This is a Hamtaro/Ranma crossover fic, come on you know it was only time

till someone wrote a spring of drown hamster with Ranma in it.

Wild Hamster

By Firehedgehog

Prologue- And It Begins


      A small young black hamster ran down an alley its blues eyes bright

with human like intelligence, it looked both ways for an exit but found that

it was a dead end.

      'Not now, please not now' he thought, his fur puffed in fright as a

creature of nightmares came nearer to him... a cat.

      'Why did it have to be a cat, cats are one thing I can't stand' he

thought, and it didn't help that he was trapped eternally in this body. A

hamster was not an animal that could fight good, and cats thought they were


      "Damn you pops, if you hadn't brought us to that cursed place I would

still be human," Ranma growled in hamspeak, tears came to his eyes as he

remembered getting out of the springe (almost drowning), his father running

away at the loss of a great dream at discovering that Ranma was stuck as a

short lived rodent.

      "Meow," the cat hissed, opening its mouth it licked a pink tounge

across white sharp teeth.

      'I'm about to be the special on the dinner menu' Ranma thought

fearfully, it was at that moment that fate saved him.

      "Hey cat, get away from that hamster," a younge male voice called,

Ranmas ears twitched hearing the human voice. His eyes widened as he saw

a boy around eleven or twelve standing there, he had blue-black hair, blue

eyes and a body that told Ranma the kid was into sports.

      "Hssssssssssss," the cat said back arched in anger and fright, the body

walked forward and the cat ran for it back onto the main street.

      Ranma looked at the human boy in suspicion, from the time he had

been changed into a permanent Hamster h had learned that many humans

would hurt little animals such as he. To make matters worse most of the

martail arts he had learned were useless in this body, he might be a little

faster then a normal hamster though.

      "Hey, are you okay little guy?" the boy asked, Ranma sweatdropped


      *Kushi-Kushi kushi*

      Ranma scratched his head nervously and fearfully, this was just not

his day. Finally exaustion overcame him, he had been traveling days without

rest since he had snuck off the plain from china, with a sigh he fainted.


      Travis quickly picked up the very small Hamster he had just saved

from the cat, he noticed that it was in bad shape and likely very hungry.

      "Poor thing, you must not have a home," Travis whispered softly to the

sleeping Hamster, he looked at his watch and noticed that if he didn't hurry

he would be late for class.

      'Wait a minute Laura has a hamster and can help me, she always talks

about her pet Hamtaro so she must know how to get this little guy back on

his feet' Travis thought, Hamster cupped in his hands he started running to



Well what do you think, should I continue and what should happen in future

chapters. Before you ask Ranmas cursed form is the same age as Penelope

but he can speah hamspeak better, I know in teh original teh cursed people

that turned into animals couldn't understand the animal languages but this is

my fic.... BWAAA HAAA HA!

Ja Ne