Chapter 6: (The Conclusion to Rouge's Tale)

My boss had explained what he did all those years ago and the day before I came back. He kidnapped Berri, let her take my place on bounty hunting, learned from the Professor, the same one that Nack knew, the real truth of what Nack did that night when I was still little, and murdered Berri while leaving the red squirrel named Conker to the Panther King before the king's stomach exploded with an alien coming out of it. I was really shocked about this, and it was almost dawn. The same with Nic about the facts.

He then told us, "A plane's waiting for us. We better get to the Mobius Space Station before theys find us."

Nic & the boss went ahead, but before I could follow, I heard a noise. I turned around, making sure it wasn't a spy, and started to prepare for my attack. I was about to attack when I saw that geek squirrel again. It looked like he followed me, but for what?

I asked him, "What are you doing here? This is a castle, not a place for nerds to hang out!"

"I'm not a nerd," the squirrel told me, "I'm Rodent of the Mobius Squirrel Army, and I thought following you would lead me to my hero, Conker."

I sighed saying, "This place is dangerous. I think you should get out while you still have a chance.

But he shook his head saying, "No, Conker's in there and he needs my help! And no one's going to stop me!"

Before I could talk to him more, he walked inside the backdoor. I was about to go after him, making sure he didn't do anything stupid in there, but Nic shouted, "Rouge, come on! We can't wait all day!"

I didn't have a choice, and left Rodent to deal with the guards. I thought what looked like to be a talking pitchfork, paint bucket, paint brush, a stitched up rat, and a pink mechanical part whatever it was passed by as I was heading to the opposite direction. I jumped in the ship they were going off at & headed straight out of Windy with the two.

It was sometime later that I saw the spaceship come down at the Mobius Bay. Four weasels wearing red, blue, yellow, and green striped shirts came out first, then I gasped at who I saw came out. Not only Berri, but also Nack with the Professor. He must've rescued them when they were in space.

My boss looked really upset and got out his tommygun. He was not only gonna shoot both the Professor & a bandaged up Berri, but also Nack. I had to do something. I got in front of our boss saying, "Listen, if Nack had a right to bring the Professor and that chipmunk back, then he probably has a good reason."

My boss then yelled, "What do yous think you're doing? Get out of the way!"

"No! I won't move cause you won't let Nack explain why he did it. And if you have to kill them, you have to kill me first!"

My boss looked at me for a moment, put his gun down and sighed saying, "All right, I'll let thems go, for now. But if they do something stupid, they'll be full of lead!"

He then walked out on me. I then looked at Nack & walked over to him. He looked a little shy like the moment I gave Nack my name for the first time.

I then smiled saying, "Nack, I know this is so much to you, but I'm sure that things will get better."

I then did something unexpected, I kissed Nack on the lips. I was as shocked as Nack about this. Could I really be falling for that weasel after all these years? I turned around & walked away from him. It might've been embarrassing, but it would be the kiss that I'll never forget, even when the time comes.

The End