Part 1: The Arrival

Sky beat her wings furiously against the poring rain and roaring wind. She dodged the large stones that reached for the sky with blinding speed. Risking a glance behind her, Sky noticed the blazing Monstrous Nightmare right on her tail. She flexed the spikes on her tail in an attempt to ward off the angry dragon. In response, the Monstrous Nightmare spat out a series of red-hot flames. Sky had to spin in loops to dodge all the flames. Deadly Nadders are too slow, I need something faster… Sky thought. In a matter of seconds her entire body shifted form. Soon a pure white Night Fury replaced the Deadly Nadder. Better she thought. She glanced back at the Monstrous nightmare and smiled at the shock on its face. "Not what you expected, huh?" she growled smugly. "A shapeshifter! And you dared to attack MY nest?!" The red dragon roared. Shapeshifters were feared and hated by most dragons simply because they were so mysterious and strange. I was hungry… Sky thought sheepishly. Under normal circumstances she would have never tried to eat another Dragon's eggs, but she hadn't found anything to eat in two weeks and she was starving.

Sky had gained some distance from the Monstrous Nightmare with the Night Fury form but she was getting colder and wetter by the minute and they have been at this for almost half an hour. The fact that she was half-starved didn't help either. Suddenly she saw a light breaking the endless black ocean beneath her. Sky's hope soared as she saw an island in the distance. Hoping the Monstrous Nightmare wouldn't follow her to a human-inhabited island, Sky raced towards it with a new burst of energy. Unfortunately, the angry dragon didn't let up. "Aren't you going to turn back? Humans kill dragons!" Sky called behind her. "Not these ones." The Monstrous Nightmare responded. What kind of Viking doesn't kill Dragons? Sky wondered. She knew she should change out of Night Fury form in case she was seen, but Sky could feel the other dragon's hot breath on her tail and knew she couldn't afford to go any slower. Sky had just reached the island when she felt her wings start to freeze up. The rain had turned to hail and all the water on her wings had started to freeze.

Finally they gave way and she plummeted towards the forest below. Sky didn't have time to fix her position before she slammed head-first into the forest. She felt sticks and thorns rake her sides and frozen wings as she fell through the branches. She landed with a hard impact onto the ground. Sky's whole body screamed with pain. The Monstrous Nightmare landed neatly beside her. "Not so tough now, are you?" it sneered. Trying to clear her vision, Sky rose shakily to her feet. "Get away" Sky growled. "Or what?" the red dragon said as she took a step forward. Sky attempted an explosive fireball, as night furies are known for, but only a few sparks came out of her mouth. "That's it?" the Monstrous Nightmare laughed. She launched herself at Sky and grabbed her by the neck. Sky hit the dragon weakly with her claws. She tried to change form, but simply didn't have the energy.

The Monstrous Nightmare shook the Night Fury and threw her against a nearby tree. Sky hit it with a sickening thud and laid still, moaning in pain. Right as the Monstrous nightmare was walking over to finish her off something charged into the dragon's side. Sky forced her eyes open to see a large black Night Fury on top of Sky's attacker. And amazingly on the Dragon's back was a teenage human boy. "Over here guys!" He yelled into the night sky. Four other dragons appeared out of the darkness, each with their own riders. "I knew I saw something weird flying!" a chubbier boy atop a Gronkle said. "What is it?" said two twins simultaneously as they rode a Hideous Zippleback . Seeing the odds stacking against it the Monstrous nightmare slipped from the Black Night Fury's grasp and flew off into the night. "Should we go after it?" a blonde girl riding a Deadly Nadder asked the Night Fury-boy. Sky guessed he was their leader. "No, let's concentrate on the injured dragon. Fishlegs can you figure out what kind it is?" he asked the chubbier boy as they dismounted their dragons. "I don't know maybe a Deadly Nadder? It's so covered in dirt and uh…blood I can't tell." He responded with a worried look at Sky. The Night Fury-boy started to slowly walk closer to sky. "Hello girl, I'm not going to hurt you." He said softly.

"Hiccup I don't think that's a good idea, we don't know anything about that dragon, plus injured dragons can be unpredictable." The blonde girl called out. "Shhh, don't startle it, and I don't care, she needs help, she is hurt really bad." He responded. Sky tried to move farther away from Hiccup, but as soon as she moved she got dizzy with pain and blacked out.