They once more fell from the portal that opened above.

"Found a piece." Gil says.

"Underwater again?" Dora looks around in confusion.

"Are we in the same place?" Boots asks.

"No, look. See it?" Ruby points off in the distance.

"That's the Krusty Krab!" Kai Lan points out.

"We're in Bikini Bottom? Awesome!" Rintoo jumps around in joy.

"Trouble." Max points to the Krusty Krab.

"No, it's a good thing that we found the Krusty Krab." Ruby replies.

Max just rolls his eyes and sighs.

"Trouble!" Max repeats.

"Most of the time, I can't seem to understand you. What are you trying to say?" Ruby asks.

"Wait, I hear something. T─źng..." Kai Lan puts her ear up and everyone else follows. They start to hear crashing sounds and rustling around, followed by a familiar voice.

"What are you here to do, try to get the formula, Plankton?" Mr. Krabs asks from inside.

"The Krusty Krab is in..." Ruby is about to say.

"trouble!" Max finishes.

They head inside and see Plankton, sitting in Mr. Krab's chair. SpongeBob is about to face off against him, while Mr. Krabs and Squidward are tied up. Plankton spins around so that they can see him.

"It's been a long time, hasn't it Ruby?" Plankton asks. "It's good to see you both again after so many years."

"Oh no, it's Plankton!" Kai Lan gasps.

"Please except a small token of my gratitude for you coming all this way to see me." Plankton chuckles as robots come from behind and try to grab them. Rintoo quickly turns around and slides under the robot's legs. He pushes them and they fall over, unable to get back up.

"That's a funny way to thank us." Rintoo replies.

"You're going down!" Chase charges at him for an arrest, but surprisingly, Mr. Krabs stops him.

"Wait a minute! Plankton isn't here to steal for formula." Mr. Krabs replies.

"That's a dirty trick, Plankton." SpongeBob says.

"No fair! You kidnapped Mr. Krabs and Squidward so you can hold them for ransom and take over the Krusty Krab, didn't you?" Boots asks.

Plankton just simply laughs.

"Do you think I'm capable of something that underhanded, me?" Plankton asks.

"Yes!" His own robots answer.

"Now you pesky children, I have the upper hand. This is about both our world and yours so you better do as I say." Plankton commands.

"No way!" Tolee answers.

"Don't you care about Mr. Krabs?" Plankton claps his hands, and the guards tighten their grip.

"For the love of pearl, please listen to him!" Mr. Krabs pleads.

"Oh, alright. Give me the scoop, Plankton." SpongeBob rolls his eyes.

"Thank you, Sponge. I will." Plankton brings up a hologram. "As you both well know, Earth is made up of two dimensions. The dry world, the one you live in is called the Land of Earth..." Plankton explains.

"Tell us something we don't know." Rintoo interrupts.

"Shut up! Heed me!" Plankton shuts him up. "And the wet world, is known as the Land of Water. In the Chum Bucket, I was scanning for some strange activity that my loving Karen picked up. And that energy, was coming from a portal that opened up. Suddenly, a black and red fox named Hounder came out of the portal, and stole most of my technology. I tried to fight back, but he conquered us and drove me out of my home. Hounder then sabotaged my Raw Power Generator, which brings energy to my entire factory. It is running uncontrollably, and there is no place to store this excess electricity. According to my calculations, if the Raw Power Generator isn't stopped by sunset, there will be a giant explosion!" Plankton explains. He looks around to see that everyone fell to sleep due to his boring speech. "Fine! Don't blame me when this happens!"

Plankton tries to turn off the hologram, but it ends up malfunctioning and blowing up in his face, waking everyone up.

"How can we stop this from happening, Plankton?" Mr. Krabs asks.

"Only one thing to do. Someone must go into The Chum Bucket, take down Hounder, and turn off the machine before sunset. And it should be the gang that was able to save themselves many times over." Plankton explains.

"Forget about it, Plankton. I didn't make the machine. It's your fault if it blows up." Ruby replies.

"Please, Portal Kids! You're the only one who can stop that machine!" SpongeBob pleads.

"I also know that he has four of the five pieces of the portal to get back home." Plankton adds.

"Someone tell us why we should trust Plankton when 99 out of 100 times he's lying?" Rintoo asks.

"But what if it's that one time?" Kai Lan asks.

The kids think it over. "We'll do it."

"Excellent." Plankton nods.

They all head out and to the restaurant on the other side of the street.

"Let's go!" They head to the Chum Bucket and head through the doors.

"So, you decided to show up? Bring it on! This place will be blown to kingdom come! This is why you should never mess with me!" Hounder continues to monologue and accidentally steps on a pad. Rintoo just walks over to a lever, and the traps that Hounder set up activate. Hounder gets trapped by his own device.

"Darn it! I started to monologue!" Hounder grunts.

"That was easy." Tolee and the others reach the machine and turn it off. They also take the pieces and the piece that they got and put them together. They get into the portal and off they go.

"I won't be defeated that easily!" Hounder easily pries himself out and runs into the portal.