How she became Ms. Sydney Valentine



Part One

Sydney lost the bet she had to the ad campaign for the hottest writer in social media who calls his style Hallotine. William Valentine made most ad agents scare because of his demanor, he didn't stink or anything like that his clothes was always nice and he spoke very short to the point. Sydney drew the last straw and the elevator opened up as William stepped off of it, it was thunder and lighting that crack outside as he smile so big. He walked to her and Sydney was paralysis in fear but William was a hot commodity right now.

"Ms. Sydney I am a Mr. Valentine and I welcome working with you; where's your father?" William asked.

"He's off in England right now so I'll be handling...I mean working...I mean I will be putting together the promotion for your new book That Person." Sydney replied.

William smirk to himself and Sydney gesture for him to meet him in her office. He walked in front of her and Sydney took a long breath then walked behind. It was early in the morning and there was just a Skeletion crew. So people could hear he scream.