This is still canon movieverse, but with a wolf twist. It's a "what-if" story, if you will.

Snow Wolf (1)

Elsa broke into a run, leaving Marshmallow to fend off the men.

"No harm must come to the queen!" she heard Hans shout.

She turned and saw that some ignored his command. Elsa fled into her palace, mixed fear and anger propelling her up the stairs.

Her anger was justified. These men chose to invade her new home. Even worse, they chose to mean serious harm. She struggled to stay calm and controlled, desperately hoping that Marshmallow would be enough to chase them away. But some of the men were quite persistent, and managed to break into her castle.

Two men cornered her in the highest room. She recognized them from her coronation. They were bodyguards for the Duke of Weselton. Eyes filled with grim and silent determination, they slowly advanced holding their crossbows.

Elsa put up her hands to show she meant no harm. "Please, stay away!"

Her desperate pleading went unheard. A guard fired his arrow at her. She threw her hands up to her face, summoning a sheet of ice to stop the arrow. She gasped as the tip stopped an inch from her face.

'Did the Duke send them to kill me?' she thought with horror.

"Stay away!" she said more forcefully. Again, they didn't listen.

Now it was her turn. In a few rapid and successive moves, Elsa had one guard pinned to the wall and the other on the verge of falling to his death.

She heard footsteps as Hans and the rest entered the room. She didn't relent with her ice. Anger swelled in her like bile in her throat. Why? Why did it have to be like this? Even when she hid herself away from Arendelle, why did they still come to attack her? She felt like a cornered animal, hated and feared for her powers.

'It's not fair!' she wanted to scream. 'I wanted nothing more than to protect everyone, and this is what I get?'

"Queen Elsa!" Hans cried. "Don't be the monster they fear you are!"

At this, she stopped. She felt so paralyzed and torn. What should she do? Seeing her hesitate, the guard pinned to the wall lifted his crossbow and fired. All the anger and terror pent up inside made Elsa snap. Time seemed to slow down. She only felt a rush of incredible energy, a huge change in both her mind and body. Pure instinct and adrenaline, not human reason, seemed to compel her as she turned her head and caught the arrow. With her jaws.

Hans couldn't believe his eyes. The men were equally aghast. They just witnessed Elsa transform into a white wolf.

Elsa growled as she easily snapped the arrow in two with her teeth. Seeing all the men cornering her, Elsa's snow-white fur bristled and her lips curled back into a snarl. Blind rage and fear engulfed her. A flurry of snow whipped around her wolf body. The guard she had almost pushed over the edge rushed forward to attack her. Elsa whirled around. Only two things raced in her mind: Fight. Live.

She lunged and sank her sharp teeth into his throat. Warm thick blood gushed forth, filling her mouth with its iron taste. The guard instantly died. Elsa let his body crumple to the floor. Blood pooled underneath it to form a grisly snowflake shape. With a savage snarl, she made for the second man pinned by her ice.

"No, please-!"

Her jaws at his head cut off his plea. His skull gave way in a sickening crunch. He emitted a choked gurgle and slumped against the ice wall. The crossbow slipped from his hand. Hans and the rest of the men stepped away in fear. Elsa's wild eyes fell on them. She bared her blood-stained teeth and stalked forward.

"Monster!" one of them cried. "The queen is a monster!"

Elsa suddenly lost her berserk rage. She took several steps back and blinked in confusion.

'What just happened...?'

Then she saw the blood. The dead guards from Weselton.

'No! This wasn't supposed to happen!'

Elsa tried to cry out in her defense, but it only came out as a strangled whine. Like a white arrow she streaked past the startled men and away from the palace. She ran as fast as she could, running as if she always had four paws. Thick snow didn't get in the way of her strong legs. She paid no heed to the wind clawing at her fur. Bitterness self-loathing filled her heart.

'What have I done? What have I become?'

A wolf couldn't shed tears. Elsa threw back her head and howled. 'I'm a traitor for abandoning Arendelle, and I'm a murderer for killing those men.'

Deep into the area where the mountainside met the forest, Elsa finally slowed to a stop. Terrible guilt gnawed at her wounded conscience. She didn't mean to kill those guards. She couldn't stop the animalistic drive to do whatever it took to survive. Whatever she felt, that still didn't take away the cold hard fact that she had killed them. Tasting human blood on her tongue nearly made her vomit. Never before had Elsa felt so disgusted and terrified of herself.

She found an icy stream up ahead. Elsa dipped her muzzle into the water to wash the blood away. It was all over her paws too; she brushed them roughly against the snow. She ruffled her fur dry, then she peered into the water with disbelief. A pair of piercing golden eyes stared back at her. Gone were her blue eyes and pale blond hair. Her fur was completely white, as if touched by newly fallen snow.

Elsa was so confused. 'How did I do this? Is this the form in which my powers are fully realized?' She hung her head in shame, staring at her white paws. 'I'm sorry, I understand why you keep me telling to conceal, don't feel. I've failed you. I couldn't conceal it.'

She felt a pit of despair in her gut. It was the same terrible feeling when she told Anna she didn't know how to stop the eternal winter. 'Just like the ice and snow I can't melt, there's no way I can turn back into a human. I can only make problems, not get rid of them.' She clenched her jaw. 'I'll never be free from this curse. Am I going to be a wolf forever?'

Elsa looked back to the mountain. 'Hans will return to Arendelle and tell the Duke. They'll take up arms and come after me with a vengeance.'

She ought to let them kill her for what she had done. But with a pang of guilt, she realized she wanted to live. She could simply disappear into the wilderness, living the rest of her days as a lone wolf and a forgotten queen.

Elsa broke into a loping run deeper into the frost-ridden forest, feeling like she could never go back to anything at all.

'I'm not even the Snow Queen anymore. Now I'm the Snow Wolf.'

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