Author's Notes: Here's a short synops of the Vampire Diaries, for those who may be reading this fic but have not actually read the four books it's based on. Needless to say, major VD spoilers up ahead!

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In Renaissance Italy, there lived two brothers, aristocratic sons of a count. Damon, the elder of the two was a rebel; the younger, Stefan, was a more filial son. Stefan fell for the daughter of his father's business associate, Katherine. Unfortunately, she also caught the eye of Stefan's rake of a brother, who quickly won her.

Katherine was a vampire, changed by a man named Klaus, to save her life. The brothers forced her to choose between them, but she could not and changed them both into vampires instead. She believed that that they could be three 'joyous companions forever.'

Far from it, the brothers fought. Katherine killed herself out of sadness, hoping to bring them together in comfort and shared grief. However, anguished by her death, the boys killed each other, completing the change into vampires.

For five hundred years, Stefan lived in the shadows, hating his nature. Eventually, in 1992, he came to Fell's Church, Virginia. He even enrolled in the local high school, attempting to build a real life for himself.

And there he met Elena Gilbert, queen of Robert E. Lee High School, who was the very image of his lost Katherine. They fell in love and even planned to marry.

It was about then that mysterious deaths started happening around the little town. At the same time, Elena encountered Damon who was ruthless, powerful and highly seductive. He was obviously behind the murders. And determined to have Elena.

Eventually, Elena became a vampire and it slowly became obvious that Damon was not the only danger in the town. It turned out to be the not-dead Katherine, who was mad - that is, angry and insane - and out for revenge (jealousy) and sadism (hurting the very two men she supposedly loved).

Elena defeated her, dying in the process (vampires can't go out into sunlight without a particular amulet in this story).

Six months later, Bonnie, Elena's budding psychic friend, began to have weird dreams about her. When Sue, a classmate, is killed, Bonnie followed Elena's dream-time instructions and summoned Stefan back to Fell's Church. He brought Damon with him.

Another series of gruesome events followed, and the friends discovered that Klaus, the vampire that changed Katherine, was behind them. He was out to get Stefan, having an unreasoning hatred for the Italian vampire.

The problem was, Klaus was an Original, one of the legendary vampires that had not started out as a human. Stefan could not beat him; not even Damon could defeat him. It was the Summer Solstice - the day when the veil between the living and the dead was thinnest - and Bonnie appealed to Elena. She appeared and, with the help of the unquiet spirits of the war victims, bound Klaus harmlessly in the spirit realm.

Elena healed the friends of the injuries they sustained in the fight against Klaus and returned to the spirit realm, unwillingly separated from Stefan once again. Miraculously, a minute later, she was returned to earth, to the very clearing where her friends had battled, in human form once more.

And so our story begins...

For more detail than that, you'll have to read the books. All four of them.

Honestly, it would be best if you've read VD - more details referred to, that were not mentioned in this synops. For example, ANL starts with 'It was raining again' because Elena made it rain to put out the fires Klaus started with lightning balls (yes, I say balls - well, you'll understand if you read the books) during the battle.