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Today was the day. My buddy and I were finally going to meet. His handle was Sybrael, his name unimportant. Me? I'm Raziel, we play every multiplayer Star Wars game together, good times. Our meet was to be at a Starbucks. Makes it pretty easy when an employee will just shout out the name given. The day, Saturday, the time, 3:00 PM. This was it.

"Coffee, Black for a Raziel."

This was it. I walked up to the counter, grabbed my drink, and started towards a table outside. Just as we planned, the guy that approached me was taller, probably 6'4" or 6'3", long and lanky, dark blonde hair that hung to about halfway down his neck. Eyes a dirty green/brown color. This guy has no sense of color! Black jeans, gray button up shirt, and a dark grey patchy jacket over his shoulder. He comes and sits down at my table.

"Sybrael, I presume?" I said.

"Yeah, and you're Raziel right?" he replied.

"Sure am, good to finally meet you."

"Yeah, traffic was sheer hell, why did we have to go downtown anyway?"

"There is a Star Wars exhibit opening, thought we might go check it out."

"Sounds cool, what do you have there?"

"Call me old fashioned, but I thought I might offer you a gift." I opened the satchel I had with me, and pulled out two small boxes. "I found these at a yard sale, fine shape, just old." I passed Sybrael his, and opened mine. In the boxes were watches, old pieces, but perfectly serviceable, the wind up kind, I guess before the battery models were produced.

"What time is it?" Sybrael asked.

I checked my phone. "3:15 PM." Together we both wound the watches, and set the time.

...Except, something wasn't quite right, the watch seemed to dissolve into a black, then the table, and my hand. I shouted, but by then my face was engulfed too.

Next chapter, from my friend DepthRuler's perspective. The story will alternate between myself and DepthRuler(Sybrael).

Short chapters, fast updates.