StormJedi's POV

We were about six feet away from the door when it opened.

"Oh Padme, where were you?" A man asks, definitely looks like a father. The way he looks at me makes me want to draw my pistol again.

"We were worried sick about you" A woman, Padme definitely got her looks from her mom's side of the family.

"Father, Mother, was was walking around the park, Raziel saved me." With that Padme turns the attention back to me. You have never felt true terror until a girls dad associates you with danger.

"And just what happened?" Padme's father asks, that question was directed at me.

"Well, um, Sir, it's sort of a long story, but the short version is I was walking in the park and I heard shouts, I drew my gun and walked toward the noise, and I found Padme here restrained by two men. I think one of them was named Teshig. I called out a warning, but they didn't back off, so I fired on them. One I shot in the... well in the geneitals, and the other in the knee as he was running."

"And where is this weapon now? Did you drop is somewhere?" Padme's father asked. Huh, I guess they've never heard of concealed carry before?

I pulled my pistol from its holster, and showed it to him. "What kind of weapon is that?"

"It's a pistol."

"Well I can tell it isn't a rifle, what charge does it fire?"

"No charge, .357 rounds."

"Rounds? As in projectiles?" Oh boy, now he was really glaring at me. "What are you, some sort of Mandalorian, running around with secret weapons and no armor?"

"I'm not a Mando, but for you to believe who I am you would need a Jedi."

"Well is just so happens one is coming to dinner tomorrow, I'm very interesting in your tale Raziel, and I hope what you're saying is true." Yep, definitely doesn't trust me, can't blame him though.

"I have no money with me, is there a place I could stay for the night." I notice Padme nudge her mother, who nudged her father, who glared at her mother, who glared back at her father. Ah yes, married couples, telepaths in all but name.

He sighs. "We are not without hospitality, you are free to stay the night pending our talk with Master Dooku. My name is Jobal, and this is my wife, Ruwee, welcome to the Naberrie home.

"Thank you sir."

It was late, and I was shown to my room by the butler, at least I think he was a butler.

"This will be your room for the night sir, clothing appropiate for dining with the family will be procured for you tomorrow." he said.

"Thanks Alfred."

"My name is Fergus sir, should you need anything."

"Sorry about that, you reminded me of someone."

"Will there be anything else sir?"

"No, thank you Fergus."

The butler, who definitely could have passed for Alfred, I wonder what planet has a British accent in Star Wars, nodded his head in a graceful butler-y fashion, and left the room.

Well let's see, bed big enough for a small elephant, huge walk-in closet the size of my bedroom back home, eerily empty, a bathroom, or is it refresher here, that could house multiple families, if this was the guest quarters, I can't even imagine the family rooms. I pulled off my shoes and outer clothes, and tried to get to sleep. Kind of hard when you are literally in Star Wars, and you just met the Queen of Naboo.

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