Okay, angry rant time: What the flying fuck? I mean, seriously. Naruto struggles all his way to get control of Kurama's power, and not only is it taken from him by Madara but he's utterly defeated because of Madara's hack powers. Then we learn Madara has stabbed Sasuke, oh, but don't count on Sasuke being dead if you're reading this. I may be proven right or wrong for when this story is released, but knowing Kishimoto and how much Sasuke has escaped punishment and getting his just desserts, it's obvious that he won't die so he'll either save the day or help Naruto save the day and he'll be forgiven for killing countless people in his quest for killing his brother after betraying his fellow villagers and almost killing the one guy who's been trying to help him the entire manga. If he's dead then hurray, Kishimoto finally got a hint and Naruto will be the hero once again… But I'm not putting my bet high at all.

So, after that disgusting chapter and the bad taste it left in my mouth I got myself to watch some cheerful stuff, mainly Dragon Ball Z's new movie Battle of the Gods. Bills is one of my new favorite characters hands down. Now you can guess what happened for this idea to come to my mind.


Can I keep him?

Deep inside a gigantic, hollowed tree a lone figure walked up a large set of spiraling stairs to the top, sighing as the green crystals that illuminated the stairs did nothing to mask the truth that the entire place was going down because his lord was sleep, "Figures only he could sleep at a time like this." The figure said while walking up, the light showing it was a blue skinned man with white hair in quite possibly the most impossible hairdo, with some of it slicked back while on the top of his head a tower of his hair stood up like a pillar. He wore expensive robes with an Egyptian theme to it, had a ring around his neck, and carried a staff.

Once on the top he looked at the figure on a large bed, still sleeping deeply despite the large boulder sized hourglasses that exploded every time the sand fell down. Whis, the blue skinned man, pulled out a microphone, "And now, I shall sing to you my fav-"

"No you don't!" the figure in the bed shouted as he bolted out of the bed. It was a large bipedal furless cat, it looked like a Cornish Rex, with large ears, amber eyes looking through squinty eyelids, and a sneer on his muzzle. He even had a tail that was on end in his furless body which was covered only by a dirty, worn out once white robe.

Whis smiled despite the outburst of his lord, "Good to see you're awake, Lord Bills. Say, do you remember why you wanted to wake up this very same year?"

Bills' ears dropped, "No." and with that he dropped himself back on his bed. Whis smiled and pulled a microphone which served to get the cat to stand once again in a seated position, "Okay, I forgot! It shouldn't be very important, right?!"

Whis stifled a chuckle, "Actually we have a very important guest with a very important demand, Lord Bills."

"Who is it?" the feline asked, scratching his head before licking the back of one of his hands and rubbing his sleepy face with it.

"He came from the Ninth Universe. I do believe you recall him coming back about sixteen to seventeen years ago with an odd request." Whis explained.

Bills' ears perked up, "Oh… Now I remember, so… Shinigami has finally grown tired of that little world he's been watching over the centuries and wants me to destroy it?"

"I have another more important matter to ask of you." The God of Death from the Ninth Universe said as he walked in, his white robe flowing in the room while he looked at the lazy cat. The god had his ever present dagger in his mouth which proved no problem for him to speak, "I wonder if it's not much problem seeing as you've actually awaken after such a long sleep."

Bills sneered, "Twenty years doesn't count as closing my eyes. What did you want again? Tell me before I really consider destroying that little world that feeds you so much."

Shinigami stood tall, despite his evident fear with the tempting step back crossing his mind, "Have you ever wanted someone equal to you? Someone to match all of your power?"

Bills grinned, "I knew it!" He jumped down, landing beside the taller god and walking down the stairs, "I had a good dream again, Whis. Do you remember that one where I fought that Super Saiyan God?"

Whis sighed, "Lord Bills, that happened a few months back. Lord Shinigami happened to wake you mid-sleep before that fight and asked your confused self a favor that you agreed on."

Bills' ears perked up and the god of death took a step back, "Is that so?"

Shinigami gulped, considering his options, "You still gave your word." He said, preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

"Tch… I guess I can't back down then… So, spill it out, what did you want to interrupt my nap and what could've been my greatest sleep after a glorious battle?"

"We need a new God of Destruction." Shinigami said firmly, "However, my world is in a stupid power struggle with a madman trying to achieve godhood, a man trying to become a God of Life with the sole intention of using his powers to control the minds of others and put them in an illusionary world. I'd ask the God of Destruction of my own universe to take down such a pest, but he passed away."

"So, you want me to train the newbie? You know the other ten may not like him." Bills stated.

Whis sighed, "Actually, they all voted once Lord Shinigami spoke to them and you're now stuck with this kid."

"WHAT?!" Bills asked, now clearly mad as a purple aura engulfed him, "I'll find those worms and make sure their entire existences are nothing but misery!"

"They agreed because you never take orders or do anything by their rules." Shinigami said, at the worse time possible as he took two steps back from Bills' glare, "But you're bound to train this new god along Whis."

Surprisingly, Bills sighed and looked up, "I had a good dream once again, that I'd face another God of Destruction who'd give me a great fight, a true equal unlike those other gods who just sit back and let mortals destroy themselves for them. I dreamt that my opponent was someone worthy who fought for a reason different than the other gods, and that made him much stronger."

"Says the one who ordered Frieza to destroy Planet Vegeta." Whis mumbled, angering his lord to which he responded to with a perky smile.

"Okay, okay… But I know this is a vision of the future, so, tell me Shinigami… Who's the runt?" Bills asked, now finally interested in the possibilities of this dream.

Whis smiled as he used his magical staff to show the image his lord was looking for, "Here he is, Uzumaki Naruto, I believe is the boy's name." Bills looked intrigued at the sight of a blond boy and the scenes that unfolded for the kid, one moment he was fighting a rogue traitor a rank higher than him by using a secret technique of his village, the next he was beaten by someone with some ridiculous skills who was obvious far beyond the kid's power only to train and humble him, Bills smirked when two brothers ambushed the kid but sighed when the boy was too scared to fight.

He looked at the god of death and considered asking if he was serious when the boy himself not only fought someone who had managed to capture his teacher, but then did something amazing and outsmarted someone far stronger than him. The scenes did catch his eye when the blond relied not only on his intellect but even his heart by making his enemy question why they were fighting for. Bills did sneer whenever the boy was beaten and some black haired boy with some bloodline that gave him too much power took more of the spotlight than him. That changed when the boy had his chance to show himself to others and while admittedly making Bills sigh with how pathetic he was, the feline god was amazed when the blond beat a duo of a dog and its master for more experienced than him in using powerful techniques with skills and luck. Then the boy fought someone far more gifted than him beyond belief and managed to win out of using his guts and sheer determination as well as the power of a demon inside of him. Not only that, but the boy even defeated a large tanuki demon on his own. But then he watched as the boy's training was neglected as soon as he started to get better. From taking down a skilled assassin with scalpels meant to cut inside a person's body, the boy didn't get any other kind of technique or teaching beside controlling things so basic in his world that it made Bills wonder what was wrong.

"Why wasn't he taught something more powerful than just such simple basics? Clearly with that level of skill if he had been properly taught instead of going in that journey for two years, like actually getting the training all other kids his age got, he could've avoided all of his problems." The god said as he looked at Naruto barely managing to stand up to men who abused their bloodlines and gifts when he only had a large amount of chakra as his only true gift. His training was atrociously slow, and even kids and people far weaker than him were taught techniques beyond useful for the boy, "If only he had been taught at the same rate than others, Hell, his teacher was supposedly on the same level as that Uchiha brat, and yet this boy had to wait years before learning the basics of what that arrogant child learned before graduating?"

Whis turned to look sternly at the god of death, "That's a very good question. I do understand he as a demon carrier or Jinchuuriki as the people of his world call it is not very popular among other humans, but his potential is there and yet looked down upon because he never was properly trained."

Bills glared hard at the last image, Naruto losing his friend Kurama to Madara, "I do feel like destroying this world."

"Naruto would still need to learn to become a god." Shinigami said, trying to remind Bills of the matter at hand, "As you have said, he has potential, but also a kind and pure heart that could make him a truly benevolent god. I've seen his growth. He's learned to let go of his dark desires, but his naivety doesn't make him see the problem at hand. The boy's very bloodline is a legacy of hot blooded and determined warriors who sadly were gone too soon because of the greed of others. He carries the wish to be powerful and looked up to, but for that he needs to learn how to inflict respect and even fear if needed. Like you, Bills, he needs to learn what having true power means and how to use it. I am sure that with you he could learn more than anyone else, and that with the current events in his life, he could finally mature into being far more than a man."

The three figures finally reached their destination, Bills' large and massive dining room. As the feline god sat to feast after his slumber, he had to ask, "Why choose me as his master? Whis is more than capable of training him."

Whis smiled, "That was my idea, it could help you stay awake longer and learn to be more responsible."

"I don't wanna!" Bills protested.

Whis chuckled, "You gave your word, and as a god you can't break it."

Bills slumped his shoulders in defeat and bitterly grabbed the roasted meat closer for his feline muzzle to furiously chew upon, "Fine." He growled.

Whis moved out of rage, "I'll make preparations for a room, so, when will he arrive, Lord Shinigami?"

"I was hoping you'd pick him up, considering I can sense his soul lingering between life and death."


Gaara flew as fast as he could with Naruto safe in his sand. Madara had won, he had utterly defeated them and gotten everything he wanted, but so long as his friend lived he knew there was a chance to keep on fighting or at least keep him living. But just as he and Naruto were about to leave the battle ground, a large pillar of light appeared from the sky, shooting down and making everyone stop where they were. Not only that, Madara could sense something wrong in the insides of the prison he made for the nine beasts, they were all restless and even seemed afraid. The man moved away from Sasuke after leaving his chokuto on his descendant's chest and turned to look at the pillar.

Before Gaara and the unconscious Naruto stood a duo of perhaps the strangest characters, a blue skinned man with a strange hairdo and a bipedal purple cat in blue baggy pants and Egyptian themed accessories. The cat looked at Naruto's unconscious form curiously, "So this is him, huh? Uzumaki Naruto."

"Who are you?" Gaara asked what was in every single shinobi's mind. Everyone who was about to retreat or planned to keep on fighting despite the lost battle had returned to see the god smirk at the question.

"I am here for the boy you're carrying, hand him over." He said, extending a hand to the redhead Kazekage.

Gaara glared harder, "Over my dead body."

Bills seemed to be about to snap until Whis stepped forward, "We're here to help him, Gaara-san, right? I've been watching Naruto for a while so I know he's a dear friend of yours."

The redhead's eyes widened in shock, "Who are you?" He repeated.

Whis smiled, "I'm Whis, and the one who addressed to you is my lord, Bills."

"Yo." The feline god said with the peace sign.

Whis continued, "We're here to train Naruto as a favor to the Shinigami."

Gaara narrowed his eyes, "As if I'd believe something so stupid!" he threw his sand at the duo, ready to trap them in it and keep them locked for questioning or kill them if they gave him any funny looks. Imagine his shock when Bills narrowed his eyes and his body glowed with an aura of raw purple energy that blasted Gaara and Naruto back, taking down the sand and making the dup fall. The redhead was quick to recover his sand but gasped as all the sand around Naruto had been dispersed.

The blond fell in Whis' arms, who nodded politely at Gaara, "I know you can't trust us, but he does need some help." The white haired man put his hand to Naruto's head and Gaara watched in amazement as it glowed, covering Naruto in energy. Soon the rings of exhaustion under Naruto's eyes disappeared, and some of his injuries and bruises were starting to disappear. Once it all ended Naruto still looked beat, but he finally had life in him, "I can't heal him completely so I gave him some of my energy to keep him alive."

Gaara gasped, unable to believe his eyes. Bills ignored the scene and turned to Madara with a sour look on his feline face, "This is the worm Shinigami was so concerned about?" he asked, scratching his head with a single claw, "This man isn't even using his own power, he's abusing the power of a few demons, and he's still pathetically weak."

Madara growled, "Have you any idea who you're talking to, you freak?" he asked and walked towards the god, unaware of who Bills truly was, "I control power beyond your imagination."

Bills grinned, "Is that so? Well…" the feline moved up a hand and motioned for the Uchiha to come at him, which he did by using his Amaterasu. Bills scowled, "Pathetic." And with that single word he extended his hand and with his bare skin swatted off the black flames into the sky. He grinned at Madara's look of disbelief, "Was that actually your strongest attack?"

Gaara's jaw almost hit the floor, "Who are you?!" he asked a third time.

Bills turned around, "This world is very boring, no wonder Shinigami likes it… Whatever, let him have it, but…" he turned around, grinning widely at Madara, "You'll have to wait only ten minutes in your own time. Once I'm gone time will move really slow in this world, and when those ten minutes are over, we shall see how strong my new disciple has gotten by training one year with me."

Whis smiled, "I'm glad Lord Shinigami agreed with this, otherwise that guy with the face on his chest would control this world as a god wannabe." He said, referring to Madara. The god of death Had agreed to use his powers to slow time in this own world so a year in each of the other universes turned into ten minutes for Naruto's home planet, all so the boy could become a god in a year's span.

And with a stomp of Whis' staff, the trio was gone to start training the blond.


And that's my rap!

Now, I know what you're going to say: "What're you doing being so damn sexy and adding another story to your large list?" Well, in that order I was born as a son to Aphrodite and trained under Hercules to get my well toned buttocks the way they are now, and I couldn't stop myself.

I am mad, as all of you certainly are in both the angry and crazy way, at chapter 661 of Naruto. I just couldn't hold this back and decided to do this. This fic will be basically a short series of Naruto fighting, going to other universes/franchises (DC, Marvel, Bleach, Asura's Wrath, etc.) to get stronger while being taught under Bills and Whis. The last chapter will of course be him putting the smack down to Madara, and I'll do my best so it's satisfying or at least fun.

First chapter will be in everyone's childhood fantasy universe: Dragon Ball Z, a two months training in that universe, one in Bills' domain and the second with the Z Warriors, or I may save the meeting with the Z Warriors for later just to tease you as the mad nut that I am. I'll do my best, as usual.

Swordslinger out!