Prologue : Birth of a Legend

Namikaze Minato, the fourth hokage of konohoa, was filled with a sorrow so deep it felt like an ocean. See he knew that what he was about to do would sentence his newborn daughter, Kuremei, to a life of hatred and loneliness. He looks up to see the massive chakra beast known as Kyuubi heading towards the village. Glancing down into the pink blanket in his arms he spots a tuff of royal purple hair poking out. Kuremei was wrapped in this blanket sleeping peacefully. He sighs as he says "Kuremei my only daughter please forgive me for the burden I'm about to force upon you." With that said he summons forth Gamabuta the great toad boss. Gamabuta upon spotting the Kyuubi says "Brat why am I fighting the Kyuubi-no-Kitsune?" He looks to his summoner an notices the sorrowful look in his eyes and immediately realizes this is the most likely the last the brat would summon him. So without saying another word he leaps into battle with the Kyuubi. As the boss toad stalls for time Minato begins the quick sequence of hand seals, nearing the end he screams out "Shiki Fuin!" Bringing forth the death god and his good friend Hades. Who upon seeing Kuremei realizes that she is a demi-god decides to keep and eye on the girl and see who's daughter she is. As the shinigami seals the kyuubi inside kuremei, Hades catches a glimpse at what her life would be like and he becomes horrified and decides this poor girl can use all the help she can get and not only does he give her his blessing, but he also summons forth Cerberus the guardian of the underworld to be her personal guardian, of course he's all to happy and shrinks down until he's puppy size and curls up next to the girl. Minato seeing the dog but not Hades, smiles thinking "At least she'll have at least one friend." The seal is finishing and he can feel his life force draining so he speaks the shinobi around him he says "Treat her as the hero she is, and sarutobi make sure to keep the marriage contracts open for her…!" With that last sentence uttered The Fourth Hokage draws his last breathe