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Chapter 1 - The Awakening!

When my consciousness finally returned I noticed that I was laying on a bed in a hospital room.

'Where am I?' I slowly open my eyes up while looking at my body at the same time noticing my right arm in a cast.

"Hello, I see that you are awake now young man." I turn my attention to an old man smiling with a red hat and robes that had symbols on them. They looked oddly familiar somehow... that is at least the clothing.

This startled me just now noticing him. "Um, hello sir." He nods back.

"Where am I, sir?" I ask him.

"You are in Konoha General Hospital, young man." The old man answers.

"I have a few questions I would like to ask you, but first things first, may I ask who I am speaking with?" He asks me right on the spot.

"My... name?" I look at him in confusion at this question.

'What is my name?' I close my eyes trying to remember what my name was. After a few seconds of thinking, the letters of my name finally started to resurface in my mind, at least my first name anyways. 'My last name seems to be wiped clean from my memories. For right now though, I just hope that my first name will be enough for him.' I thought.

"My name is Rai. I can't recall my last name." I tell him.

"I see... well Rai, where are you from?" He asked me next.

It takes me a few seconds to think but, nothing comes up in my head. "I can't really remember, sir." I inform him.

"Hmm... well seeing as how you can't remember, I would have to guess that you must have suffered more then just a broken arm when I found you floating half dead in a river passing by and possibility gained to some extent amnesia if all you can really recall is but your first name." I jump up a little in surprise.

"Wait, you found me floating half dead in a river?" I question him.

He nods in response. "That is correct. I brought you to this hospital as soon as possible." He explains to me.

"I see, thanks very much for saving me... um? Could I ask who I am addressing please to show my thanks?" I ask my savior.

"You may call me the Third Hokage." He responds.

"Thank you for saving me, Third Hokage." I bow my head.

"You're welcome, Rai." He said with a smile.

"Now then, how would you feel about studying at our ninja academy, Rai?" The Hokage offers to me after a brief silence.

"Why would you ask me if I want to be a ninja?" I ask confused. 'Why would he offer this opportunity to me a unknown boy he found in a river?' I wondered.

"I can tell when an amateur spy is trying to get into the village. I'm not getting that feeling from you, nor am I sensing any lies. Ninja can graduate at 12 and are treated as adults. You would receive a stipend each month and you would be allowed to stay in your own apartment." The Third offers.

'I really can't argue with that kind of offer.' I thought. "Alright, when would I start?" I ask.

"The new school year is starting in 2 weeks. If you're able to get on your feet by that point, I'm sure you'd be able to start with the new class." The Hokage informs me.

"Well, it seems like a good offer to me. I accept." I nod with a slight smile on my face and he in turn does the same smiling.

The Third leaves me so that he can get back to his paper work back at his office. The doctor who was treating me while in the hospital checks up on me and runs a few tests to make sure I am capable of leaving.

"Alright young man, you're good to go. Come back again if you feel any sort of pain coming back to you." The doctor tells me. He then takes off the cast on my right arm.

"Okay, thanks doctor." I bow my head and get up off the hospital bed and go to the front counter to sign out.

'I am finally discharged. It was beginning to get real boring in that hospital. I mean lingering in bed for 13 days. I must have really took a nasty hit to my right arm.' I think inwardly, leaving the place.

When I get outside the hospital doors I come across a team of ninja. Three random kids, who are about 4 years older than me and one random adult.

The adult behind the three of them looks at me. "You must be Rai, I presume? We were given a mission to escort you around the village and finally to where you will be staying." He said.

"Uh yes, I am how did you know?" I ask the group back.

"Well we were told before taking the mission that it was a young boy with snow white hair." One of the boys reply.

"And seeing as how snow white hair is uncommon around here, we figured it must have been you." The next boy to his right responds.

After getting their answer I nod. "I see, well then shall we leave?" I ask and they all nod.

Heading down the streets of Konoha, I receive some odd looks from people that we pass by. "Any of you guys noticing the weird looks I am getting?" I inquire from them.

"It must have something to do with the fact that you're still in your hospital clothes and there is also your hair to consider." The girl in the group responds.

"Okay, okay I get it. My hair color is odd for my age." I sigh a little depress. "Anyway, I suppose I do need to get more casual clothes and return these hospital clothes though. Any places you guys have in mind?" I ask them.

They point over to shop selling clothes and hand me a letter from the Third Hokage. I grab it and open it to find 50,000 Ryo. While they wait outside I go inside to purchase a light blue hoodie, gray shorts and also navy colored sandals, which together cost me 1,000 Ryo and I proceed to a dressing room. When putting on the clothes I look into the mirror across from me and notice my snow white hair and I can now understand why the villagers that I passed by were giving me such weird looks before. Also, I noticed that I had dark blue eyes. After checking my self out I grabbed my hospital clothes and left the store to meet back with my tour guides.

"Sorry for the wait." They turn around to the sound of my voice and notice me in my new clothing.

"Looking good kid." One of the boys said.

"Eek! You look so cute!" The girl exclaimed.

I take a step back and blush a little at their compliments. "Um uh... thanks. Shall we get going with the rest of the tour?" I ask them all and they nod.

After a couple more places that they show me I begin to feel my stomach growling and it makes a noise as do the rest of the kids and their stomachs.

"Man... I'm starving. Anyone feeling hungry?" One of the boys questioned.

"Yeah, I am feeling it over here!" Exclaimed another boy.

We all looked over to the girl. "The feeling is mutual." She responds.

The three Genin look up to their sensei. "Hey sensei, would it be okay if we took a break and went out to eat?" They ask.

Their sensei is silent for a moment. "Well considering you have all been doing such a good job with your missions lately, sure my treat." He says accepting the request.

His students look up to him happily. "You're the best sensei!" They exclaim.

Their sensei smirks a little. "I know, I know. Would you like to come along with us Rai? Don't worry I will pay for you as well. You sound just as hungry as they do." He said not wanting to ignore who they're supposed to be helping, especially since the mission came from the Third Hokage himself.

"Sure thing, I could take a break anyway after all the walking we have done." I say relieved.

We all stop at a dumpling shop. When I took my first bite out of one of the three dumplings that I got on my plate. My face radiated with happiness. Like seriously these are delicious.

Their sensei took notice of this and grins. "Looks like you have quite the sweet tooth kid." He says laughingly because of the expression on my face. The Genin laugh as well merrily at my disposition.

I once again blush a little. When we all resumed eating our dumplings I looked at them all conversing with one another. 'Is this how a team is like? I wonder... if I will ever be a part of such a team as happy like this one.' I inwardly hope for the future yet to come.

Once we were all done eating we resumed the tour only having to check out a few more places before finally stopping by the apartment I would be residing in. They escorted me to my room.

"Well this should be the end of the tour here." Their sensei says.

I nod in response. "Thanks for everything today, I really appreciate it." I bow my head with my arms beside me.

"Don't mention it kid, just doing our job that is what we shinobi do." One of the boys respond.

The boy beside him with his hands sliding together in a scheming sort of way responds. "But hey kid, if you really want to show your appreciation, you could give us 10 percent of the Ryo you are holding onto in your letter." Before I could respond the girl hits him on the head.

"You idiot! Were not suppose to ask for money from our clients, especially from a boy his age!" The girl says scolding him.

'I am kind of getting annoyed now by how much they are treating me. I know I am 4 years younger than them but come on...' I grumble inwardly.

"I was only kidding around, shesh you women don't know when to take a joke." The boy who was hit on the head by the girl says under his breath.

The girl hears this and her eye flinched in response. "WHAT! WHY YOU DECEITFUL LITTLE!" The girl flares up at his insult.

"Awe... crap sorry guys gotta go! I forgot help my mom out back home I promised to help her at 4:30 today!" The boy explains trying to run for his life with his obvious excuse to avoid the girl.


The two Genin leave and we're baffled at what just happened. I decide to break the silence and speak. "Well now... you guys certainly have quite a interesting group... you might wanna tell him to think before he says something that he'll regret and for her to work on her anger, otherwise she'll hurt innocent bystanders on the side." I said voicing my opinion.

The boy remaining with his sensei responds. "Haha... tell me about it." He facepalms at his fellow teammates embarrassing actions.

"Well in any case, I am certainly going to have to give them a stern talking to about not only working on self improving themselves, but also trying not to disturb the peace moving forward." Their sensei says and sighs heavily at the end.

"Well anyway, here is your key to where you will be staying." The boy informs and hands over the key to me.

"We had best get going now to report on completing our mission." Their sensei told me and I nodded.

"Alright, good bye." I give my farewell and wave my hand to them leaving getting the same response from them back.

I open the door to my room and explore a bit. I found a fridge for my food, which I plan to put the dumplings I bought for myself to save later on, a round table with four chairs, a couch that can carry two people, a drawer for my clothing and my ninja tools and lastly a bed which I go to flop my face on.

'Hmm... I wonder how the academy will treat me on the first day when I arrive, but also... just who am I? I got to remember the memories of my past.' I thought to myself drifting away to sleep.

Author's Note: My character Rai which is the name of a character from the game known as Code Geass: Lost Colors who is also a amnesic person whose character I found to be interesting. My character will remember stuff one step at a time and his last name will be revealed at some point in the story. Once again do give me constructive criticism and do please review thanks for reading.