Hey guys! *twiddles thumbs nervously* So I've basically fallen in love with the evil little shit that is OUaT's Peter Pan (Robbie Kay needs all the awards). I like the character as a completely evil self-serving bastard though, so that's what this story is going to focus on. Don't expect any reformation-though-love by the end, that won't happen. (I'm not ruling out happy endings, just very fluffy ones.)

This chapter is very short as it's basically an introduction; longer ones will come later! I hope you like it! ^.^

Getting out of bed on the Thursday before my finals was the most dangerous thing I'd ever done.

First of all, I was nearly run over. Some crazy woman with hair curlers decided that swerving her pastel yellow Beetle while drinking her non fat vanilla one shot of pretentious bitch latte was more important than looking at the road. After that, an old bookshelf in my college library waited until I was passing by to have a fainting spell. Like gee, can't you wait for any living thing to get out of range before you collapse? After a lengthy (and useless) detour to the college nurse I spilled my cup of coffee all over myself at lunch, and, more importantly, all over my notes. So with a few choice swear words in mind, I headed to my friend's dorm to ask for her copy of my history professor's lecture. These nearly blew away in the wind five minutes after I'd retrieved them, and by the time I finally got home for dinner I was furious with every particle of the universe.

Too angry to turn on the lights, I threw myself onto a bar stool in frustration. What kind of screwed up thing had I done to the world to deserve this kind of treatment during finals week? I gingerly massaged my temples and rested my elbows on the counter.

"Somebody get me the hell out of here…"

Really, getting out of this place won't help you with your future any, my rationale reminded me. You like college, remember? And where would you go, anyway – Neverland? Narnia?

I laughed into the quiet darkness, "Well, I don't really want an escape plan, but at least a free pass for good grades this semester." One couldn't throw around wishes like that - the universe was always listening. I winced as I remembered my bad luck with apples.

After microwaving a pizza and glaring blearily at my history notes until two in the morning, I decided that my professor could stuff it where the sun doesn't shine and headed upstairs to sleep.

A strange rustling woke me just before dawn. I frowned sleepily at my disorganized room, and, upon finding nothing out of place, curled into my blankets again. The streetlamp outside cast a strange hovering shadow on the wall. I would've been unnerved by it's human-like appearance if my feet hadn't been so damn cold… Why did I decide to leave the window open?


The window was open? I never left the window open. My pulse flared in a momentary stab of panic.

Must just be pre-finals jitters, I finally decided, calming my racing heart. I clambered to the window and closed it tightly before stumbling back to my bed. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

"A girl? He hasn't brought one here in ages!"

"What does it matter? They never stay long anyway."

"Quiet! Pan will take care of her soon enough."

"She looks kind of old..."

"Ugh…" I blinked my eyes open to a wall of brown. A… moving… wall of brown. Wait, no. Those were legs.


I shot upright and regretted the decision immediately. "Oh, jesus." My vision swam. Did someone drug me last night? I didn't remember going to any parties…

Someone yanked me up harshly by the arm.

"Oh, good. You're awake." The eerie monotone of the boy's voice did nothing to quell my rising panic. I struggled against him.

"Do try to cooperate," he said evenly, tightening his grip on my arm. "Pan may value stubbornness, but I do not." He shifted the lethal-looking club on his shoulder. With a small choke I stumbled backwards, only to nearly collide with the dangerous guy as he yanked me back to him.

"Come on," he muttered and began to walk.

I stumbled after my captor in a daze as the sinister procession led me into the surrounding jungle.

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