Friend In Need (Rouge's POV)
by Julie Riley

Chapter 1: (A Mysterious Boy? Rouge Meets Nack)

Hello, my name is Rouge. Rouge the Bat, former treasure hunter and now bounty hunter again. I'm here to tell you the story on how I met Nack and some of the others I've encountered. So stay close, cause if you don't, then things will get weird for you.


When I was about 8-10, I lived in Windy, a piece of the Northwestern Side of Mobius. I don't remember much of who my family was, but I know I did live alone. I was the only white bat to live in a village near the Panther King's castle. Everyone in the village is either rude or just annoying to me. The only friends I have in Windy were inside the Panther King's castle. At least the weasels in there are nice to me.

One day, I went to the bank that was just recently opened (which is part of the castle). As usual, the guards were nice to me and this time, two of them were (believe it or not) trying to comfort me so I could forget my troubles. I thanked them for that. I heard one of the guards telling the other about a young boy who was with the mad scientist. I didn't hear anymore after that as I was going inside the castle.

But then, when I didn't look, someone came running in and bumped into me. I told him angrily and rudely, "Watch where you're going!"

"Sorry," the boy said sarcastically.

The boy I saw then was purple, had a blue nose, had a fang outside his mouth, had greyish red eyes, was wearing brown gloves, a strange hat, a red jacket, and brown/white boots. The guard that was with me came up to the weasel, saying, "Hmmm..that boy looks familiar. What's your name, kid?"

He thought carefully before speaking. Then he told the guard slyly, "The name's Janova!"

I thought the name 'Janova' was pretty dumb, but it looked like it was his name. Then another guard comes up saying, "Janova? What kind of name is that?"

I looked concerned & suspiciously at 'Janova' and said, "Are you faking it?"

"Nah! It's just a name," he lied.

He then took off his hat & pulled out what looked like a granade. He then put his hat back on, pulled the pin, threw the granade at the center and warned me, "Get down!"

The granade exploded, smoke appeared, and made everyone but me & 'Janova' (we were both covering our mouths) unconscious. He then went to the stairs, next to elevator after that. I followed him, asking, "Tell me, Janova, if that is your real name-"

"Hey!" he interupted, "My real name is Nack. Plus I'm here on a mission for my new boss, so I can prove I'm a bounty hunter."

I was curious about this and said, "A bounty hunter? That's really interesting."

He smirked as he continued, "You wanna help? Then make sure that you find the Professor, protect him, and stay out of the battle between me and the Panther King."

"Panther King? Isn't he the one who runs this place?"

"Just shut up and do as I say!" he yelled as we started to go upstairs.

I don't know why the Professor was so important to him, but this bounty hunter business was pretty interesting. I curiously asked him, "Can I become a bounty hunter after you suceed?"

He then told me, looking like he was ignoring my question, "Yeah, yeah. Come on, let's go and make sure the Professor's out of here!"

The last question was about the Professor. I didn't want to ask him too much, so I asked him, "Nack, is the Professor your friend?"

"Yeah, why?"

I smiled, "Just wondering. By the way, I'm Rouge. Mind if I tag along?"

He then started to blush in front of me. He then shook it off, sighed, and said, "Okay, you can come."

We then continued upstairs, not knowing that the Panther King was going to be there as well.

(Next Chapter: Assult Against the Panther King)