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To Protect

Chapter Seventeen

"Oh bugger!" Harry said while bending at the waist near their bedside. "Oh fuck! Mer—oh," he breathed, helpless against wave after wave of pain. His stomach contracted, and he was sent into another stream of curses.

The potion's master, ex-Death Eater, frightened of nothing or no one, stood helplessly in corner of the room – terrified.

"You did this to me," Harry bit out angrily, "oh fuck!" He was nearly hyperventilating from pain. Nothing in his life had felt even close to this pain. "You bloody git!"

Poppy strode into the room, her smirk directed towards Severus, as she hustled over to Harry. He was white-knuckled against the bed surface, his body jerking away from its invisible attacker, breathing his best through the hot tendrils that shot through his body.

"Poppy," the older wizard pleaded, "there must be something wrong-"

"There is nothing wrong," she said nearly laughing. Harry tossed her a glare before groaning at another squeeze of torment wracked his stomach. "He is merely having contractions. I will need to transfer him to the infirmary."

"At the school?" Severus inquired incredulously.

"Yes," she said as she looked backwards at him while rubbing soothing circles into Harry's lower back. "That's right Harry, breathe in deeply through your nose and out deeply through your mouth." Harry struggled to do as she told him; he could barely breathe at all. "He needs to have my tools nearby should anything go wrong."

"Go wrong," Severus repeated breathlessly.

"Nothing will," she said in exasperation. "Really, Severus, you have seen a few wizard pregnancies in your should understand how this usually progresses." Harry cried out again as his lower spine felt like there was a knife imbedded indefinitely into it.

"Can you two," he gritted out against his pain, "stop talking and get-" he cried out as another squeeze stole the air from him. He wanted to curl into the fetal position; the pain was going to be the death of him. "Pain relief!" he screamed at the medi-witch. She clucked her tongue with distaste before pulling a potion from her bag.

"Here," she said forcing Harry to drink the potion. He groaned with appreciation. All the while, the helpless potion's master stood with his hands clenched at his side and a face full of frustration.

"Poppy," Severus demanded her attention with the mere quiet whisper of her name. "Let us stop stalling..." She sighed again before helping Harry over to the Floo. Severus followed, his hand placed on Harry's back in the only comfort he knew how to offer as they stepped through.

Several hours later, Poppy had forced Harry into a sleep state during the removal though a part of him was glad for it. When he awoke, Severus sat cradling a small blanket wrapped bundle with a small patch of black hair and creamy white skin viewable from where he laid.

"Sev," Harry whispered as he throat was dry from his earlier use. Severus's eyes jerked to his own, and for the first time, the man smiled without any sort of hesitation; a smile that was filled with undeniable happiness. The older wizard's eyes were glistening with withheld tears as he stood very slowly, holding the small babe in his arms protectively to himself, and made his way to Harry's bedside.

"Harry," the man whispered back; his voice was quiet with emotion as he transferred the small whimpering baby to Harry's arms. The sight of their child was one that Harry would never in all his years forget. The small face, that was covered in milky white, baby-soft skin, cooed quietly in his sleep. A small curled hand was pressed to one side of his face while the other was more than likely held captive beneath the soft material of the blanket. The small fluff of black hair was soft to the touch; Harry ran a loving touch over the small feathers of the baby's hair.

"Welcome to the world, Noah," he whispered as he pressed a soft kiss to Noah's cheek. "I love you." He turned his gaze towards Severus who bent immediately to pressed a chaste kiss to his forehead. "Oh Sev, he's perfect."

A prideful smile graced the potion's master's face. "Indeed."

"I cannot tell who he looks more like," Harry said as he gazed at Noah's face.

The man conjured a chair to Harry's side. "He has your nose," the man started. "Something one should be thankful for." Harry chuckled as he let the small hand wrap around his index finger. "A handsome lad indeed."

"You are already sounding like a proud father," Harry teased as he cast an endearing gaze to his lover.

Severus chuckled softly before touching the small face of their child. "I am, Harry. I had never thought myself destined for children. The evil vermin were not exactly something I wanted for myself or my future partner if I were ever lucky enough to secure one." Severus breathed before capturing Harry's cheek within his palm, "However, I cannot imagine my life otherwise. You have gifted me so much in such a short period of time. I fear I am feeling a little overwhelmed by it."

"It does feel as though I might die of happiness," Harry joked with a small laugh. Severus nodded with a small smirk before both of their attention was drawn back to Noah who whimpered once more in his slumber.


When Severus returned from the trial against Draco Malfoy – he had been called as a witness – he was utterly exhausted. The evidence was substantial but the testimony was what sent him immediately to guilty as charged.

"Mister Draconis Lucius Malfoy," the minister Shacklebolt called as he directed a severe gaze on the man. Draco had not moved barely an inch in his seat, his head held high much like his father had during his trial, and every bit of his pride retained within a single glance. "You are charged with several counts of torture using Unforgivable curses and the death of an unborn minor. Administer the Veritaserum, if you would." A small man approached and without regards to the man he gave it to, forced it down his throat and ensured it was promptly swallowed.

"Is your name Draconis Lucius Malfoy?"

"It is."

"When were you born?"

"The fifth of June, 1980."

"Very good. Where were you on the night of December twenty-fifth?"

"In London," Draco replied evenly.

"Did you assist in the kidnapping of one Hermione Jean Weasley nee Granger?"


"Was the assistance in her kidnapping done of your own free will?"

"Yes," the crowd began to speak amongst themselves. Severus felt the pang into his heart as he gazed upwards to his godson.

"For what reason did you kidnap Misses Weasley?"

"In order to lure Harry Potter," Draco said with a hiss. Severus's stomach clenched with anger.

"And what was your hope for Mister Potter once you had lured him?" Kingsley's voice was growing more severe with every moment.

"To kill him and that unborn filth inside him." The crowd went up in a fury of voices. Kingsley's voice rang out for silence.

"Why do you wish to kill Harry Potter?"

"He stole the only thing that I ever loved."

"And what is it that you loved?"

"Severus Snape."

Severus rubbed the bridge of his nose before he trekked towards their bedroom. It was well into the evening, and he was sure that his young lover and child were fast into slumber. After ensuring his loved ones were tucked away and received a soft returning kiss, he left their bedroom. He could not find it within him to lay beside them just yet; so instead, he took solace in his favored chair with a glass of whiskey.

He did not allow himself to think of his godson as it was all still too emotionally overwhelming. Severus prided himself a skilled Legilimens, but he had never caught any inkling of his godson's betrayal or lust toward his person. Shaking away the dark thoughts, Severus relaxed into the comfort of the chair.

"Sev," a soft voice whispered. He jerked his eyes towards the doorway to find his young lover, clad only in a large shirt. Harry hesitated before stepping inside the room to take a seat on the sofa near his chair. The soft glow of light caused Harry to appear angelic and reminded Severus of just how beautiful the young man truly was. He recognized his lover's hesitation and merely motioned for Harry to come into his lap. The young man was immediately obliging as he came to settled on Severus's lap. "Are you okay? Was it the trial? What happened?"

"In many ways yes, Harry," he soothed his fidgeting lover. "He was more than guilty of the charges, and I fear I am still in shock from such a betrayal." The emerald-green gaze captured his shortly before the small arms of his lover encircled him in a soothing hold. It was unlike Severus to relish in another's touch, but Harry had far from proved that though not prone to, Severus had quickly become that very person he once taunted; he enjoyed the every stroke of his young lover's hand upon his tensed shoulders; every whisper issued to comfort him broke down his barrier, and before he could stop them, the tears flowed.

Harry held him for hours it seemed before the cries of their child startled them away from their hold. Smiling, Harry begun to stand, "Well I had better..."

"Allow me," Severus said while standing and wrapping an arm around Harry. "I have not held him since this morning...or rather," he chuckled as he looked upon the clock, "yesterday morning."

"Sev," Harry asked as they made their way to the crying babe in the wooden bassinet Severus had gifted. Severus soothed the child as he summoned a warm bottle to feed him. He glanced over to his lover. While bouncing Noah softly in his arms, he nodded for Harry to continue. "Are you truly happy? Do you wished that maybe you could have...saved Draco?" Severus noted Harry's use of Draco's forename.

However, he shook his head immediately saying, "I am beyond happiness, Harry. I do wish, in part, that I had seen the deceit, but I doubt that anything I would have said could have spurred him another direction. No, Draco made his choices as I have made mine."

Harry nodded slowly as he watched Noah drink greedily from the bottle Severus fed him with. Severus watched the mixture of emotion dance in his lover's eyes. Before Harry could come to any misunderstandings, Severus came beside him and pressed a passionate kiss to the young man's lips.

"I love you, Harry James Potter. I neither regret nor wish for any different future," Severus said firmly, "though I may request a few more of these..." he said while lifting Noah slightly. "I will love you regardless of what our future may hold until death take me and most certainly beyond even death shall I love you."

A singular tear trailed Harry's face as he nodded vehemently. "I love you too, Sev."


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