TC Stark: Hello! New story! I know, I don't take any time off, eh? I just can't help myself! First and foremost, I really suggest you reading "Mad World" and "The Other Side" before this. Though it will center on Prowl/Jazz, you need to know the continuum and they OCs. This idea was inspired by Emajade32439's "United", as it's fantastic. There will be graphic sexual material and it's mostly going to center on angst and relationships. So, no kidnappings in this story lol I really hope you guys like this, as it's something different than I've done before, as it will focus on the dynamics of nontraditional relationships. Just stay tuned!

Disclaimer: I only own Road Rage, Rosie, and an OC I will introduce down the line.

Chapter One

"It is my honor that on this day I appoint Prowl and Jazz members of Cybertron's new senate."

Elita One's sovereign voice congratulated two of Cybertron's most decorated soldiers, as a room of applause followed. It was a wonderful day indeed. All of Team Prime was on their home planet, celebrating the induction of Prowl and Jazz into the new senate. It was a decision that had been mulled over for quite some time and both mechs humbly accepted the responsibilities bestowed upon them.

Joining Elita One in the front, Optimus Prime added, "Prowl and Jazz, you two are some of my most trusted and honorable soldiers. While I regret that you were not able to join us on Earth sooner, I am glad that we met again this way. And I am confident that you two will do well in helping those you work with in governing our planet and making positive progress."

Prowl made a vow to honor Optimus, as Jazz gave his leader a thumbs up. Elita One looked lovingly up at the Prime, as he surprisingly looped his arm around the pink femme's waist and brought her in to kiss her pink lips. It was the first time the couple had publically displayed their affection and everyone clapped that the Autobot leader finally pushed aside that ancient rule to be with his true love once again.

"By the Allspark." Ratchet lightly gasped, though; he smiled in joy. It was a rare occurrence and warranted Wheeljack coming up and slapping him on the back.

"It's about time, huh?"

It was a lovely celebration and a lovely welcoming party for the new black and white mechs. They had served Optimus well during the war on Cybertron. Things had been chaotic during the Great Exodus and Autobots had been scattered everywhere. The Prime was glad with who had received his message and joined him on Earth, but it would have been very beneficial to have Jazz and Prowl work alongside him on the blue planet.

Being promoted to senators was a huge honor and Prowl was prepared to make the dedication. Before and during the war the Praxian had been a member of law enforcement and he planned on taking that kind of mindset with him. It would be a stark contrast to his friend's free thinking and easy going attitude. From what he could tell their new senate was diverse and had their people's best interest at spark, which was already a step up from the old senate.

As the other bots took part of the festivities, Prowl took fluid strides over to Road Rage; who was sipping her cube of high-grade Energon. Apparently during Wheeljack's downtime he had taken an interest in distillery. The new and stronger Energon – compared to human's whiskey – was distributed during the party – pink ribbons floating within the blue.

The black armored femme smirked over to the police officer, while holding her drink up, "Prowl, you look tense – a cube of high-grade would certainly take care of that. We are celebrating after all."

"I am fine thank you," Prowl nodded curtly, while stating, "If I seemed at all rude to you I do apologize. We will be working together and I do not want you to feel I am adverse to you because of your previous affiliation."

A satisfied smirk slowly crawled onto Road Rage's lips, as she stuck her hand out to shake his, "No harm done," Her voice was laced with seduction, as she purred, "I can already predict how enjoyable our partnership will be."

With a wink, the femme slithered away and no one could miss the sway of her hips. Prowl felt struck, clearing his vocal chords as he composed himself. Road Rage was using her deviousness to make him uncomfortable, as almost a form of initiation into working with her. Everyone had felt it at least once – not even Optimus was exempt from the femme's tactics.

Having watched the whole display, Elita One sighed, "Road Rage, must you? Prowl is a most stoic mech – you have made him uncomfortable."

"That is the point, my dear Elita One. I mean no harm, only to get back for our first encounter." She chuckled.

"You vixen. You do know everyone who is not aware of your marriage to Bumblebee will comment on your previous marriage to Starscream? Will you look to make every one of them uncomfortable as a means of payback?"

Road Rage shrugged, "Not payback. I am not spiteful nor do I hold grudges. It is more fun than simply requesting for them to stop." She ruefully smirked.

Road Rage no longer became mad at those who associated her with Starscream. She accepted that because they were once married that there would always be that connection. She took it in stride and smirked as the victor, since she was remarried to a mech she loved. It was simply an excuse to make others uncomfortable and she dared say it was pretty good fun. If others wanted to define her as just a divorcee, then she would take pleasure in seeing them squirm from her words.

"Poor Prowl then," Elita One laughed, "It is a good thing you have chosen Earth as a home and he has decided to make Cybertron his permanent residence. It is only through his friendship with Jazz that he even understands most humor. And I'd say your husband could have some influence as well since it seems him and Jazz are close."

"Just friends?" Road Rage quirked an optic ridge up, her red optics motioning over to the two white and black mechs.

Catching onto what her friend was insinuating, Elita One spoke in a hushed tone, "Let us not gossip."

"Now what is the fun in that?"

The two femmes laughed, as the regal one sincerely spoke, "Would it be terribly sappy of me to say that I love you?"

Road Rage smiled, while coyly replying, "I would say so. But, I love you as well."

Bumblebee watched his wife and the female commander talk. They were so proper in speech and gesture that he couldn't tear his optics away. It was a beautiful sight. Though, ruined by Knock Out coming up to him and nudging his side, "Hm, Road Rage and Elita One seem to be very close. Have you ever considered-"

"Knock Out!" Bumblebee scolded before the doctor had a chance to finish his suggestion.

Rolling his optics, Knock Out poked the warrior's chest, "Keep an open processor."

"What are you two talkin' 'bout?" Jazz asked, as he came up behind the two.

"Knock Out's being a pervert." Bumblebee groaned.

Throwing his hands up, the doctor defended, "I was simply creating an image for Bumblebee of his wife and the beautiful Elita One in berth together, with him joining. Now, is that so horrible?"

Before Bumblebee could answer, Jazz thought aloud, "I mean, if I were you I'd have no objections and they seem pretty close. Bee, get in that!"

Pink flooded the black and yellow bot's cheekplates, as he spluttered, "Guys! Come on, it's hard enough to keep up with Road Rage's sexuality; Elita One's as well? And she's with Optimus!"

"Foursome?" Knock Out shrugged.

"I'm not having this conversation!" Bumblebee shouted, before running away in embarrassment and causing the other two to grin at each other.

Besides the intense teasing, the celebration was going extremely well. The rest of the team would only be spending one more day on Cybertron, before returning to Earth. Even though it was great being upon their home planet, they all missed their human friends and somehow they felt more at ease on the blue planet.

Jazz and Prowl had spent the past month in the Autobot base. Optimus made it mandatory that any bot that visited Earth or was part of the government should be familiar with Earth's customs. If the two planets were to have a relationship then he wanted them to not be ignorant – besides, the constructicons needed about a month to make preparations for the senators' rooms.

As everyone seemed to break off in small groups, Arcee went to refill her cube. It had been a while since she enjoyed high-grade and this variation was really making her feel nice. Looking at Jazz and Prowl, she smiled as everyone seemed to be in awe of them. She knew that they fought directly under Optimus on Cybertron and everyone seemed to respect them. At the time, though an Autobot; she worked with Tailgate and even though Cliffjumper and Bumblebee had rescued her, she hadn't joined Team Prime for a while afterwards. Seeing more survivors of the war made her miss her fallen comrades even more.

"Hey." Wheeljack greeted, as he came up behind the blue femme.

"Hey," Arcee smiled, "Fun party, huh?"

Chuckling, the Wrecker nodded while motioning the Ratchet and Optimus, "It feels good to see everyone having some fun. Even after Megatron was killed I felt like people weren't really relaxing."

The femme shrugged, while pointing out, "Well, we were just trying to get everything situated and with what happened to Rosie…well, I'm happy that everything worked out."

"Me too."

An awkward silence passed between the two. Arcee hadn't any idea why and how it had become so uneasy to be around each other. Wheeljack was supposed to be just fun and when she had ended it with him he understood. Their relationship was purely fun and physical, so why did it feel like something more?

"Still seeing Screamer?" Wheeljack finally asked.

That was why. Starscream had continued courting Arcee. It was a strange relationship to an outsider. Even though the former Air Commander was still in charge of Energon seeking and had been officially released from being a prisoner, his reputation still preceded him. No one could really understand why the blue femme was dating the very mech responsible for her best friend's death.

But, she didn't need anyone to understand as long as the relationship made sense to the two who were involved. And despite what others may think, Starscream did right by her. It was so strange how intimate and strong their companionship was. Both took comfort in the other and learned to love themselves through each other. They were just two lost souls trying to save themselves and though it was not the easiest emotionally or mentally, Arcee was happy as he had showed her a side of himself no one was aware of. It was raw and real.

Arcee was never one to be ashamed of who she was and what she did – she needed that kind of strength being a female soldier. So, looking up at Wheeljack she responded, "I am. You seeing anyone?"

The Wrecker chuckled at how calmly Arcee was handling the awkward conversation. Smirking, he commented, "Ain't no one who can keep up with me."

With a rueful smirk, Arcee countered, "That's why they call you guys Wreckers."

Wheeljack chuckled, while clinking his cube with the femme's, "Yea, can't argue with that. Just make sure he treats you, alright? Screamer has some misplaced morality, but he ain't that bad."

Mildly shocked, Arcee's face fell into a grateful smile and she knew that her small fears were all in her processor. The party ebbed into the night, as bots started making their way out. For those who didn't live on Cybertron provisions were made so they were comfortable during their stay and Road Rage certainly didn't miss that Prowl and Jazz were heading towards the same direction.

Though it was nighttime, Starscream was busy with paperwork. Much had changed during the months since his arrival on Cybertron. The prison was converted into an apartment complex and all the rooms had been renovated to make it seem homier. They didn't want those living there to feel as if they were in a correctional facility.

They had also moved Starscream into a much bigger apartment, with multiple rooms and furniture. His responsibilities since he was released from prison were vast, as he had come to be the head of the Energon seeking operation. And despite his sour feelings towards Elita One, they had actually been working together and while not being made an official member of the senate he was appointed an advisor and sat in many meetings.

While hunched over and scribbling down strategies to maximize labor both on Cybertron and Earth, on a data pad; the door to his apartment slid open. Only one Cybertronian had an access code besides him. They were doing very well with mining Energon and the medical community was making fantastic progress with the synthetic strand.

"Kind of late to be working, don't you think?"

Arcee's voice was like a soft lullaby in his audios, Starscream suppressing a sigh as her hands slid up his back and around his shoulder struts. Off-lining the tablet, the seeker sat back in the chair and took the femme's hand within his own, "I – unlike you – my dear, was not privileged enough to attend such a prestigious party."

Snorting, she walked around the seeker and propped herself up on his desk while folding her legs, "You were invited."

It was Starscream's term to snort, as his long talon ran itself idly up her leg, "Oh yes, because it sounded so fun. No, my dear, I much rather drink alone in my own quarters. Am I to assume you partook in the festivities?"

A coy smile curved onto Arcee's lips, as she looked at him with half-lidded optics, "Maybe."

"Hm, I wonder if I could still taste the high-grade on your lips." Starscream purred, as his hands took a hold on her hip plates and pulled her atop his lap.