The bed was warm and surprisingly more comfortable than usual and Sakura couldn't help but groan at the delightful feeling of her joints popping as she stretched her naked body. She heaved a sigh of contentment as she rolled onto her stomach, throwing a toned arm over the pillow at her side.

Except it wasn't a pillow.

Jade green eyes shot open as her arm dropped onto warm flesh, her hand splayed over smooth ridges of taut, bulging muscles. She gazed in shock at the body next to her, shamelessly admiring the scarred and tan skin that stretched tightly over an impressive build. The crinkled white sheets were thrown over the body's hips, obscuring the area from below his clearly visible V-line to the middle of his athletic thighs from view. As she raked her eyes upwards, she noticed a familiar tattoo on his left shoulder.

An ANBU tattoo.

Oh no. Sakura thought. Oh no, oh no, oh no.

Her heart thumped in her chest, so erratic that it was bordering on painful and she was scared that the person next to her would feel it rattle in her rib cage. Biting her tongue to keep from screaming, Sakura fearlessly looked into the startled mismatched eyes of the man next to her.

Sakura stared at him for what felt like hours, slowly taking in the unusual sight of his unmasked face. Even after all these years, this was the first time she'd ever seen his face, and by God, what a face it was. She studied his nose, surprisingly straight and flawless, event after all his years of being a shinobi. Her eyes lowered to his lips, a feature she had never seen before.

No mole or duck lips. That only leaves buck teeth.

His lips were such an alluring shade of pale pink that she had to bite harder into her tongue to keep from blushing. The bottom lip was just a little fuller than the top, giving him a permanent pout. Tearing her eyes away from his mouth, she observed his narrow chin and angular jaw line, only lightly covered with a day's worth of stubble.

Something dark and purple caught Sakura's attention, and she unwillingly took her eyes away from his attractive face to his throat. And on it, rested a hickey.

Sakura could no longer keep herself from screaming as she jolted up into a sitting position, her knees pressed together with her feet facing outwards with an accusing finger wiggling in Kakashi's face. She, Sakura, had given Kakashi-sensei a hickey! They were lying naked in a bed, one that wasn't hers as she'd come to realize, together!

What the fuck? Sakura thought, and she was just about to say it out loud when Kakashi was no longer lying on the bed in front of her. Instead, she found him pressed against the corner of the room furthest away from her; the sheets he had pulled away from her were wrapped tightly around his narrow waist. "Sakura?"

Clearly. Sakura thought bitterly as she glared at Kakashi from across the room. "What are you doing here, Kakashi-sensei?" She demanded with her hands on her hips, all initial shock and fear gone as she stared at her sensei and team leader.

"What am I doing here? This is my place, what are you doing here?" Sakura noticed Kakashi's hands tightening in the sheets around his hips and she saw him regard her strangely before looking away, his face clouding over awkwardly.

Sakura raised her eyebrows at Kakashi's uncharacteristically restless and distressed demeanor and looked down at herself in worry. Her body was completely covered in finger and hand shaped bruises and- she blushed furiously- hickeys. "Oh my God," She whispered as she threw an arm over her breasts and squeezed her thighs closer together to cover the area between them.

This is so embarrassing. She thought, as she felt her skin heat up so much that she thought she was going to melt. She consciously shied away from his sideways glance at her and moved up the bed so she could push her back flat against the bed head. Grabbing a pillow, she hugged it to the front of her body, letting out a nervous laugh.

"We didn't… did we? I mean… last night, we couldn't have been that-" She started, resisting the urge to twiddle her thumbs and bite out a nervous laugh.

Kakashi shook his head absurdly, "No, of course not. We must've just… fallen asleep. Right?" His deep voice, normally smooth and velvety, cracked at his question. He pressed his back further into the wall, and Sakura couldn't help but blush at the way his muscles tensed as he did so.

"Right." Sakura agreed, nodding her head fiercely. Though, something in her gut told her that 'falling asleep' wasn't the only thing they did last night. Desperately, she tried to think back to the night before. Everyone had gotten together to celebrate Naruto finally becoming a Chunin at Shushuya and they all had gotten more than a little tipsy. Sakura could remember scolding Naruto about something she couldn't remember and boldly challenging Genma to a drinking competition and failing miserably.

After that? Nothing.

Sakura bravely cast a look at the still naked Kakashi, who hadn't moved from his spot in the five minutes he'd been there. Sakura shifted in her position and looked away from him uncomfortably. "You should probably uh… get dressed." Kakashi mumbled.

Sakura nodded and cast one last glance at Kakashi, allowing herself to gaze admiringly at his face once more. Why did he cover it up? There was nothing wrong with it. Certainly not. And every time he spoke, she could only see tiny flashes of perfectly straight, white teeth.

Shaking herself out of her reverie, Sakura cleared her throat. "Right, um…" She peeked over the edge of Kakashi's bed to peer at the floor in search of her clothes. She blushed at the sight of her dark red lace panties crumpled and carelessly thrown into a pile with her matching bra. Off to the side, thrown just as carelessly as her intimates, were her black knee high boots.

Sakura's eyebrows rose. Her shoes were one of the last to go? Strange.

Fighting down the urge to scream and kill herself, Sakura tentatively reached down and snatched her bra and underwear from the floor. She looked at Kakashi nervously and he cleared his throat in the same manner. His eyes flitted across the room, landing on anything but her. She'd never seen him like this, and quietly took pleasure in the fact that she was probably the first of her teammates to see it as well.

"I'll be in the other room." Kakashi said as he avoided her eyes, he'd already spotted his black briefs in the other corner of the room and picked them up quickly, leaving Sakura to get changed into her underwear. Sakura had to look away at the red angry lines running down his back when he turned away from her, she blushed furiously. Did she do that?

Sakura slid into her panties and reached around to clip the bra behind her back. She slid off the bed and slowly stepped into her boots, zipping them up.

Kakashi rested his head against the refrigerator, his mismatched eyes closed tightly. He had his briefs on now and had already slipped on the dark pants he wore last night, the ones he found strewn across the floor among piles of broken glass and some of what he thought to be Sakura's belongings.


Kakashi let out a strangled sigh as he thought about her, he was too old to consider her a sister and too young to consider her a daughter, and so he guessed he could consider her a friend. Someone he could guide and look after but at the same time joke around and drink with.

But it seems he went a little too far with the latter last night.

She was beautiful, of course. He remembered thinking the same thing last night, but after that? Absolutely nothing.

And she was there. In his bedroom. Completely naked.

Kakashi lifted his head for a brief moment, only to rest it against the refrigerator once more in irritation. He couldn't remember anything from last night. Did they…? No, they couldn't have. There's no way he would've done that to her drunk. Or sober.

But after seeing Sakura, looking so perfect sitting in the middle of his bed, wearing absolutely nothing and covered in hickeys and light little bruises that looked like they were made by him, he couldn't help but wish he did. If only for a moment. He had to look away when she sat up and put her hands on her hips, her perfect white breasts bouncing slightly as she did so, pale pink nipples standing at attention and facing him. He had to fist the sheets and turn away to keep from getting visibly aroused.

And her thighs. Fuck, her legs were amazing. Perfectly unscarred by war and training, athletic and flawless in every aspect. The way she tensed and squished her legs together so he couldn't see all of herwas so delicious he almost walked straight up to her and kissed her.

Even now, just thinking about it, his breathing became uneven. What was happening to him? He wanted to…

"Kakashi-sensei?" A voice came from the doorway to his bedroom. Inhaling deeply, Kakashi turned to face her.

His blood ran hot.

He stared at her shamelessly, running his eyes all the way from her beautiful face, down her elegant neck to the tops of her breast, now –unfortunately, he thought darkly- covered by the bra she wore the night before. He stared at them for a moment, watching them rise and fall in unison with her ragged breathing before moving down to her trim waist, completely flat and showing the faintest outline of muscle. Low on her slender hips was her matching panties, covering up barely anything as they were almost see-through. Swallowing the lump in his throat and trying to push down his arousal at his ex-student for God's sakes, he studied the legs he was quietly admiring before she entered, so long and flawless. Her thighs were pushed together nervously to hide as much of her body as she could and when she cleared her throat and dropped her arms to go around her waist, Kakashi met her eyes with his.

"Yes?" He asked, his fists tightening at his sides.

"Do you know where my…"

"Check there." He said, pointing at the heap of clothes on the floor that must've been a mixture of hers and his.

Nervously she made her way to the pile of broken glass and heap of clothes, being careful as to not step on anything sharp. She bent down to pick them up so she could sort through them and Kakashi had to turn around to avoid looking at the curve of her ass, not even hidden by the thin strap of her underwear.

Sakura barely took any notice of this and picked up the bundle of clothes, there was her black jacket, a customary shinobi flak jacket, a sleeveless shirt that she knew was Kakashi's because of the high neck that must've served as his mask. Sakura swallowed a lump in her throat when she pulled out her dress from the pile; she held it out of arm's length as she studied it strangely. Slowly, she slipped it over her head and wriggled into it.

When she'd put the dress on properly, Kakashi's eyes went straight to one of her creamy white thighs. The dress was black and ended at mid-thigh, it was tightly fitting and accentuated her athletic body, but that's not what caught Kakashi's attention at first. The first thing he noticed were the purposeful rips in the dress at both of her thighs, running from the hem of it all the way up to her hips, only stopping at the waist-band of her panties.

Oh God, Sakura grumbled inwardly, her embarrassment flaring with every moment she thought about Kakashi doing all sorts of things to her.

Oh God, Kakashi said, reaching up to scratch the back of his neck. As a man, he was definitely satisfied. The thought of him ripping her dress may have turned him on a little bit. But as Sakura's team leader and ex-teacher, Kakashi was anything but.

Kakashi turned away to glare at the kettle, "Tea?" He asked.

"No, I have to uh-" her normally bold voice wavered at the sight of his back muscles tensing as his broad shoulders rolled back and forth to get rid of the tension in them, "-heal people and… stuff."

And stuff? Are you fucking serious? Couldn't you just say 'work', Sakura? She shouted, mentally throwing herself into a pack of hungry wolves. Idiot.

"Right, oh yeah, of course. I'll see you later then, I suppose." Kakashi said, silently thanking God that she hadn't said yes or else he would've had to stare at her and imagine his hands all over her. He needed her out. He needed a shower. He needed to get to Genma and ask him what the fuck happened last night.

"See you, Kakashi-sensei." Sakura's voice rang through the apartment as she opened the front door.

Kakashi breathed out a sigh of relief and let out a strangled, "See you, Sakura."

As Sakura hurried down the steps, her jacket tucked around her so as to hide her dress during her possible walk of shame out of Kakashi's apartment building, earning a few strange and knowing looks from some of the tenants who were also leaving and some people on the streets too. What the hell was up with that?

I need to get to Ino, she thought as she hurried to the hospital. She was already late, that was for sure. She had a spare set of clothes there, and hopefully, Ino wasn't too hungover to call in late or even worse- sick. She looked over her shoulder at Kakashi's apartment building and her stomach did somersaults at the thought that she might've actually had sex with him. She broke into a hurried jog. She definitely needed to get to Ino. Fast.