Kyle and Kenny along with Stan go straight to Craig's house.

Kenny says to Kyle "I can manipulate Craig into fighting both of us."

Kenny motions Stan to ring the doorbell.

Stan rings the doorbell and when Craig answers Stan says that both Kenny and Kyle have some things they'd like to say to him.

Kenny starts off "Craig you're no doubt tough. You're tough enough to stand up to Cartman when he gives you shit."

Craig says "oh wow that doesn't take guts at all."

Kyle added "well I would like to say that you're dark sided from your hat down to your shoes and that makes you bad ass. I mean you flip off the school counselor to his face. Anyhow I've always wondered why you hate the school counselor Craig?"

Craig gives a smile with his eyebrows up and answers "maybe I'm the kind of psycho who betrays the very person in charge of his therapy."

Kyle's face lit up with glee and then Craig started laughing hysterically.

Stan said "alright Craig here's the deal. Kyle and Kenny are trying to get you pumped up so you'll agree to take on both of them in a fight at they gym."

Craig got cocky and said "well shit Stan I think I can take down both your friends. I hope Kenny has been well fed today so he can take me on. I know how poor your family is Kenny. Oh and Kyle I hope your mommy doesn't get upset about you getting into a fight. She's always into everyone's business."

Craig started giggling and Kyle started to shake with anger.

Kenny asked "how about it?"

Craig said "let's do it right here."

Kyle charges at Craig but Craig dodges and trips him. Craig grabs Kyle and throws him on to the concrete of the drive way.

Kenny jumped toward Craig.

They each threw a total of three punches at each other and then Kenny did a spin kick and left Craig with a fat lip.

Craig was taken a back by Kenny but when Kenny charged at him Craig swept his feet causing him to fall.

As Kenny got back up he was met with a hard punch in the face. Kenny's nose was bleeding and as Kenny held his bloody nose Craig grabbed Kenny and threw him on the concrete drive way of his house.

Stan who'd been holding and comforting Kyle stood up and yelled "WINNER CRAIG TUCKER!"

He then called Kenny and Kyle idiots for not doing it together and compared it to Obi Wan and Anakin fighting Count Dooku.

Craig had a big smile on his face.