Chapter 1 The first time

The first time Sherlock purged, it was during the "Study in Pink", as John called it. It had been

exhausting chasing after that taxi the day before, and he had not eaten anything for 3 days. His

body was starting to protest. John did not know his habits well yet, and, as a doctor, thought they

were quite unhealthy. When he told John he was hungry, he had meant that he wanted a small

snack, like some walnuts, or a few grapes. Not fucking carbonara! That had to be at least 600

calories... He had tried to take the smallest portion possible, but Doctor John Watson would not

have it. He had sat, picking at his food, taking the occasional bite, until John looked slightly


He still remembers panting into the toilet bowl, looking down at the substances he had just

expelled from his stomach.

He remembers how he could hardly keep it down long enough to run to the bathroom with the

thought of all the calories in the cream, the cheese, the bacon, the pasta.

He remembers swallowing, as he fell back onto the cold tiled floor.

He remembers sobbing, at the thought of how fucked up he was.

After a good 5 minutes, Sherlock had gotten up from the floor, scrubbed off his hands and face,

flushed the toilet, washed out his mouth, and turned off the running shower off, his normal

emotional mask back on. The shower was the best way to disguise the retching noises. He had

opened the door, and proceeded to sit in his chair.

"That was... Nice," remarked the detective.

"Well, it's the first time you have said you were hungry, though I don't blame you, I haven't seen

you eat in two days! I wonder how often that opportunity comes along." replied John.

John soon picked up on Sherlock's habits, how he doesn't eat when he's on a case, how he only

eats small snacks, (his favorite being walnuts) rather than substantial meals. Sherlock was glad

that while the doctor did look sternly at him from time to time, he did not (often) force him to eat, or ask questions.