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The day's had grown colder...

The nights longer...

How long where they all meant to survive?

Glancing over his shoulder Kyo's eyes rested on his younger sister Becky. This wasn't good she was falling behind. Kyo could feel Damions eyes always looking at Becky and he knew if she didn't get stronger Damion would soon decide to... take care of her. Looking forwards again Kyo's gaze went to Damion's back. They had to leave, they had to escape this man... they would to, him and Becky, they would run... run far away from the dreaded clutches of this horrid man.


Kyo snapped out of his daze and turned to Becky who was looking at him, he smiled softly, "Yeah?" he said falling back a bit to talk to her.

"I'm really tired.." she muttered. "I don't think I can keep walking for much longer"

Kyo bit his lip, *damn it* he thought. He knew that if they rested now Damion would try something throughtout the night. Becky just didn't know what Kyo was capible of, she didn't know the things that he did to people...

"I'm sorry Kyo" muttered Becky, "I really am..." she said coming to a complete stop, "But I can't keep walking... I just can't" She said slowly letting her shoulder bag drop to the ground.

"No Becky come on you got to keep going!" said Kyo grabbing her bag from the ground, "I'll carry your bag, and all you have to do is walk!" he said grabbing her arm and pulling her forwards, but she pulled her arm out of his grasp.

"Kyo" she said looking at him straight in the eyes, "I'm tired, my legs hurt, my arms hurt... everything hurts" she said.

Kyo bit his lip about to say something when a hand grabbed his shoulder.

"We getting tired Becky?" came the voice of Damion.

Kyo turned and saw Damion standing behind him, a smirk on his face as he looked between the two.

Becky looked up at Damion and nodded her head softly, "I know we shouldn't stop Kyo, but I'm just really tired" she said with a small smile.

Damion smiled softly, "Hey it's alright" he said, "I get it, we've been walking for hours not stopping either" he said glancing over at Kyo, "We'll rest for the night then start up again at first light" he said placing a hand on Becky's shoulder. "You go rest while me and Kyo will set up camp" he said.

Becky smiled up at him and nodded her head gently before moving to sit down on a large rock.

Kyo looked after her for a few seconds before turning back to Damion who was smiling at him. He glared slightly at the pale man before pushing past him and heading for a small clearing.

Damion looked after Kyo with a small laugh, "Why the long face Kyo!" he yelled after him with a wide grin, "I thought you'd want to stop, get some rest" he said smirking. "Good to rest in case you need to get out of a bad situation quick" he said.

Kyo stopped in his tracks, he bit his lip to stop himself from answering back, there was no use in answering back, it would only cause conflict and that was the last thing he was going to do when Becky was this vunreble. "I'm going to start a fire" he said glancing back at Damion.

Damion smiled and nodded his head before opening up his bag, "I'll set up the sleeping bags" he said, "Probally build a fire pit to just so you can start building the fire as soon as you get back" he said.

Kyo turned and pushed his glasses back up his nose.

"Hey Kyo"

Kyo turned back around just in time to catch the cloth Damion had thrown at him.

Damion grinned and moved went down on his hunches as he started rumaging through his bag again, "You must be coming down with a cold or something Kyo" he said, "You're sweating like a pig ready for the slaughter" he chuckled.

Kyo gulped... he'd been sweating as soon as he started talking to Damion. He always sweated when he was nervous and he couldn't help it either. A quick thanks was all he could manage as he rubbed the sweat from his face with the cloth.

Then he turned around and started to walk again at a quick pace. Leaning down to pick up small sticks and larger logs.

The sooner he got back to Becky the better...

Later that night

Kyo sat next to Becky as she slept the fire offering little warmth to the freezing night air.

They had finished eating about an hour ago and Becky had quickly gone off to sleep. Kyo had immendiantly offered to take first watch which Damion was fine with saying that his legs where sore and he had quickly gone to sleep.

Kyo shifted his postion slightly and then cleared his throat, "Damion?" he called softly. There was no reply, "Damion!" said Kyo a little louder. Still no reply.

Then just like that Kyo got to his feet and packed up his sleeping bag as quickly and quietly as he could.

"Becky" he said quietly as he grabbed the bag near Damion which had the tinned food in it, "Becky wake up!" he said.

Becky's eyes slowly fluttered open, "Kyo?" she said slowly sitting up, "Kyo what are you doing?"

"Be quiet!" said Kyo, "Pack up your things to" he whispered.

"Kyo what's going on?" said Becky standing up, "What are you doing?" she said.

Kyo glanced over at Damion before looking back at Becky, "Becky would you please just pack your sleeping bag up!" whispered Kyo with annoyance, "Please!"

Becky crossed her arms, "Kyo you have to tell me what's going on!" she said.

With that Kyo grabbed his sisters arm and ran, dragging her behind him.

"Kyo!" yelled Becky, "Kyo stop!"

Kyo didn't stop he kept running, they had to get away from Damion, well they had to try anyway.

Becky pulled out of Kyo's grasp, "Kyo! " she exclaimed, "What the hell are you doing!"

Kyo stopped and let out a sigh of annoyance and frustration, "Becky we can't stay with Damion!" he growled, "We've stayed with him since the fucking beguining just because you have always wanted to get in his pants and that has got us nowhere!"

Becky put her hands on her forehead and let out a frustrated sigh, "So this is what all this bullshit is about!" she yelled, "Ever since the start you have had something agaisnt Damion and you haven't even given him a chance!" she exclaimed. "Yeah I may like him but that has absolutly nothing to do with you!"

Kyo let out a frustrated yell before placing his hands on both of her shoulders, "Becky listen to me!" he said, "Yeah Damion is charming and kind but thats the only side of him you've ever seen! I've seen what he can do, I've seen what he does to peopl-"

Becky let out a sigh and moved Kyo's hands off her, "Kyo I've told you a thousand times what you think happened never happened!" she said he voice going softer, "Damion told me what really happened on that run" she said, "You ran, he found you and brought you back to me" she said with a small comforting smile.

Kyo looked at her his eyes narrowed, "Why the fuck would you take his word over mine" he said before letting out a small laugh, "You have become so blind" he said, "I know what happened that day, he killed those people in cold blood and ate their flesh from their bones!" he said.

"Kyo stop!" said Becky.

"He killed a woman and he cut off her childs head!" yelled Kyo when suddenly *SLAP*

Becky struck Kyo across the face with her hand, "That is enough Kyo!" she snapped.

Kyo looked at his little sister in shock, "But Becky!" he started.

"Kyo I have had enough of you!" snarled Becky, "Damion isn't a cold blooded killer, me and Damion found you hiding in a fucking dumpster! Zombies trying to get in and kill you! If Damioin was a killer he would of left you there and killed me!" she yelled, "You imagined the whole fucking thing!" she shouted.

"No" said Kyo, "No I know what happened Becky!" he snapped, "Damion has changed the way you see things Becky, you are blinded by your feelings! You are just either to pigheaded or just to dumb to see it!" he said.

"No Kyo, I'm not!" growled Becky, "I'm not pig headed, I'm not blinded and I'm not dumb Kyo! I am not the one who thinks that one of our friends is a killer!" she snapped, "Why are we even fighting about this" she said, "The real killers are the dead ones" she sighed before turning around. "I'm going back to camp" she said, "Your welcome to come with me"

Kyo looked after her before looking to the ground, "Becky wait" he said.

Becky turned around when suddenly she fell forwards and a dark shape landed on her back.

"BECKY!" Yelled Kyo about to lunge forwards about to rip what he figured was a zombie off her, but then Kyo saw who it was and he froze.

It was Damion.

Damion was ontop of Becky's back with a large machete in hand. He reached down and grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up so she could face Kyo.

Becky let out a loud scream of pain and tried to get up but Damion had her pinned.

"Well, well, well" said Damion with a grin, "You must be one dumb skank to believe all the bullshit I've been telling you" he said with a half laugh half growl as he yanked Becky's hair harder.

Becky let out another scream, "KYO!" She screamed.

Damion did a little pouting face and looked over at Kyo, "Aren't you going to help your little sister Kyo?" he said.

Kyo started breathing at a rapid rate, he began to sweat and his face went pale. He couldn't talk, he couldn't move. He was frozen with fear.

"KYO HELP ME!" Screamed Becky.

"Shut up!" snarled Damion slamming her face into the ground, making her cry out in pain.

"Huh Kyo?" laughed Damion, "You gonna be a man and save your sister?" he said, "Or are you gonna stand by like the dickless little fuck you are" he yelled.

Kyo took a step back and his mouth went dry.

Damion let out a small cackle before turning his gaze back to the sobbing Becky, "Now you, I think it's time you find out how much of a killer I really am" he laughed before glancing up at Kyo, "Unless your going to stop me... Kyo?" he said with a smirk.

"Kyo, help me!" cried Becky tears streaming down her face.

Kyo shuffled backwards a few steps and tripped over falling on his butt.

"Thought as much" said Damion, "I knew you didn't have the balls to do anything" he said, his grip tightining on Becky's hair, "It's a shame through..." he said bringing his machete towards Becky's sculp. "I like it when they put up a fight" and with that her began to sculp her.

Becky let out a blood curdling scream of pain and began to thrash around as the machete slowly cut her sculp from her head.

"KYO! KYO HELP!" She screamed.

Kyo started to shake harder as Becky screamed for his help, what could he do... he wanted to help, he wanted to get up and help his sister, but he just couldn't. He couldn't help his sister. The only thing he could bring himself to do was... cry.

Damion let out a loud laugh and stopped scaulping the screaming Becky, "You crying Kyo" he laughed, "Is that really the only thing you can do!" he laughed. "Your to scared to fight me, your to scared to help your sister, your to scared to do anything!" Then Damion raised his knife up high in the air and slammed it down on Becky's wrist removing her left hand from her arm.

Becky let out another horror filled scream as blood squirted from her wrist.

"Here you go Kyo" said Damion chucking the hand towards the crying Kyo, "Something to remember her by"

Kyo let out a frightened yell and tried to shuffle back some more as the hand landed in front of him.

Becky began to sob loudly and Damion looked back down at her.

"I think we're just about done here" he said with a smirk, "Any last words?"

"Kyo" sobbed Becky, "Kyo please help me" she wailed.

"Aw, how sweet" said Damion, "But it looks like he's not going to help you" he said with a frown.

You poor thing.

Then Damion raised the machete up in the air then drove it down as fast as lightening through the back of Becky's neck.

Kyo let out a loud scream of sorrow, as more tears rushed down his face.

Damion stood up and flicked her hair out of his face, "Huh" he said with a small smirk as he pulled the machete from her lifeless body. "She bled out quickly" he said before turning to look at Kyo. He let out a small sigh and wiped the machete along his leg getting rid of Becky's blood.

Kyo stared at Becky's body, his own now pale and shaking, tears still falling from his eyes but slower now. then he noticed Damion coming towards him and he let out a distrot wail. "No, no, no, no" he yelled trying to shuffle backwards.

Damion moved quickly towards Kyo and put his hand over his mouth, "Shut up" he snapped to the wailing Kyo.

Kyo slowly calmed down but Damion didn't move his hand away "You need to be quiet Kyo" said Damion with a grin looking at him straight in the eyes, "Now theres some things you need to understand" he said, "You can run if you want, but I'll just find you and then kill you, just like I killed Becky" he said with a small laugh, "I don't think you will run through Kyo, your to scared, scared of me and scared of being alone" he laughed, "And I don't really want to kill you anyway, I prefer having someone around that I considor my friend Kyo and we're friends right?"

Kyo didn't reply.

"Well I hope we're friends" said Damion with a grin.

Kyo let out a small sob as he glanced back at Becky but Damion pulled his face back to face him.

"Cause I guess your stuck with me"

Present Time

"What the fuck do you think your doing!"

Damion glanced over at Kyo, "I'm helping us" he said with a small smirk.

As soon as the darker skinned man and the red haired girl had frinished talking to them, the girl had run off to the house and had returned with a group of people. A man called Chase and some of his other people including a man with glasses, another man with a blond beard and blond hair and a woman with messy long brown hair. Chase ended up ordering the red haired woman and the man with glasses to put them in the small shed out the back of the house and lock them in it and thats where they were now.

"Ok how the living fuck do you think your helping us!" exclaimed Kyo, "You are literally just looking for trouble! Giving us fake names? There are heaps of people here and you plan on killing them all!" he said.

"What else would I want to do with them?" said Damion.

Kyo rolled his eyes, "This is stupid" he sighed, "We're going to die, we are both going to die" he said.

"Shut it" snarled Damion, "Now I'm going to get some sleep and if you keep talking I promise you that at least one of us will die!" he growled.

Kyo let out a small sigh and leaned his head agasint the tin wall of the shed.

"This is just fucking great" he muttered.

"Just fucking great"


"They seem harmless enough"

"That could just be what they want us to think"

"Guy's seriously not everyone has some evil plot to kill us!"

"Yeah well you can't trust anybody... people change in this world"

"We can't just send them off though can we?"

"They seem like they can handle themselves"

"They must if they've survived this long"

Chase let out a frustrated sigh. It was harder being leader then he first thought... everybody wanted different things to be done with their two new "prisoners". Holly wasn't to happy about the idea of letting them stay, Dean was trying to convince Holly that they should at least give them a chance, Sky and Bren agreed that they should give them a chance while Dax and Jinja where pretty much in the middle.

"How are we meant to trust these people!" snapped Holly.

"Hey we just have to give them a chance" said Dean with a small smile, "Everybody deserves a chance" he said.

Holly looked over at Dean, "Dean you can't give people chances these days" she said, "I met people I thought where kind but they weren't" she said. "You can't trust people you don't know!"

"Well we can't just kick them back out there!" said Sky.

"Well you did say Chase that we barely have enough food for ourselves" said Dax with a shrug, "How are we meant to feed two more mouths"

"Dax!" said Bren.

"Just saying Glasses, no need to get ya' knickers in a twist" said Dax with his hands raised.

"Yeah but we can find more food" said Bren, "And don't call me glasses"

"They had food with them" said Jinja, "We could always take it" she said, "The skinny pale one had a bag full of meat" she said.

"Why would we take it then?" she Holly, "You don't know what kind of meat they have on them, you don't know how old it is, if it's been posined or anything like that!" she exclaimed, "I say we take their weapons and then send them on their way"

"No!" said Sky, "We can't do anything like that! These people are just like us, their trying to survive out there in this horrid world and you propose that we just take their weapons and let them go without anything to protect them?" she said.

"Well if we need food then no doubt we need weapons to!" said Holly, "It's live or die and if they die so be it! I won't feel any remorse" she snapped.

Sky glared at Holly, "How can you say that! Their people! We have to work together to survive, people aren't the enemy! It's those zombies!" she snapped.

"Alright you two need to calm down" said Dean, "We shouldn't even be descusing this!" he snapped.

Holly ignored Dean and glared right back at Sky, "You think the zombies are the enemy! Zombies are predictible Sky!" she exclaimed, "Their dumb and mindless! But people, people are unpredictible! They can turn their back on you just like that!" she snapped.

Sky let out a snort, "Not every person is a unpredictible murderer Holly!" she said, "Not everybody wants to hurt you!" she yelled.

"Sky come on now that's enough" said Bren moving in front of Sky.

Sky pushed Bren out of her way, "You may of had a bad experience out there Holly but that's just you! You happened to meet some bad people and that was your fault for not noticing they were bad!" she yelled.

That was it for Holly, "You don't have a fucking clue do you Sky!" she yelled, "You don't ahve one fucking clue about what people are like, they pretend to be all nice and friendly like they just want to help you!" she shouted.

"Calm down Holly" said Dean placing a hand on her shoulder.

"No I won't calm down!" yelled Holly shoving Dean' s hand off her shoulder, "I won't fucking calm down when this bitch is standing here acting like she knows every fucking detail!" she yelled.

Chase looked over at Holly then at Sky, "That's enough" he said.

Holly looked over at Chase, "If you are to stupid to not get rid of these people then what kind of leader are you!" she snapped, "There are no more nice people, no more people who just want to help you" she said tears starting to fall down her face, "They all lie and hurt you" she wailed, "They don't want to help you and they never will"

The room then went silent and Dean looked at his wife with a concerned expression and went to move towards her but as he did Holly turned and walked out the door slamming it behind her.

Dean glanced over at Sky and narrowed his eyes giving her a cold glare before turning to run after his wife.

Sky watched after him for a moment guilt starting to build up in her stomach. "Oh no" she muttered, she looked over at Bren, "I need to go after them" she said.

Bren nodded his head, "You want me to come with you?" he asked.

Sky shook her head, "No, I'll be fine" she said before walking towards the door.

The room fell into another silence before Dax coughed, "You know what I think that's my que to get some sleep" he said standing up and heading towards the door that lead to the hallway, "Ya' coming Princess?" he asked.

Jinja glanced towards Dax, "No" she muttered, standing up and walking past him, "I'm going to check on Dawn" she said.

Dax looked after her for a moment before walking towards one of the two bedrooms.

Bren looked over at Chase, "Chase?" he muttered still in a bit of shock.

Chase looked over at Bren and let out a frustrated sigh, "Yeah?" he said.

"What are you going to do?" questioned Bren.

Chase opened his mouth but nothing came out. What was he going to do? After that he had mixed opinouns and well either way he went not everyone would be happy... looking away from Bren Chase glanced out the window.

"I don't know Bren" he sighed.

"I just don't know"



"Holly where are you?"

Dean glanced around the paddock where Holly had gone to, he could see the shape of Bodihi grazing not to far away but he couldn't see his wife.

Letting out a small sigh of frustration Dean turned to his left and his face softened. Sitting down on the grass was Holly, her hair messy and a few tears falling down her face, she let out a few sobs and whiped her nose on her sleeve.

Dean walked towards her and sat down next to her, "Come here you" he said wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her closer to him. He rested his chin on her shoulder as she cried and kissed her cheek, "I know your angry" he muttered.

"Huh You think?" said Holly with a sniff.

Dean ignored the tone of her voice and wrapped his arms around her tighter, "Yeah I do" he said, "But your not the only one who's angry" he said pausing, his voice already cracking, "I- I'm angry to" he said, a few tears building up in his eyes, "I wasn't there to protect you" he said, "I wasn't there when those bastards hurt you" he said looking towards the ground.

Holly held her breath as Dean went on, she could feel the emotion in his voice and she was already feeling guilty for ignoring him before and retorting to him like she did.

"I know that I never should of let go of your hand back at the old camp and when I did I imeddiently regreted it" he said, "I let you go into a world full of crule things" he said "I know what those people did to you was horrible and if I was there" he said choking on his own words, "If I was there I wouldn't of let them touch you" he said.

"Dean I'm sorry" said Holly turning to look at her husband, she grabbed his face with her two hands and turned his head to face her, "I'm sorry this happened to me" she said with a small sniff, "But don't you dare blame yourself" she said.

Dean looked up at her with a small smile and pulled her into a tight hug, "You know I love you" he said.

Holly looked at him and nodded her head with a smile, "I know" she said, running her hands over Dean's cheeks to wash away the tears, "And I love you more" she said kissing his cheek.

Dean smiled and pulled her into a close hug, his cheek pressed up agaisnt hers, "Just cause the worlds crule doesn't mean we have to become crule either" he said.

Holly smiled gently, "I know" she said, "I know" she said with a sigh, "Oh my gosh" she suddenly said pulling away from Dean.

"Hmm?" said Dean not really wanting to pull away from his wife.

"I yelled at Sky, oh shoot!" she said drawing in a deep breath, "I was so stupid" she said putting her hands on her forehead.

"No you weren't" said Dean.

Holly looked at him with her eyebrows raised, "Dean" she said.

"Ok maybe you did... but just a little bit" said Dean with a grin.

"I knew it!" said Holly, "I probally made her upset to!" she said.

"Well she made you upset" said Dean, "So don't blame yourself" he said.

Holly smirked slightly, "I guess" she said before looking at Dean, "Did you do it?" she said.

Dean bit his lip and looked away.

"Dean" said Holly in a warning tone.

Dean glanced back up at Holly and let out a small laugh.

"You did!" said Holly, "You gave Sky the deathglare!" she exclaimed pointing acusingly at Dean and shoving him in the shoulder.

Dean laughed again, "Well maybe I gave her a little deathglare" he said, "You know just a little taste of it" he said grinning.

"Oh great" said Holly with a smirk, "Now I have to apologise on your behalf to!" she said, "You probally scared her half to death!" she said.

"Oh yeah I'm really scary" said Dean giving Holly a quick kiss, "I'm the scariest thing this world has to offer" he chuckled.

"I'll tell Daryl and Booth to start calling you the bogie man then" she said smirking.

"You'll have to start calling me that to" said Dean with a wink.

"What you think I'm scared of you"

"I think your scared of my deathglare"

"I am not"

"Yeah you are, I know you are"

"How would you know"

"It's my job as a husband to know what your scared of"

"Yeah and it's my job as a wife to beat the shit out of you for being stupid"

"Whos scary now"

"Haha, you'll have to start calling me Mrs Bogie Man then"

"Alright I will"

"Alright then I'm calling you Mr Bogie Man now"

"Then we can tackle this world together, the scary Bogie Man duo"

Dean and Holly burst out into laughter, falling into each others arms in the grass. The troubles of the world seeming to vanish around them, all that mattered was each other... nothing else.

"Well I'm defienetly scared of you" muttered Holly looking up at Dean.

"I'm scared of you more" said Dean with a smile looking down at her.

"I'm scared of you most" Dean cut off his wife by leaning down and kissing her gently on the mouth.

The moment was beautiful but short lived when a loud cough sounded out.

Dean pulled away from Holly and turned to see Sky standing near the gate to the paddock looking down at her feet, "Sorry to interupt" she said.

Dean and Holly both sat up before getting to their feet, "No it's fine" said Holly with a small smile, "I wanted to speak to you anyway" she said softly.

Sky looked up at Holly and gave her a small smile, "Yeah I thought I should come out here" she said.

Holly nodded her head before turning to look at Dean.

"Alright, alright I'll head inside" he said with a smirk before leaning down and kissing Holly quickly, "I'll see you inside" he said with a smile before walking towards the gate and past Sky, "Sorry bout the death glare" he said, "I'm really not that scary" he said turning and looking at Holly giving her a wink.

Sky smiled and looked after Dean for a moment before looking back towards Holly.

"I am really sorry" she said walking towards the older woman.

Holly nodded her head, "No it's ok, you were right anyway" she said sitting back down on the grass.

Sky tilted her head in confusion and joined Holly on the grass, "What do you mean, about the two men?" she said.

Holly nodded her head, "Yes" she said, "You were right Sky" she said, "We shouldn't get rid of these people just cause we don't know them" she said, "I was being stupid, I know that now" she said.

Sky smiled, "I'm guessing Dean changed your mind then?" she said.

Holly smirked, "Yeah... just because the worlds crule doesn't mean its going to take me down with it" she said.

Sky laughed lightly, "Thats nice to know" she said.

The two sat their in silence for a minute before Holly cleared her throat.

"Sorry for calling you a bitch" she said, "I didn't mean it"

"Well I deserved it" laughed Sky, "If I was you I would of punched me in the face" she laughed.

Holly smiled and laughed with Sky before looking across at the younger girl and standing up offering her hand to Sky's, "Friends?" she said with a smile.

Sky smiled back at Holly and took her hand in hers and stood up.



"Come on guys, we're almost there"

Beyal looked behind him at the tired bunch of friends. The car had run out of fuel around fifteen minutes ago and they had been walking ever since. They where all exhasted and Anders was acting extremly over protective of Ivy even through he had just found out a few hours ago that she was expecting a child.

"Yeah well how much further is that?" said Anders who was hanging near the back with Ivy.

"Those S. .M soilders will catch up with us in no time flat if we have to walk for much longer" said Andres who was walking next to Scree.

"Not to mention the zombies" said Scree.

"Well didn't I just say that we where almost there?" said Beyal getting slightly annoyed at the bunch of people.

"Yeah but how many more minutes?" said Jon who was at the very back of the group keeping a watch out for any unwanted attention. "I don't think Ivy can handle being out in the cold for this much longer"

Ivy shot Jon a look over her shoulder about to speak when she was interupted.

"What your cold?" said Anders imediently taking of his jacket, "Why didn't you say so" he said placing the jacket on Ivy.

Ivy let out a frustrated growl but she couldn't stay mad at Anders for long because he was just trying to help...

"Uh hello, how many more minutes" said Andres shoving his hands in his pockets.

Beyal couldn't help but roll his eyes, "We will get there when we get there" he said, "And I can ganrentee you the journey will take longer if you keep talking"

"So you don't know when we'll get there"

"I figured as much"

"Those S.T.O.R.M soilders will be at us in no time flat now"

Beyal held back his anger and glanced over at Marina, "How do you deal with these people" he sighed.

Marina smiled over at him, "Well we are almost there aren't we Beyal?" she said with a smirk.

Beyal raised an eyebrow at her and smiled, "Yes we are" he said, "I also doubt that the S.T.O.R.M soilders will be able to follow us" he said.

"Why would you think that?" said Anders.

"I bet you don't even know where we are" said Andres.

Beyal came to a stop and glanced back at the others holding in his annoyance yet again, "I know exactually where we are" he said gesturing towards the ground.

"Horse shit" said Scree.

Anders opened his eyes wide, "You have to be fucking kidding me" he muttered.

"We've been following a white haired monk around for around an hour and he's been following horse shit the whole time!" yelled Andres.

"Keep your voices down" growled Jon looking towards the trees.

"No Andres is right!" exclaimed Anders, "We've been following you thinking that you know where your going but you've been following shit the whole time!" he exclaimed.

"There is more to it then that" said Beyal his anger boiling over "If you would just listen for a moment then-" he was cut off.

"No Beyal if you would just listen for one moment!" exclaims Anders, "Ivy is pregnant, she needs safety and following you around isn't the fucking safest thing I could think of!" yelled Anders, "Ivy needs rest and-"

Ivy punched Anders in his side as hard as she could without hurting him bad. "Would you shut up!" yelled Ivy glaring at him.

"But" started Anders wincing in pain

"Shut it!" yelled Ivy before glancing over at Andres who looked like he was about to speak "Don't you start to!" she snarled, "I've put up with far worse then following Beyal around!" she growled, "I've had enough of all of you complaining!" she snapped before looking over at Anders, "I would of expecting as much from your brother" she growled, "Complaining, interupting Beyal and just being a dickhead in general but not from you!" she said.

Scree and Jon glanced over at each other before taking a small step backwards, both not wanting to get involved with the little spat.

Beyal and Marina watched in disberleif as Ivy told off Ander's and Andres as if they where small children.

"I have had just about enough of all of you!" she snarled, "Beyal has saved us, and not to mention our friends" she growled.

"So what, does it look like I care what happened to them" said Andres, "We met them once" he said.

Ivy directed her gaze to glare at Andres, "And you!" she snarled, "You need to learn not to answer back!" she shouted, "If you don't I will personally cut you up and feed you to the zombies myself!" she shouted, it all went quiet.

"Alright then" said Marina turning around quickly and walking on ahead

"We should keep moving" said Beyal turning and almost running after Marina.

Ivy glanced over at Anders before huffing and walking after Beyal and Marina shortly followed by Jon and Scree.

Anders looked after them for a minute with a frown on his face.

"Geez man" said Andres with a small laugh, "Your girlfriends mean"

"Shut up" said Anders beguinning to walk after the small group.

Andres looked after his brother with a small glare. "Whatever dickhead" he muttered as he walked after him. *Oh wait no I'm the dickhead* thought Andres, *According to that bitch Ivy anyway* he thought *Thats all they think of me... the dickhead brother to perfect fucking Anders*

Andres took in a deep breath trying to calm himself down but he couldn't, *One day it's all going to change* thought Andres, *One day it's all going to change*

*One day it's all going to change*




Damion opened his eyes and turned his head to face Kyo, "What?" he snapped.

Kyo was standing up looking through a crack in the shed, "Somethings coming" he said peering down the road.

Damion rolled his eyes, "Can you shut up" he growled, "Your probally seeing things"

Kyo shook his head, "No I'm not Damion" he said, "Somethings coming up the road" he said.

Damion snorted out a laugh.

"Damion I'm being serious!" snapped Kyo, "What if it's zombies?" he muttered to himself.

"Then those Zombies will hopefully eat all those pricks inside and we'll get to take over this shitwhole" said Damion before pausing, "No I take that back" he said with a small smile, "With any luck the mindless pricks will miss one of those people" he said.

"Why?" Said Kyo not really paying much attention.

"What the fuck do you think" said Damion with a small laugh, "I need someone to eat" he said.

Kyo didn't respond.

Damion glanced back over at Kyo and saw him still peering out the crack. He rolled his eyes and laid back down, "If your really that worried call those fuckers inside" he said.

Kyo glanced back at Damion for a second before looking back at the figures, he was starting to worry. He held his breath for a moment before glancing towards the house, then looking around. He saw two of the women walking out of one of the paddocks they hadn't noticed the figures yet.

"Hey!" he yelled trying to get their attention.

"Hey!" he yelled again this time they saw him and glanced over.

"Behind you!" he yelled.

The two women turned slightly and they both froze.

"Sky get to the house and tell Chase" said one of the women.

"What are you going to do?" said Sky.

"Check it out" said the other woman, "Give me your gun" she said.

Sky handed her the gun before turning and running back towards the house.

"Are they zombies?" yelled Kyo.

The other woman turned to look at Kyo, "Shut up" she said with a small glare before making her way towards the approching figures.

"See even these people want you to shut up" said Damion.

Kyo glanced back at Damion and rolled his eyes before looking back at the scene before him.



Holly looked down at the gun Sky had given her, it only had four bullets in it. She flicked the hair from her face and ran down the driveway, there where around seven or eight figures walking towards her and she couldn't make out if they where zombies or human.

She came to a stop and raised the gun.

The figures came to a stop some meters away from her.

"Stay the fuck there or you'll all get a bullet to the brain!" yelled Holly.

"Whoa, crazy lady with a gun" said one of the men in the group.

"Don't you fuck with me" snarled Holly pointing the gun towards the unidetified figure, "Cause I don't screw around with dibshits"

The man let out a small laugh.

"Andres" said one of men in a warning tone, "Calm down"

Andres... thought Holly, why did that name sound so familer. Andres, Andres, Andres... then it hit her, Andres from the camp, she looked at the people again and she could identify them... Anders, Andres, Ivy and of course Beyal. She slowly began to lower her gun.

"Aw" said Andres with a laugh, "You giving in just like that sweetheart?"

Holly raised her gun imediently and aimed at Andres's leg and fired.

Andres let out a loud shout of pain and fell down on his rear, his hands going to his wounded leg.

Ivy let out a small scream while Anders fell to his brothers side. The other men who Holly couldn't recongzise got into a defensive stance while Beyal and another woman rushed over to Holly.

"Holly!" exclaimed Beyal.

Holly looked at him, "Hi" said Holly with a small smirk.

"What are you doing!" said Beyal snatching the gun from her, "These are our friends" he said.

Holly looked over at her old friends and saw Ivy look straight back at her. At first Ivy had anger in her eyes but then they softened and she let out a small gasp.

Holly smiled and nodded her head at Ivy.

Ivy pushed past one of the other men and moved towards Holly till she was standing right in front of her, she opened her mouth in complete shock and all she could manage to say was, "You"

Holly let out a small laugh before pulling Ivy into a tight hug.

"I thought you where dead" said Ivy, "This is amazing" she said with a laugh.

"If you think me being here's amazing then your going to shit your pants when you see who's inside" said Holly pulling away from Ivy and gestering towards the house.

Ivy looked over at the house before looking behind her again, "This is incredible" she murmered.

Holly smiled before something caught her eye and she looked down, "Your pregnant" she muttered looking back up at Ivy with a wife smile.

Ivy looked shocked for a moment, "how did you..." she said trailing off.

Holly smirked, "Honey I've been pregnant twice, I know a pregnant woman when I see one" she said before letting a wide smile come back onto her face, "But your pregnant!" she exclaimed in joy.

Ivy smiled with Holly for a minute before rolling her eyes, "Please don't remind Mr overprotective over there" she sighed gestering towards Anders who was calming Andres down.

"Calm down Andres" said Anders with a small sigh, "It just grazed your leg"

"Why the fuck did you shoot me!" shouted Andres glaring over at Holly, "You knew who the fuck I was and you still shot me!" he yelled.

Holly looked down at Andres with her eyebrows raised, "Let's just say that you deserved it" she said with a small smirk.

Beyal was dumbfounded, he didn't really understand what had just happened. He glanced over at Marina who was standing there with a smile on her face.

"Please tell me you are just as confused and shocked as me" said Beyal moving to stand right next to her.

Marina didn't seem to notice Beyal at first untill she felt him brush agasint her side, she stiffened slightly and tilted her head to look at him, she felt her face heat up slightly. "Uh..." was all she could say.

Beyal smirked, "I said, are you as confused and shocked as me?" he said.

Marina looked back towards the group of people who where still talking then back towards Beyal, "No" she said with a nudge, "Not really"

Beyal huffed out a small laugh, looking at the group of people. Holly who had found her husband, children and her friends after surviving years in the zombie ridden land. Dean, Chase and the children surving this long on their own before he found them and now Ivy, Andres, Anders, Scree and Jon suiving zombies, S.T.O.R.M soilders and one of them being pregnant while this was happening...

Beyal glanced over at Marina again with his eyebrows raised.

"What I don't find it that shocking" said Marina with a smirk.

Beyal let out a small laugh.

"I doubt that"



Daniel, Zack, Maya and Greg and Thorn stood inside one of S.T.O.R.M headquarters hallways. Daniel and Zack pushing for information on what had happened on the patrol and who the stange man was that Thorn's crew had brought back with them.

"Yeah well that's what he was going on about all the way back here anyway" said Greg with a shrug.

"Shit thats fucked up" said Daniel.

"Yep" said Maya leaning agasint the Wall, "It's fucked up alright" she said before looking over at Zack, "I think he was aiming for Tony's throat to when he went to cut him" she said, "Thankfully it only knicked his cheek" she said.

Zack narrowed his eyes and looked over at Thorn, "What do you think?" he asked.

Thorn raised his eyebrows slightly and looked over at Zack, "About what?" he said.

"What do you think?" said Zack, "Do you believe him?"

Thorn looked down the hallway for a minute and bit his lip, "I..." he muttered not really sure on what to say, "I... I don't think we can believe some bullshit that guy tells us" he said looking back at his friends.

"Well why would you" said Zack, "We don't know him and not to mention he's crazy" he said before leaning back agaisnt the wall next to Maya, "Where is he anyway?" he asked.

"You remember that cell where we kept that woman who cut Alpha's arm off" said Maya.

"Yeah" said Daniel.

"Well it's ocupied now" said Maya with a small smirk.

"What's Trey said about it?" said Zack.

"I honestly have no clue whats going on in that old guys head" sighed Thorn, "He told us to lock him away and he'd deal with it later" he said with a shrug.

"May I remind you that, that old man is the reason why we're all here" Said Maya with a small smirk.

Thorn looked over at her with his eyebrows raised, "Just cause your screwing his son doesn't mean you have to defend the man" he said giving her a playful nudge.

Maya smirked and shoved him back slightly.

"Yeah well Ben an-" BANG

Turning their heads the group saw the large doors down the end of the tunnel burst open. It was Alpha.

Alpha walked in Bravo and X-ray in tow. He had a large grin on his face as he glanced at the small group, "Get your arss's outside" he said as he neared them.

Daniel scoffed, "Yeah right on whos orders Alpha?" he jeered.

Alpha looked over at him, "On my orders, after I tell Trey what happened out there I'll be second in command"

"You'd be the last person for second in command Alpha" snapped Maya.

"Pete's has far more experience then you and the rest of your squad" growled Thorn.

A grin came upon Alpha's face.

"Alpha leave it" said X-ray, "We need to get to Trey" he said.

Alpha ignored the smaller soilder, "Thats the thing Thorn" he said getting closer to Thorns face staring him directly in the eyes, "Pete is sadly no longer with us" he said.

Maya gasped her hand going to her mouth.

Thorn narrowed his eyes, "What do you mean" he growled.

Alpha smirked, "I mean Pete's gone, hes dead" he paused, "As I said, no longer with us"

Thorn held his breath, his heart beat was going slower. Pete wasn't dead... he couldn't be dead. But if he was what about Amber.

"Alpha come on!" snapped X-ray.

"Yeah we can deal with em' later" said Bravo.

"Where's Amber?" said Thorn moving towards the door which Alpha had come from.

"Outside" said Alpha, "With the others" he said with a smirk before looking down at Maya who was still in shock, tears coming to her eyes. "Well most of them" he said with a wink before turning and walking away with X-ray and Bravo.

Maya looked after Alpha, before looking back towards the door which Thorn was headed to, a sudden feel of dread came over her and she immediently followed after her friend with Zack and Daniel in tow.

Thorn glanced back at him as he heard the others follow, he knew something was horribly wrong. Reaching the doors Thorn pulled them open and his heart instantly sank.

There in the middle of the makehift car park was a large S.T.O.R.M ute. Almost all the recruits of S.T.O.R.M where outside all of them as pale as ghosts some where crying. Thorn couldnt make out what was going on through the crowd of people.

"Whats going on?" said Maya, panic over her face as she came out the doors.

"I don't know" said Thorn trying to see over the crowd.

"We have to get to the front" muttered Thorn beguining to push his way forwards, Maya, Zack and Daniel followed close behind. They made their way closer to the front, the sobbing got louder, and hushed voices sounded out all around them.

Thorn looked forwards and looking towards the center of the crowd. He could make out Kilo who was standing with a frown on his face, he saw Marcus standing beside Kilo his face stone cold and he could also see Rose, her tear stained face looking at the ground but he couldn't see Amber.

"Get out of my way" snapped Thorn trying to get to the front of the crowd pushing some people out of his way.

As soon as he got to the front he was met with a horried sight.

Three body's where lane out on the ground in front of Kilo, Gideons body with his face all sqished in and broken.

Pete who could of been mistaken for sleeping. His face peaceful and his body calm but the blood stains on his stomach told another story.

Then his eyes came to rest on the most brutel. Ben... his body broken in so many different places and his eyes glazed over.

Thorns eyes then looked at Tango, she was on the ground her arms wrapped tightly on Ben, she was sobbing.

A loud scream of distraught sounded out from behind Thorn and he turned to see Maya, her eyes were on Ben's body.

She tried to get past Zack but he wrapped his arms around her and held her down, "Don't" was all he muttered. Maya basically collapsed in his arms, she was screaming, tears rushing down her face as she did.

Thorns gaze went back towards Kilo who was muttering something to Marcus but then Kilo's gaze snapped back at Thorn and a small smile came upon his face.

Thorn glared at Kilo and took a step forwards.

"Get out of my way" came a snarl.

Thorn was shoved from behind and toppled onto the ground. He landed on his knees and turned his head to see Trey storming past with Alpha, X-ray and Bravo in tow.

Trey came to a stop by the row of bodies. He looked down expressionless at his daughter with her arms wrapped around the lifeless body of his son. He stood there for around ten seconds. Nobody talked the only sound was the wails from both Maya and Tango. Trey then turned around and looked at the crowd of soilders.

"Alpha" he muttered, "Tell everyone what happened" he said.

Alpha stepped forwards and turned to face the crowd, "We lost some great soilders this day" he said, "All thanks to one group of people" he said.

Thorn got to his feet his eyes narrowed as he listened to Alpha.

"The bitch who took my hand" snarled Alpha, "This bitch has a whole group of people and they've made it their mission to destroy S.T.O.R.M" He snapped. "They killed these people, these fine soilders!"

Alpha gestured towards Ben, "They killed Ben" he yelled, "They ran him over without a second thought killing him, breaking the bones in his body" he said, "How old was your brother Tango" he said.

Tango who had somewhat calmed down slowly got to her feet and looked towards Alpha, "twenty three" she said.

"So these killers mowed down your twenty three year old brother" snarled Alpha, "Our commandors youngest child!" yelled Alpha, "You tell me even in a world like this when is it right to kill a young man in cold blood without motive"

"Without motive" said Thorn looking at Alpha, "So these people without any motive ran down Ben for no reason what so ever?" he said.

Alpha looked at Thorn about to answer when somebody else spoke up.

"It's true" came a voice.

Thorn and the rest of the S.T.O.R.M soilders looked towards the person and Thorns heart skipped a beat.

It was Amber. She was sitting down on the ground on the other side of one of the S. .M vehichels. Amber stood up and looked towards the crowd her gaze resting on Thorn.

"They killed Ben and they killed Pete" she said her voice cold and her face emotionless.

Kilo then spoke up, "Yet their most horrific crime was what they did to Gideon" he said looking towards Amber.

Amber glanced at Kilo and her mouth opened slightly.

Thorn looked at Amber, he could tell that she was thinking about what to say.

"What happened to Gideon" said Amber looking down at Gideons body, "They..." she said, "They attacked him... they attacked and killed him" she said. Her voice cold and her body shaking, "He did nothing to them... they just... just" her gaze went back to his body, "They just killed him"

The crowd went silent again a ghostly silence echoing throughout the land.

"All these deaths" came the voice of Trey. "All these deaths must be avenged" he said.

Thorn looked at Amber, his gaze hadn't moved from her since he'd spotted her and he knew that something was terribly wrong with her but that wasn't why he felt like he'd be sick, he felt that way because... he could tell that she was lying. He'd known her for years and he could tell when she was lying...

"What are we going to do about it?" came the voice of another soilder.

"We aren't going to let them get away with it" snarled another.

"Kill them all!" yelled another.

Trey looked at the crowd before him a small smile coming to his face. "We'll do exactually what we should" he growled.

"Alpha and his crew found their base!" he yelled.

"First we watch them find out just how many there are, we see how well armed they are then we attack, we kill we survive!" he yelled.

"They killed our friends!" he yelled, "Our family" his gaze went around all the soilders who where cheering.

"So we put their heads on stakes!"


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