, aiming its long rifle with zero doubt.

Tamaki smiled "I'll find out, someday"

And he clicked on the button to release the final lock.

The speed boost granted by unrestricted particle output, coupled with lack of auto balancer caused him to lose his control, but momentarily stop just before he touched the border.

Another beam barrage came, however he's able to evade most of them easily, and those that do connect didn't even do scratch damage.

This… is the true power of gunpla.

It's as if Zephyrantes answered his resolve to go forward with unrestricted passion.

"Tachibana… Class rep… Sakurai… Aoi…"


Rifle and shield ditched, blades unleashed. A sensation Tamaki never experience as he maneuver around Nanami's constant attack flooded his mind and body, causing him to experience hysteria and ecstasy alike.

The girl responded by retreating further while keep shooting; however Tamaki finally managed to destroy the rifle with a couple of slash from his beam saber.

Nanami had no choice but to deal with him at close range… not, she fired her Vulcan guns instead, destroying one of the shoulders and disable the arm by default.

However, what surprised her is the angle of his counterattack; she had to sacrifice one of the forearms to avoid critical strike.

This close quarter contact continued for four minutes, that even Nanami had begun to show fatigue. Since the initial banter that cost one of their limbs, neither unit actually shown measurable damage, it's a close match that no one could predict what's the outcome will be.

Even some of the other arcade patron is interested and began to cheer on them loudly.

Meanwhile, Tamaki's eyes were dim, as if he's half conscious. Yet, his attack didn't relent

Nanami smiled, finally managed to break through his thick shell of lonesome.

"Azuma-kun, this is gunpla. Can you feel it?"


Operating fully on adrenaline, Nanami knew Azuma is on his limit…Nanami had no choice but to remove her unit's limiter as well.

Trail of flames grew bigger as her unit blast away from Zephyrantes, maneuver around the arena at vastly superior speed. Vanishing Record literally disappear from his field of view due to its immense mobility…

And strike the bigger gunpla from a blind spot.

"Huh, that actually happen" Tamaki blinked.

"That was a high class fight; I am surprised Zephyrantes came intact at all"

"Ah, sorry about it"

"Don't bother, I've been pestering you for how many months to remove the damn shackles already" the chubby boy grabbed his hand and shook it "Congratulations, now you're a true fighter"

"The hell? So that's your objective all along" Tamaki howled "Everyone conspire against me?"

This only made the other three feel glad.

"You're angry?"

"Of course I am, what-"

Then Tamaki realize.

He was really angry and yet…

He feels relieved. As if SOMETHING that always been a burden on his heart had been lifted…

"That's good, show us what you feel, Azuma" class rep wrestled the distraught boy hard enough to the point that Tamaki yelled at him.

Tachibana calmly assemble his gunpla again, smiling all the way. For the first time since they met last year, Tamaki is able to express his feelings a lot more naturally, instead of simply being annoyed.

"What the hell is your problem?!"

"Yeah scream harder boy, friends exist for you to whine!"

Looking at Tamaki and Kyoji's antic only made him even happier "It's all thanks to you, Sakurai-s-"

The girl is no longer there, leaving Tachibana dumbfounded.

"Thank you, Tachibana, class rep"

Tamaki slung the bag lightly as three of them separate.

"Like we said, that's what friends are for" Tachibana pointed his thumb.

The tall boy aside him just smiled "Do remember, we're nothing but stepping stones… have faith in yourself, Azuma"

"I know… "

The two shared a glance before synchronously answering "Still don't want more gunpla?"

Tamaki shrugged "Maybe"

Tachibana fixed his glasses and elbowed him "Well then how you deal with the girl, I mean sure she's new around here, but you owe her too"

"I have my way, don't worry"

Looking left and right and found no one else around, class rep grinned.

And pull out a condom out of his pocket.

Surprisingly, Tachibana reacted first and foremost "Son of a bitch! You're telling me you're not virgin huh?"

Acting like he's the best student in the world, the lanky class rep replied lightly without shame whatsoever "No, just a precaution just in case, safe sex is mandatory after all"

Tamaki just give a cold, death glare. "So disillusioned"

So yeah, one step at a time. I feel this is a bit rushed, and using cheap flashback is… well cheap, oh and tens of thousands cases of grammar failure are a given.