Chapter 1:


"So close and yet so far," Nash said quietly, as people of all ethnicity's bustled around the world famous Louvre. "Mate, how are we supposed to get this thing out of here?" he asked, in the ancient language of Danu Talis.

"You want to speak up?" I criticized, in the same language, "I'm not sure everyone heard you."

Nash looked at me with disapproval, "I promise, no one here can understand us."

"You never know who's watching."

"Right..." Nash was uneasy. As long as I've known him, he was careful, but made many mistakes. I met him in England a few years earlier, while hunting an immortal who supposedly knew where to find the Fountain of Youth. Toren Nashket was English by birth, though his father was Filipino, giving him almond shaped eyes, and darker skin than most native born English. "You have a plan right?"

"Just the usual. Create a distraction for me." With that, I stepped into the crowd, leaving Nash to work.

Nash was a master of pickpocketing. Moving away from Joyeuse's display case, he ran into someone, stealing there wallet. He then miss-stepped,throwing himself into a group of three, pulling the first guy down with him. The scene attracted the nearby officer. The first man began to complain about his wallet, which was nowhere to be found. The smell of seaweed filled the room. The officer immediately searched Nash, who had already moved it. This gave me my window. With the officer and crowds distracted by the disappearing wallet, I sneaked back to the display case as the smell changed to that of marijuana.

In the camera control room of the Louvre, the video feed from our area flashed white, almost unnoticeable, as I was erased from the feed.

My hands clutched the bottom of the display case, as I left a small device, wreaking of ancient magic, stuck, waiting to be awakened. Then, I walked back out of view, leaving Nash. He knew what to do. Seaweed once again filled the room as the lost wallet re-appeared in the first mans pocket, and Nash walked free to meet me in a predetermined location, in this case, a bar.