"Ni Hao, everyone! Today is the day that Dora the Explorer comes over for a whole week! I'm so excited!" Kai Lan smiles as she meets with her best friends.

"Is Boots really another monkey?" Hoho asks.

"He sure is!" Kai Lan answers.

"Yay!" Hoho jumps around excited.

"It's gonna be great to see Dora and her friends!" Tolee adds.

"Hey Kai Lan, where's Rintoo?" Hoho asks.

"I'm not sure, Hoho. But... let's find, out why! Rintoo isn't here to see Dora." Kai Lan sings.

"Let's go to his house and see." Tolee says.

They all head to an orange and brown shack with paw prints hanging from the roof. They all see the house in the distance.

"There's Rintoo's house!" Kai Lan points to the shack. "Let's go, go, go!" Kai Lan runs off with her friends.

They walk up to the wooden door, when they hear something.

"Do you hear that?" Tolee whispers.

"A little. Let's listen closely: 聽 (Tīng)" Kai Lan says as she leans her ear up to the door. They all then start hearing snoring.

"Awww, that's so cute. Rintoo's sleeping like a baby." Tolee smiles.

"We should wake him, but I don't want to wake him so suddenly from his sleep. He sounds like he's dreaming." Hoho says.

Kai Lan thinks. "How could we wake him up peacefully?"

"I know. How about we wake him up the same way you wake up the sun, Kai Lan?" Tolee asks.

"Great idea, Tolee. Quietly, let's sneak over to Rintoo and tickle him to wake him up." Kai Lan says. They sneak in, and see Rintoo, curled up in his bed.

"On three, let's wake him up." Kai Lan says to her friends.

"Kai Lan, can we say it in Chinese?" Hoho asks.

"Great idea, Hoho. To have us tickle Rintoo, count with us to three. 一,二,三 (Yī, èr, sān)" They all start to tickle him. "Tickle, tickle, tickle. Tickle, tickle, tickle."

Rintoo begins to wake up, looking around to his friends. "What... time is it?" Rintoo asks.

"It's 11:55." Kai Lan answers.

"Five minutes to Twelve?! I overslept! I've got to get ready!" Rintoo jumps out of bed and gets ready. "I'll be over as soon as I can!"

"Alright, be quick, Rintoo!" Tolee calls to him as they leave.

"Quick? Hah, I can be quick!" Rintoo dashes to get ready, as Kai Lan and her friends wait outside.

Rintoo rushes to the bathroom and pulls his toothbrush out, rapidly brushing his teeth. He's done in seconds flat. He takes a second to smile to the mirror before he heads to the shower and turns the water to perfect temperature with one turn. The water sprays him and he grabs the shampoo, squishing the right about and putting it on. He washes it out faster and washes the rest of his fur in rapid time. He jumps out of the shower and onto a towel, throwing it up into the air. Rintoo then does a back flip into the air, drying his whole body while the towel is in the air. He comes back down to the ground and holds out his hands, towel landing right in his paws. He curls it up into a ball and tosses it into his Dirty Bin across the room. He rushes out to his friends outside.

"Done!" He announces.

"What's the time, Kai Lan?" Hoho asks.

"Three Minutes... looks like a new record!" Kai Lan smiles.

"Awesome! I knew I could get ready fast!" Rintoo laughs.

"And here she comes, a few minutes early!" Lulu descends from above and sees the car pull up.

"Hola, Kai Lan!" Dora steps out of the car.

"Buenas tardes!" Boots steps out afterwards.

"大家下午好!" Hoho greets boots.

"Hello, everyone!" Rintoo greets everyone.

"Hey, I'm Benny the Bull!" Benny shakes hands with Rintoo.

"It's nice to meet you all. I'm Tolee." Tolee says.

"Greetings, everyone. I'm Ye Ye. I'm glad my granddaughter will be playing with you." Ye Ye walks in. "I have a lot to do, so I must get going. You kids have fun!"

"We will, Ye Ye." Kai Lan waves as he walks away.

"But... that's just it. What are we doing to do?" Dora asks.

"Uh... Rhino Rump?" Lulu suggests.

"We don't have enough balloons for everyone." Kai Lan says.

"How about some nice, classic Tag? We all know how to play it, right?" Boots suggests.

"Yes, we do." Everyone replies.

"Alright, who will be It?" Isa the iguana asks.

"I will!" Hoho says.

"Alright Hoho, try to catch us!" Everyone runs off.

"Who to get?" Hoho thinks. "I got it."

"Ha ha, there's no way Hoho can catch me. I'm the fastest!" Rintoo dashes off.

"Don't be so sure!" Hoho jumps from the trees onto Rintoo.

"Tag!" Hoho tags Rintoo.

"Whoa! That was cool! Alright, you got me!" Rintoo is It now.

"Alright, who shall I get next?" Rintoo asks. "Boots, I'm coming for you!" Rintoo spots Boots. Boots sees an obstacle and jumps over it. Rintoo not noticing, trips and tumbles.

"Rintoo! Are you okay?" Kai Lan asks.

"I'm fine. I think... I fell on something." Rintoo tries pulling at it, but it won't come out.

"Come on, help everyone!" Kai Lan, Dora, and their friends help pull it out. "拉! (Lā)"

They pull it out, and they see the shiny quarter circle piece.

"What is it?" Tolee asks.

"What could it be?" Isa the Iguana asks.

"It must be a piece to a machine of some kind." Tico the Squirrel scratches his head.

"Hey look, here's another piece!" Hoho finds a piece.

"And another one!" Benny The Bull picks up a piece.

"This must be the last part." Lulu picks up the forth piece.

"They fit together in a circle!" Boots notices.

"They do! But... what will it do when it's put together?" Rintoo asks.

"We'll just have to find out." Dora and Kai Lan put it together with the help of their friends.

"It has a lever. What will it do if I..." Tolee pulls down the lever, and a swirling wall appears.

"No way! It's a portal!" Rintoo laughs. "I looove portals!"

"What's on the other side?" Backpack asks.

"I don't know, something doesn't feel right about this..." Kai Lan replies.

Suddenly, a slender figure appears from behind.

"Swiper no..." Dora tries to warn, but...

"You're too late!" The clever orange fox with a blue bandanna and gloves laughs. "No way of knowing until you find out!" Swiper pushes Kai Lan and Dora in, along with himself.

"Kai Lan, wait!" Rintoo jumps in after her.

"Rintoo, think before you act! Don't go in there alone!" Tolee runs in after Rintoo.

"Dora, come back!" Boots does as well.

"So long, suckers!" After Swiper run in, the portal closes. The portal falls to pieces, and they can't put it back together again.

"Oh no! What do we do?" Isa asks.

"We just hope they can come back." Benny says.

"Waiting? Oh how I hate waiting!" Hoho impatiently replies, as always.

Where will this portal take them? Find out next time!