Part III: The Bar

I felt the room change around us; smelt it too. Until the moment it was gone, I hadn't realized Sulfur was in the air.

"Nash, we're being watching. No, we were being watched. Who smells like Sulfur?"

"Slow down, mate," Nash said, calmly. "Who says they're watching us? Maybe someone's having a good time."

"Too risky," I said, back in the dead language. "where is John Dee this time of year?"

"The Master told us not to worry about him."

"We need to expect anything right now. Going too the Louvre shifted the time line."

"Chronos would have warned us, right? Do we still have a plan?"

"Yes. Do you know what day it is?"

"Monday, why?" Nash said, with a questioning look.

"The Louvre is closed on Tuesdays, and closes at six o'clock tonight. The real defense of this place is on the outside, where most of the guards are posted. A few patrol the halls, but the security systems protect the inside. When the decoy is removed, it becomes a scrambler of sorts, meaning..."

"The cameras and alarms will be disabled. It's brilliant! But I still have one question," Nash's skepticism continued to drag me down.


"How do we get in?" Nash was always looking for new ways to poke holes in my plans. Ever since we became immortals, he questioned ever aspect of my plans.

"I have a friend in security. He is going to "disappear" from his post for five minutes at ten o'clock. It's the perfect crime. They won't know it's messing until Wednesday morning! We'll be long gone by then!"

"Something smells fishy. We're missing something."

"We'll find out tonight won't we?" I said, with a sly smile.