Frozen Destinies


In the faraway land of Azerelle, there ruled a King and his beautiful Queen. He was a harsh ruler, very strict and powerful but in his heart all he sought was a good place for his wife and future heirs. The Queen was pregnant with their first child, and when the baby was born they were astonished. The child was pale and cold as ice, her eyes a deep amethyst. Upon seeing their raven-haired daughter, they chose the name Raven.

That same day, however, a chill swept through the town and as the royals slept with their baby daughter nestled between them, the moonlight cast itself upon her through the nearest window and her entire body began to glow with blue light. When they awoke the next morning, King Trigon and Queen Arella were covered in a blanket of fresh snow.

Startled but in love with their daughter all the same, they kept her power a secret as much as they could from everyone and would raise her on their own without help from tutors or governesses. The King would teach her everything she needed to know about the kingdom and the ways of the world, while the Queen would begin teaching her the art of knowledge from books and other learned materials when the time came.

A mere 4 years later, another child was born to the royal family. She had fiery red hair and bright green eyes, and her skin was warm and tanned compared to her sister. They named her Starfire, and she and her older sister became very close. They played constantly using Raven's magic to create winter wonderlands and indoor magical kingdoms of their own. At the age of 8 and 5, respectively, Raven and Anna were the best of friends.

At the same time in the village of Azerelle, not too far away, there lived a young boy by the name of Robin. It was actually a nickname, and his real name was Richard 'Dick' Kristoff Grayson, the only thing he had left of his past and too much for him to say all at once.

Robin didn't have a family, all he had was his trusty companion Sven the reindeer who he had found alone in the forest one winter; they had stuck together ever since. Due to his lack of family, Robin had taken up to following a nice older man by the name of Alfred around to his job, that of an ice-harvester and merchant.

One night while following the ice men out to a frozen lake, Robin was determined to make himself look good in front of his role models, and he had succeeded in finally getting a small block of ice from the lake and attaching it to Sven's sleigh. Triumphantly, the young boy urged his reindeer along and they made their way back into the forest.

About halfway back to the village, a sudden movement startled Robin and he stopped Sven and the sleigh.

"Who's there?" he called with a quaver in his voice. Since he had stopped, all the other ice-harvesters had continued on their way without him. He was alone. "Anybody?" he asked again.

Suddenly, a large snowball hit him square in the face. "Ouch!" he yelped as he was thrown off his sleigh and back into the fresh powder. Before he could say anything, he thought he had heard laughter around him.

"Not funny, tell me who you are!" Robin said, standing up as menacingly as a 6 year old could. Another snowball smacked him on the head, and he yelped in surprise.

"Where are you? Why can't I see you! Come out, Frost monster!" he said, getting a little scared and hovering next to Sven.

"Frost monster? Nobody's ever called me that before!"

A boy that looked to be perhaps in his late teens or early twenties had appeared in front of him. He was almost as pale as the snow around them, and had no shoes on his bare feet. His ears were pointed like an elf's and his strange smile revealed a rather pointed fang on his bottom row of teeth. His hair was white, and his eyes were dark green. He wore what seemed to be a dark blue hooded sweater with ice crystals covering it, while in his hands he clutched a shepherd's staff that looked encased in ice.

Robin stared at him skeptically. "Are you the ice man?" he asked. The strange boy blinked.

"I guess you could say that. Name's Gar Frost, you can just call me Gar" he said, raising his feet off the ground as he began to float around the pair in the forest. "What're you doing out here so late? Don't you have a family to go to, kid? Why're you working?" the spirit said to the young boy.

"No, I don't have a family. I work because I wanna be an ice man when I grow up" he said plainly, crossing his arms. Gar looked taken aback.

"Well it's good that you've got a plan for yourself... Say, how'd you end up seeing me? No one ever sees me" Gar said, suddenly realizing that this young boy was talking to him and seeing him outright.

"Um, you're the one who started throwing snowballs at me. There's no one else here. Of course I ended up thinking it was some sort of magic snow man" Robin said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"Right... Well good! Now we can have some fun together always!" Gar said excitedly; finally someone he could talk to, besides those nutty Guardians who were always on his back about responsibility and all that... Except for Santa Cyborg, he was pretty cool.

"You'll play with me and Sven?" Robin said, his blue eyes lighting up a bit at the thought of a real, well somewhat real, person to actually hang out with and be friends with. Gar nodded.

Just then, however, two horses came thundering past where they were, leaving an oddly out of place trail of crystallized ice on the grass (which had very little snow on it to begin with; Gar had simply conjured up some snow to throw at Robin) behind only one of the horses.

"Ice?" Robin wondered aloud, and with a look to Gar he hopped on his reindeer and started chasing after it. "Faster Sven!" he urged, while Gar floated closely behind him.

Once they had reached what seemed to be a sort of quarry, they noticed that the horses had been left towards the entrance. They stopped, hiding behind a large boulder and stared at the scene before them.

The King and Queen and the two Princesses were standing in the middle of the quarry's cleared center, surrounded by oddly placed boulders similar to their hiding place.

"Please, it's my daughter! You must help me!" the King called out. The younger Princess was in fact swaddled up in a large blanket in her mother's arms, she looked to be sleeping... Or even worse. Robin tried not to think about that.

Gar stared at the other Princess, clad in a blue nightgown, her violet eyes wide with fear. She had an air about her that sensed familiar to him, and he wasn't quite sure what that was just yet.

Suddenly the boulders all began to move, wiggling and rolling towards the royal family. As soon as they got there they flipped over to unveil that they were not simple rocks but troll-people, their fire-crystals shining brightly on their mossy robes.

"It's the King!" they all cried, and the waves of trolls parted to allow their grand master through. He placed his hand on the younger Princess' head, and began to speak.

What had happened at the castle had started out as a simple midnight excursion of playtime between the two Princesses; Starfire had snuck over to Raven's side of the room and jumped on her bed.

"Sister Raven! Raven, wake up wake up!" she had whispered.

"What is it?" Raven had replied groggily, but soon her young body responded to her little sister's shaking. "Starfire, go back to sleep!" she urged.

"I cannot sleep!" the younger continued, flopping down on top of Raven. "The sky's awake, so I'm awake! We must play!" she exclaimed, turning over again.

"Go play by yourself!" Raven said with a small giggle, pushing Starfire off the bed and onto the marble floor. Starfire sat there for a minute, wiggling her feet in thought before she brightened and jumped up onto the bed again. Pulling her older sister's eyelid to assure she was awake, she leaned in to her ear.

"D'you wanna build a snowman?" she suggested. A small smile spread on Raven's face.

With that, the two Princesses hurried down the hallways giggling and trying to keep quiet, pushing open the doors to the main ballroom and bursting into childish laughter as they ran around.

"Do the magic, do the magic!" Starfire said excitedly, staring in wonder as Raven motioned for her to look closely as ice and snow began to form in little sparkling crystals in her hand; she tossed it up and it exploded throughout the ballroom, dazzling and drenching them in tiny flakes.

"This is glorious!" Starfire screamed in delight, running around. Raven stomped her foot on the ground and ice spread from where it touched. They began to skate, play, and eventually they even built a snowman together. He was a little lopsided as always, but overall looked cute to the girls.

"Hi, I'm Larry and I like warm hugs!" Raven said in a silly voice while moving his wooden arms like a puppet from behind him. Starfire squealed, rushing towards the snowman and throwing her little arms around it.

"I love you Larry!" she exclaimed.

With that they continued to play, sliding down mountains of snow together and then Starfire leaped up into a pile of it, tossing the snow around her with glee.

"Catch me!" she said, and began to jump from one pile of snow to another.

"Hang on!" Raven said, thrusting her hands out to direct her magic in order to create new piles of snow for her sister to land on. Starfire continued to rise up higher and jump higher with every leap, so much so that Raven suddenly felt like it was too much and she couldn't keep up.

"Slow down!" she cried, and then she slipped and fell backwards onto the ice.

"Wheee!" Starfire said, leaping into nothingness and unaware of any potential danger.

"Star!" Raven threw a blast of magic out desperately trying to catch her sister, but from her awkward angle on the ground it missed and hit the side of Starfire's head. She let out a small groan as she fell into a pile of snow, rolling over and lay still.

"St..Starfire!" Raven scrambled to her feet, rushing to cradle her little sister in her arms. Her wide green eyes were closed; she looked dead. Suddenly from the roots of her hair a strand of it began to turn the red into white, all the way down into her small red pigtail. Raven's insides were as cold as ice and full of dread; tears pricked her eyes.

"M...Mama! Papa!" she called out, crying in earnest now. "Don't worry Star, you're gonna be o-okay" she hiccuped, still clutching her close.

With a creak, the ballroom doors burst open and the King and Queen gasped at the state of things.

"Raven! You've gone too far this time" King Trigon thundered, rushing towards his daughters.

"She's ice cold!" Queen Arella said fearfully as she took Starfire into her arms; the King grabbed his family and ushered them out of the ballroom.

"I know where we need to go" he said. "Make ready the horses at once! I must fetch the map" he ordered, and the Queen rushed off with her two daughters to prepare things.

They mounted their horses and took off, Raven sitting with her father on the massive horse and feeling the pressure and fear of his anger but also knowing just how worried he and mother were at that moment, and it was all her fault.

As the troll spoke to them, her heart was in her throat and she hoped that there would be some way to save her sister.

"Born with the powers, or cursed?" the creature asked, taking her hand in his.

"Born, and they're getting stronger with each day" the King replied. The troll then turned his attention to Starfire, placing his hands upon her small head.

"You are lucky it was only the head; a heart would be difficult to persuade, the head, eh. Not so much" he explained. Raven wasn't quite sure of his meaning, but it still sounded better than anything else she may have expected.

"Will she be alright?" the Queen asked fretfully. The troll's hands began to glow purple and he entered Starfire's mind, changing the memories she had of Raven's powers and the fun that they had together.

"I recommend removing all traces of magic, for good measure. But don't worry... I'll leave the fun" he said in his gravelly voice. Starfire's cold slumber changed to that of a comfortable sleep, and she sighed in contentment and snuggled into her mother's arms.

"She won't remember I have powers?" Raven's voice trembled a bit as she spoke, realizing what had just happened.

"It's for the best. But will she be able to control it?" the King asked the troll.

He turned to Raven somberly. "Raven, your powers will only grow" he began. "They hold great beauty... All will be able to admire them" he said, demonstrating by creating a magical vision in the air above them of Raven using her powers in front of many people.

"But they can also hold great danger!" he continued, and the vision flashed red. "It can be your undoing, as everyone will turn against you!" he finished, and the people in the vision also turned red and suddenly attacked the elder Raven in the vision before it dissolved with a puff. Raven gasped in fear, turning into her father's arms to hide.

"We'll teach her how to control it. Until then, we'll reduce the staff, close the gates, and limit her contact with people... No one will know. Including Starfire" he said resolutely.

From behind their hiding place (which had turned into a troll-mother who had declared both Robin and Sven as 'cuties' and was determined to 'keep' them) the boys stared in wonder at the scene that had unraveled before them.

"She's got powers like mine?" Gar wondered aloud, wanting desperately to go over to her and ask her all sorts of questions.

"She doesn't know how to use them! You won't learn anything" Robin said rather wisely, effectively shutting Gar's need to dash over there down... for now.

'Man in the Moon, what on Earth are you planning?' the spirit-boy thought savagely.

Well, there's chapter one of one of the first Frozen/Teen Titans crossovers I've seen actually on Fanfiction!

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