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Summary: Naruto learned about the Kyuubi after being trick to steal the forbidden scroll, and decided to give the Kyuubi his freedom. Kurama couldn't be more please about the boy's actions, in return he decides to adopt the kid, as a father he wants a little payback for his son suffering. He quickly makes a deal with all the villages in return for sparing them each village much hand over a sacrifice to be used as a slave. This year Konoha's sacrifice is…. Hyuuga Hinata.

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The Demon Prince bride

Chapter 1: Failure

Uzumaki Naruto watch sadly as all the new genin left with their parents, everybody that pass the exam was being congratulated while all the others that failed was being gently comforted by someone… All except himself of course. He failed the exam for the third time and that means he won't ever become a ninja, he's dreamed of becoming Hokage has been and being respected was destroyed, Naruto felt like a failure as tears began making their way down his cheek. Some of the parents notice and glared at him as they left with their kids, Naruto flinch and started to gently swing himself on the swing not noticing that a certain heiress was making her way towards him. "You're a failure, Naruto, nothing more than a failure. The villagers were right." Naruto mumble bitterly as he grip tighten and tears fell to the ground.

"T-That's not true, Naruto-kun! Y-You're not a failure." Hinata said as she sat down in the ground in front of him.

Naruto was shock to see that the shy girl that always looked down when he gazed at her was right in front of him. Naruto looked at the girl and saw warmth in her gaze; she looked at him with kindness and something else that he couldn't identify. He tried to searched his brain for her name, he remember that she was the heiress of a prestige clan, and that her name was…Hinata. Naruto came back to reality as he felt her gently wipe away of few of his tears, her hand caressing his cheek and soothing him. Hinata face held a slight blush and a loving smiled as she willed herself not to faint, the time for fainting ended when Naruto cried, and she wasn't willing to let him alone when he was like this.

"H-Hinata?" Naruto question confused.

"Hai, Naruto-kun." Hinata said as she kept her hand's ministration.

"What are you doing?" Naruto asked confused as he couldn't stop himself from leaning into her touch and closing his eyes.

"I-I just hate seeing sad, Naruto-kun. I just want to comfort you, and be with you." Hinata said sincerely.

Naruto eyes snapped opened and he stare in shock at Hinata, her words were sincere and her tone was caring, Naruto was confused as to why the young girl cared for him. He tried to asked why, yet the lump that formed in his throat prevented him to asked, however, Hinata seemed to know what he wanted to asked. Hinata turned red and she tried to maintain her gaze firmly into his eyes, she needed him to know and understand; she needed him to know that she cared for him deeply no matter what. She was done being a coward, and seeing him suffer all alone.

"Because Naruto-kun, I-I love you and I don't want you to be alone anymore. I-I don't want you to believe you're failure because it isn't true, Naruto-kun, you're strong enough to stand after you fall and try again. You never give up on your dream and kept trying no matter what anyone said about you. A failure would have given up and lose hope a long time ago, but not you Naruto-kun, because you're strong. You're my inspiration and when I need to be strong I think about you; it's your smiled that gives me strength, Naruto-kun." Hinata said lovingly.

Naruto for his part couldn't believe what he was hearing, someone actually cared about him, someone actually loved him! Naruto felt his heart jump at her words, and he felt joy at knowing he wasn't going to be alone anymore. Naruto couldn't handle so many different emotions: shock, joy, gratitude, and… fear that he this was just dreamed and he would wake up in his apartment alone and miserable. Naruto knew that he couldn't respond to the young girl confession because he didn't love her, at least not yet, but he was sure he would. For now he gave a tearful smiled and hug her tightly to his chest, tears fell from his eyes and into Hinata's hair.

"Hinata-chan, arigato, arigato, arigato…" Naruto kept repeating into her ear as he held on tightly making her blush deeper.

Hinata put her own arms around him and held on just as tightly, she was happy that she was able to confess and cheer-up Naruto, and even if he didn't feel the same way it didn't matter to her because right now what was important was Naruto and making him happy. She only always wanted his happiness and if he was happy then the rest could wait. They kept on holding each other and neither let go until it was late in the afternoon, and that was only because a person coughs loudly to interrupt them. They both looked up to see Mizuki and he smiling at them awkwardly, yet if they would have looked closely it would show that his smile was force and that his eyes held disgust.

'Damn, I had to show myself to them; I couldn't wait any longer for her to leave the demon. What is the heiress of the Hyuuga clan doing with that demon? I bet he did something to her to manipulate her; there is no way the heiress of the clan can actually care for that demon. I wanted to wait until he was alone, yet it looked like it wasn't happening anytime soon.' Mizuki thought to himself bitterly as he kept smiling at them.

"Mizuki-sensei, what are you still doing here?" Hinata asked disbelief .

"Ah, I just wish to speak with Naruto, Lady Hinata. It's getting late and I'm sure you're expected in your clan soon, you might as well leave so you won't be late and that way I can speak with Naruto. Can we speak, Naruto?" Mizuki said giving the heiress a respect full bow.

Hinata didn't like the way that Mizuki wanted to subtly get rid of her, and she was about to object until she saw Naruto gave her a warm smile and got up from the swing. "You should get going, Hinata-chan. I don't want you to get in trouble, want me to walk you home?" Naruto asked kindly while turning his back to the now sour looking Mizuki. Hinata looked at Naruto's foxy grin and returned to her shy self, she began playing with her fingers and blushed darkly. "A-A-Ano… T-Thank y-you, b-but no. I-I can go a-alone, Naruto-kun. Goodbye, Naruto-kun, Mizuki sensei." Hinata stuttered and walk away giving Naruto a bright smile and wave while she gave a nod to Mizuki. Both Naruto and Mizuki watch her walk away, but both have very different reasons why. Naruto because he was having trouble looking away from her since he felt a pang at his heart when she left, and Mizuki because he wanted to make sure she left to make his move.

"Naruto, how would you like some extra credit for you to pass the exam?" Mizuki said giving Naruto a fake smile.

"What? Extra credit, really? What do I have to do?" Naruto said excitedly.

'Hook, line and sinker, lets the game begin, Demon.' Mizuki thought with a sinister smile.

~~~~~~~~~~ Some hours later~~~~~~~~~~~

After the fight between Iruka, Naruto vs. Mizuki was over Naruro was promoted to genin and that should have been a dream come true, yet he felt strangely empty. He has found out the truth of why he was hated and now he just felt hollow. The road only had a few people outside and he felt the cold stares; he felt them throw rocks at him, yet he didn't feel any of it. When he made it back towards his apartment he decided to go to sleep, however, he was concentrating on the kyuubi and to his surprise when he opened his eyes he was in what looked like a sewer and in front of him was a close gate. The close gate had a seal place on it and inside Naruto could see a large beast with sharp fangs and red eyes; the kyuubi no kitsune. The kyuubi was surprise at seeing his jailor here, yet he wasn't happy about it because he was sure the kid just came to mock him.

"What is it that you want, Jailor?" Kyuubi growled out.

Naruto wasn't scared of the kyuubi; he just felt a pang of guilt and felt sympathy towards the beast. The nine-tails tried to destroy the village, that he knew, yet Naruto couldn't help wonder if maybe it was the villagers fault. Maybe they made the nine-tails was just defending himself, or maybe they hated the kyuubi and made him hate them back. They were so many possibilities and Naruto wasn't about to pass judgment on the nine- tails until he knew the whole story. So, with that in mind he began walking closer to the gate and gave the fox one of his foxy grin.

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto, what's your name?" Naruto asked.

"I'm the most powerful being in the land! I'm the great and powerful Kyuubi no kistune!" The Kyuubi presented himself confused at the idiotic blonde. Why wasn't he scared?

"No, those are your tittles, I asked for your name!" Naruto said stubernly.

"Why would I tell you my name, you insignificant human?" The kyuubi asked in curiosity.

"Because I already told you my name and it's only fair I know yours before you tell me your side of the story about the night you attack the village." Naruto said simply.

"My side of the story? What difference will it make if I do tell you, Human? You and your disgusting race are the reason everything happen! You will believe what you want and only what you want," The kyuubi said bitterly.

"I'm not like that, Kyuubi-san, I know what is like to be judge and not heard. The pain of loneliness and hatred directly into your heart… I won't judge until I know what really happen and for that I need your side of the story too." Naruto said quietly.

"It's a long story, kit…" The kyuubi hesitantly said.

"I have time," Naruto said as he sat-down in front of the cage.

"Fine, let's start with my name, kit. I'm kurama." Kurama began.

Naruto smiled.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Some hours later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Kurama finished his story and Naruto was surprise at what Kurama said, he believe in the fox and that surprise him, yet at the same time he really did believe him. He felt a pang of sympathy at the Kurama's predicament, they were both very similar they were both judge and hated, they were both cage except Kurama was literal and his symbolic, and they were both lonely too. Naruto stand-up and gave Kurama a sad smiled while he nodded his head.

"Wow, I'm sorry for what happen, Kurama-san. Its must have been horrible for you. I want to help you, Kurama-san." Naruto said sincerely.

"Help me? You want to help me? How?" Kurama asked surprised, the kit has surprise him in a whole new level, he was even started to enjoy his presence.

"I will find away to give you back you're freedom," Naruto said simply.

He doesn't remember the last time he felt anything other the hatred or loneliness, yet in this moment he felt something chance in him. Kurama smiled in response.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Four years later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Naruto woke-up from his dream, he remember the day that change his life; his first meeting that he had with his adoptive father, and the confession of a certain heiress. He still felt a pang of guilt as he remembered that the day after he left Konoha, he just left his headband and walk out of the gates without even saying goodbye to anyone. Since that day much has change his hair was longer now, he was taller, his eyes were a darker blue, and his cloths were still orange. Yet, his appearance wasn't what changed much; it was his attitude and that he was no longer the jinchuriki of the kyuubi no kitsune even though he still has some of the fox chakra.

True to his word the young Naruto has found away to give his freedom back to Kurama, and he even found the truth about who were his parents along the way. Naruto has grown stronger under the training of his adoptive father and being on the run until he found a way to give kurama his freedom back. They were a team and when Naruto free him, Kurama decided to adopt him and found a small destroyed village to call it home for them. Still Kurama wasn't satisfied about many things; he wanted revenge on the villages that cause both him and his son pain, so instead on going on a rampage and destroying everything he decided that he would leave the villages alone if each year they provided a slave. The villages didn't quickly agree, but after a few destroyed armies' and constants death they decided to agree before he destroyed them all. A very wise choice. Naruto wasn't ok with Kurama's actions, yet after Kurama explained his point a view he decided to let his adoptive father of the villages were even sending more slaves that they thought were weak and saw this as a change to get rid of them 'easily'. Now even with so little time, the destroyed village was rebuilt into a great, strong village.

Naruto was happy that the people quickly adapted here and where actually happy with their lifestyles, old people, young people and even children were all happy here. Naruto made sure of their happiness and in return for it all 'slaves' soon respected and even cared for both his father and him instead of fearing them. Still Naruto felt a large hole in his heart; he missed a few people very dearly, and he still wishes they could be with them. He still regrets not just kidnapping the young heiress and taking her with him, yet he knew that if he did it would have been selfish of him to take her away from her family.

Naruto quickly shook those thoughts away and got out of bed in a hurry, his father decided that this year he will be the one to retrieve the slaves from Konoha and he was hoping that he could sneak in the Hyuuga compound and see the girl that plagues his dreams before returning back. As Naruto grabbed his bag and hurried into the hall; he passed the throne room where his father was sitting in his kyuubi form, and gave a quick wave goodbye to his father. Naruto ran in high speed, ignoring the servants' farewell and his father laughter. When he was finally out of his home and in the streets smile slightly at the bows and wishes of farewell from the villagers and kept on running.

'I'm coming to see you, Hinata-chan, believe it!' With that last thought Naruto ran faster and disappear from sight.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~An hour later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Naruto has finally made it to Konoha in an hour, and he smiled brightly. He made his way pass the guards he notice their cold gaze, yet he ignored it and kept walking happily in the streets. The streets were empty and none of the villagers were out. Naruto smiled brighter and headed towards the Hokage tower. As he enter the room he notice that there was a new Hokage, a few ANBU, council members, but what surprise him was that one of them was Hizashi Hyuuga standing next to a person that was wearing the Hyuuga robes and also said person tied-up and had a bag over his the head to hide that person's identity. 'The Hyuuga's decided to hand over someone from their clan; that's a first.' Naruto thought amused.

"Here is you're slave! This time we give you one within our clan and hope not to see you again." Hizashi was the first to speak and that made Naruto chuckle.

"Oh, Hizashi-sama, you flattered me with you're kind words and heartwarming wishes."Naruto said while he laughed harder.

Everybody in the room looked at him with distrust and some of them were fidgeting in fear; that made Naruto grinned, yet he decided to end his fun because he was in a hurry to see Hinata. Naruto figured that now with Hizashi here it would be easier to enter the compound without so many rackets. Naruto made his way towards the tied-up figure, that hasn't even twitched or spoken a word, he was curious at to see who this slave was and went to free his hand. Naruto notice that the slave had feminine hands and up closer he notice that the robes couldn't hide the curves of a young female. Naruto began to quickly undo the ropes, not caring of the protest he was receiving, and quickly slid the bag off the person head. He let the bag drop to the ground and took a step back in horror when he noticed the dead lavender eyes of the offering of Konoha's that was looking right back at him… ohh kami…

"Hinata-chan." Naruto whisper in disbelief and that was when all hell broke loose…

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