Story's summary: The worlds gone to hell, the dead are back and are after the living

This story is based off monsuno with the same characters but they are in the real world and are in their twenty's

Rated T: Blood, Gore, swearing, sexual references

Chase slung his back pack over her left shoulder; he ran a hand through his black scruffy hair before looking back at his dad who was sitting in the red jeep behind him. "I'll see ya later dad" he said with smile. It was his first day working in the local Hospital and well, he was kinda nervous.

His father smiled back at him his eyes full of pride, "Make sure you get some lunch Chase, I'm not going to be there to make it for you!" he chuckled starting the car. Chase smiled back at his dad two sets of deep blue eyes meeting.

"Don't sweat it dad, I'm not 10 anymore" he said giving a final wave to his father before walking towards the towering building.

His father stared after his son for a while, "Well you sure act like it"

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Chase Suno was a young man at the age of 24 , he had jet black shiny, scruffy hair, dark blue eyes and being young, tall and attractive was also a good thing, he wasn't unpopular with the ladies but the only problem was he still lived with his dad and pet St Bernard Lock. Chase's mother had passed on when he was only a small bub and well even through his father didn't need him Chase always thought that if he left his father alone for long something bad would happen. So Chase still lives with his dad on Ash Street in the city of Axistown.

"Well here it goes" mumbled Chase to himself as he walked through the doors of the hospital and for once he missed the feeling of sun shining on his back, this was going to be harder then he thought.

Chase walked to the front desk and introduced himself before being sent to the storage room where a guy named Bren would be waiting for him and would give him an introduction to the hospital and where he would be working and who he would be working with.

Groaning to himself Chase dumped his stuff in the staff room before making his way through the hospital towards the storage room and as soon as he got there he saw a scruffy brown haired man about the same age as him leaning against the wall looking at the roof.

"Sup" said Chase as he got to the man's side, "Your Bren right?" he said extending his hand to shake. The man smiled at him adjusting his glasses before shaking Chase's hand.

"Yeah that's right and your Chase?" he said. Chase nodded. "Well welcome to Axistown hospital"

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After getting fitted into clothing Chase was given the tour of the hospital. "This is ward one where we keep the sane ones" said Bren with a grin. "You won't be working here through; you're working up on the 3rd floor with me and some other people, I'll introduce them once we see them around" said Bren as he shoved his hands in the pockets of his pants.

"Hey can I ask you something man?" asked Chase. Bren nodded. "Why do I have to wear this?"

Bren grinned, "What's wrong with it? Blue suits you!" he said. Chase rolled his eyes and looked down at what he was wearing. The nurse uniform was a thigh length blue over shirt with a pair of pockets and light blue trousers.

"Yeah whatever that's what everyone say's" said Chase giving Bren a playful shove. Bren grinned and pushed back slightly.

"What the bloody hell do you think you're doing!" came a loud voice. Chase and Bren stopped and Chase heard Bren mutter "Great" as a tall bald tall man marched towards them.

"Nice to see you to Dr Eklipse" muttered Bren rolling his eyes.

Dr Eklipse glared at Bren, "This is a place of work Dr Collin" snarled Dr Eklipse getting a bit too close for comfort to Bren's face.

"Whoa, whoa just calm down there Dr Eklipse is it?" said Chase stepping in between Bren and Eklipse. "We were just playing around that's all, no harm done" said Chase with a nervous smile.

Eklipse looked at Chase with an eyebrow raised before looking at his name tag, "Suno huh?" he muttered, "Not Jeredy Suno's son?" he asked. Chase crossed his arms.

"Yeah who wants to know?" he asked. Eklipse smiled and was about to talk when Bren pushed past him and dragged Chase with him.

"Yeah nice talk Eklipse, now go help Grandma Future go the toilet" He said as he dragged Chase around the corner leaving Eklipse standing there staring after them.

"Well he was freaky" said Chase, "Please don't tell me he's on this ward?" pleaded Chase.

"I wish" groaned Bren, "Don't worry some of the people who work here are alright" said Bren.

"Yeah like who?"

"I'll show you, I think it's time you met the gang" said Bren leading Chase towards a door that said Staff only on it. "This is where we all hang out when it's our coffee break or if somebody else takes over our shift" said Bren as he opened the door.

Chase walked in, the room was nice, painted a nice cream colour and three windows around the room, there were two couches, a small coffee table, a little kitchen like set up with a microwave, cupboards and a coffee machine. There were four people in the room already. A man who looked in his thirties, a women who looked like she was in her late twenties, a skinny pale man and a pretty young red haired women.

"Hello guy's this is the new guy Chase!" said Bren grinning. "Chase this is Dean Turner and his wife Holly turner" he said.

"Hello" said Holly with a warm smile. She had waist length brown wavy hair, green eyes and a motherly look about her.

"Hello there mate" said Dean, his accent was Irish, he had short scruffy red hair, a stubble beard, blue eyes and muscular.

Chase smiled and shook the two's hands.

"This is Lewis Reed" Said Bren his voice changing from Cheerful to annoyed. The skinny pale man looked up and grunted a reply before turning around away from Chase. "Don't mind him, he's a real dick most of the time" said Bren glaring at Lewis who only waved it off.

Chase then turned to the young lady with red hair who was smiling at him. "And this is Jinja Williams" said Bren with a warm smile.

"Bren my names Jinja Reedus" said Jinja with a half-hearted sweet small smile. Bren huffed and looked away.

Chase smiled at Jinja, "Chase, Chase Suno" he said with a wink. Jinja smiled slightly before turning away.

"I should be going, I need to pick Dawn up from Kindergarten" said Jinja with a weak smile before walking towards the door. Bren stopped her before she could leave.

"You don't have to pick Dawn up till three, it's only twelve what's wrong?" he muttered to her. Chase watched with his arms crossed. "Is it Alpha?" Jinja cringed at those words.

"I'm fine, I just need to get Dawn" she said.

"I'll go with you sweetie, I'm not back on for another hour" said Holly walking up to Jinja and wrapping an arm around her shoulder. "You can bring her back to the hospital if you like" she said.

Jinja smiled at Holly and nodded, "I'd like that very much" she said. Holly smiled sweetly before turning and giving Dean a quick hug before she and Jinja walked out of the room.

"Who's Dawn and Alpha?" asked Chase.

"Dawn's Jinja's daughter and Alpha, well he's her good for nothing husband" growled Dean as he plopped down on one of the couches.

Chase frowned, "How olds Jinja?" he asked.

"23" said Bren

"And Dawn?"


"So Jinja was 18? Seems kinda young don't it?" said Chase.

"That it is lad, Jinja and Alpha where high school sweethearts, got married when they left school or so Jinja say's" said Dean.

"Alpha's a real piece of work through, all that asshole does for his family is drink, eat and sleep" growled Bren, "That's not all, he beats her to, one day she came to work in tears with blood running down from her nose and a black eye, she wouldn't admit that Alpha had done anything to her so we couldn't call the cops"

"It was that dumb bitches fault in the first place" spoke Lewis, "She deserves what she gets From Alpha, shouldn't of got herself pregnant" he chuckled.

"Piss off Lewis" warned Dean standing up and glaring at him.

"What about you Dean? You and Holly got any little ones?" asked Chase.

Dean's gaze softened and he nodded, "Holly had our first little one Daryl when she was 22 so he's 6 and then we had Booth two years later so he's 4" said Dean with a soft smile.

Chase smiled lightly, "Hey how about you me, Bren, Holly and Jinja continue this at lunch?" asked Chase.

"Sure why not you can tell us a thing or two about yourself" said Dean.

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Dean, Bren and Chase sat inside a café, "Jinja and Holly should be here soon" said Dean before he took another swig of his drink. Then almost as if on cue, Jinja's car pulled up outside, Jinja opened the side door and picked up a little red haired girl in her arms and cradled her with a smile before walking to the café with Holly.

"Hey guys" said Holly sitting down next to Dean as he slung an arm around her shoulder. "Daryl and Booth are at their grandparents" she said with a smile to her husband.

Dean smiled before looking at Dawn, "Hello there little one" he said with a wide smile. Dawn gave a little laugh and reached out to be held by Dean. Jinja happily passed her daughter to Dean before settling down next to Bren.

"Hwi Dwean" said Dawn with a giggle. Dean chuckled and passed her over to his wife.

"I love your shoes" said Holly with a smile.

Dawn giggled, "There bwand knew" said Dawn as she sat down on Holly's knee.

"Dawn this is my new friend Chase, say hello" said Jinja smiling.

Dawn looked over at Chase and smiled, she looked just like her mother. "Hwello Mr Chwase" she said. Chase smiled at the adorable little girl.

"Hey there Dawn" said Chase with a wave. "Do you have any pets?" he asked.

Dawn shook her head, "Not anymore… dwaddy won't lwet us keep pwets" she said sadly starting to play with the table cloth. Everybody went quiet and then the sound of a phone ringing was heard and Jinja looked at her phone and frowned.

"I gotta take this" she sighed standing up and walking outside before answering the phone


"Where the fucks Dawn?"

"I, I took her from kindergarten Alpha…"


"Please Alpha… I , I just wanted to take her out for a while"

"You listen to me women, you come straight home right now before I go out and find you myself!"

"I'm, I'm sorry I'll be home in an hour"

"Don't shit me Jinja come home RIGHT NOW and I will let this one go"

"Please just let me spend some time out here with Dawn!"

"That's it bitch if you're not home in the next twenty minutes I'll put a damn hole in your head!"

"Ok…. I'll come home"

Jinja walked back inside with a frown, "Dawn and I need to go" she said quietly picking up her daughter. Bren frowned and stood up about to stop her when Chase interrupted.

"Hey why do you put up with that guy?" asked Chase.

Jinja froze and looked down at him with a frown, "He's my husband, I love him" she said plainly turning around about to leave. Holly walked after her.

"Hey just stay with us for a bit longer Jin, Alpha won't mind if you stay with us for a bit longer" she said with a warm smile. Jinja took in a deep breath. "Come on sweetie it'll just be a few more minutes" she said.

"I, I shouldn't….. but alright" sighed Jinja giving in before sitting back down next to Bren.

Dawn looked at Chase, "Do you have awny pwets Mr Suno?" she asked with a huge smile.

Chase chuckled and nodded. "Yes I do, I have a St Bernard called Lock" said Chase, "He's really big and mostly pure white other than a few drops of brown here and there" finished Chase.

"Hey where are you living anyway Chase?" asked Dean.

"With my dad on Ash street" said Chase, "It's quiet a small house but it's pretty good, you?" asked Chase.

Holly answered, "We live a bit out of town on a small farm, the boys love it there" she said.

"I live in the city in an apartment with nothing but a goldfish and my pet lizard" chuckled Bren, "But I like it up there, can't get distracted by nothing as you do your work" he said.

"We live in an apartment to" said Jinja softly looking down at Dawn. "It's not that big through" she sighed.

Chase frowned and was about to talk when he got a message on his phone… from his dad.

*Son I need you to get out of the city NOW, don't worry about me I'm fine but you must leave NOW*

Chase looked down at the message for a moment an frowned about to punch in some letters when a loud noise was heard, helicopters where flying over above the city, 10 of them. Chase stood up followed by the others and walked outside. "What the hell?" muttered Chase.

"I've never seen this many before" said Holly in confusion.

"I don't like this" muttered Dean who was now standing protectively in front of his wife.

Jinja clutched onto her daughter and frowned looking at the huge traffic jam before them.

"We should get back to the hospital" muttered Bren slowly starting to move backwards. When suddenly and explosion was seen up ahead.

"Holy shit" said Chase. "We have to leave now!" he yelled and as soon as he said that people started running around the corner up ahead screaming as loud as they could.

"RUN!" Yelled Chase and just like that everyone started to run.

"What are we running from!" screamed Jinja as she clutched Dawn close to her.

"Whatever it is we're not hanging around to find out!" said Bren. Then they all rounded a corner, they froze. The streets where full of bodies, blood and guts filled the street and most disturbing of all there were other people feasting away at the bodies, people were screaming trying to run away from the man eating people.

"What, what are they…" said Holly as she clung to her husband.

"We have to move" said Dean starting to move backwards but as soon as they turned around there where move of the flesh eating humans.

"Shit" muttered Chase looking for a way out as the 'things' started shuffling towards them.

"Oh god no" cried Jinja clutching Dawn close to her.

Bren looked around frantically before racing across the street towards the hardware store, "Guys come this way!" yelled Bren. As soon as they reached the front door Dean, Chase and Bren started to smash against it trying to knock the door in.

"Hurry!" yelled Jinja as Dawn started to scream and cry. The moaning flesh eating people shuffled towards them getting closer with every second. Then SMASH, the glass door shattered.

"Everyone in!" yelled Chase and as soon as they were all in they kept running.

"GET TO THE STORAGE ROOM" Yelled Bren as the living dead poured through the smashed door.

Jinja raced forwards through the rows of hardware supplies till she got to the end door and rushed through it followed by Holly, Bren, Chase and Dean.

"Barricade the door!" yelled Dean as he grabbed some of the boxes in the storage room, Bren, Holly and Chase helped him till the door was safely barricaded. Dean sunk down to the ground panting for breath, Holly moved to his side and sat down next to him, Bren was leaning against the wall looking at the roof, Chase was sitting down panting and Jinja was trying to quiet Dawn.

"What, what's going on….. Daryl! Booth!" cried Holly suddenly standing up, "We have to go find my babies!" she cried.

"Holly calm down, I'm sure the boys are fine….." said Dean trying to calm his wife.

Jinja looked at Holly with sympathy before grabbing her phone, "I need to call Alpha" she said putting Dawn down, "Stay where Bren can see you sweetie" she said softly before making the call.


"What the fucks going on! I went to go get a darn drink from the pub and before I knew what was happening the army burst in and told us to leave!"

"Alpha please come get us we're in the hardware store"

"Why the hell would I be risking my skin for you bitch, it's your fault for getting trapped there"

"Alpha please! We need you here"

"Good like surviving bitch"

"Alpha! Alpha"

Jinja put her phone away tears running down her cheeks, "Alpha's not coming" she sighed sitting down.

"That good for nothing son of a bitch" cursed Bren.

"It's, it's not his fault he probably just panicked or something" said Jinja defending her husband.

"Hey we have no time to talk about that, we have to get out of here" said Dean, "Now we should stick together, if it's alright with everyone we have to get to the kindergarten first" he said. Everyone nodded.

"But what are we going to do about those things?" Said Chase crossing his arms "They want to kill us" he said.

"I think it's appropriate to call them Zombies Chase" sighed Bren, "But yeah that's a good point….. How are we going to get past those Zombies?"

"Are you guys really kidding me? We're in a hardware store, not that hard to figure out"

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